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    Ready to order King of Tone. High gain option?

    My time has come. My email notification arrived and I'll be ordering a King of Tone in the next few days!!! I was wondering about the high gain option. Should I get it on both channels? Or just one? If only one, yellow or red? And why? I don't want to blow it! haha Sent from my iPhone...
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    Email came for the King of Tone. High Gain Option?

    My time has come. My email notification arrived and I'll be ordering a King of Tone in the next few days!!! I was wondering about the high gain option. Should I get it on both channels? Or just one? If only one, yellow or red? And why? I don't want to blow it! haha
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    FS: $1800 Gretsch Panther G6137TCB - Spruce Center Block, Pinned Bridge

    For sale is a Gretsch Panther in excellent condition purchased new from ZZounds in August. This guitar combines the best of classic Gretsch style and sound with the modern conveniences that guitarists want - all stock from the factory. It's a semi hollowbody built with a spruce center block...
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    [Sold] Sonic Research Turbo Tuner

    For sale is a Sonic Research Turbo Tuner in excellent condition with box and papers. Sold for $120 shipped CONUS and paypal'd. No trades at this time. Thanks! Dan
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    SOLD! - Fender FSR Standard Ash Telecaster Butterscotch Blonde w/gig bag

    Hey folks! For sale is a great tele for a great price. It's made in mexico but the build quality and fretwork is easily on par with an american standard. Check out the reviews on guitar center's website and you'll see that pretty much everyone thinks this guitar is a smokin deal at $499 new...
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    Zinky Supro Sahara - just played one today... WOW

    So I heard that a few years ago someone bought the Supro name and started to produce some supro-esque amps but I never really gave it much thought. Today at a gig, I got the chance to play a Supro Sahara. It was so great. Crisp and bright without being spiky and surprisingly full lows that...
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    NGD: Gretsch Panther G6137TCB !!! (with pics)

    So, I was shopping for a Les Paul or an Es-339 at my local GC. Then I made the "mistake" of trying out one of the new center block Gretsch White Falcons... I was very impressed. It chased all thoughts of a Gibson out of my head. I had played Gretsch hollowbodies many times and I knew I liked...
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    Les Paul Standard or ES-339? Help me decide...

    So I'm going to be picking up one of these guitars within the week. I'm gonna have a chance to play them first, but I always like to hear people's thoughts first so I can look and listen for specific things. Background info: I play lead for a singer/songwriter in the pop rock vein and I also...
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    BlackBird Pedalboards Stealth Board

    Are any of you folks as excited about this as I am? I think it's really cool for a mom and pop builder like blackbird to be pushing boundaries like this. Lightweight, strong, angled top, semihardshell case. The only question is now, what will the price point be? SKB has done something similar to...
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    Using bass amp without a load. (Tube preamp only - solid state power)

    So I want to use my Mark Bass Little Mark Tube 800 as a preamp direct into a PA without a speaker attached. I know that you can't to this if the power amp is tube, but is it possible if only the preamp is tube?
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    I need "Fuzz Stacked with Overdrive" Advice from the local Fuzz Wizards

    Hey Folks, I want a Sunface. Like... Really bad. But I've heard they sound like crap going into a clean amp. So I'm interested in suggestions for a Marshall simulator pedal that would respond well to being pushed by the Sunface. Alternatively would the Sunface play well with the natural...
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    Ameican Loopers: whos heard of them/used their products?

    I "liked" their page on Facebook last fall for a looper give-a-way they were doing and now it seems as though they have a pretty serious line of products going on. I'm very interested in their 5 loop programmable switcher... Has anyone here bought a product from them or perhaps knows someone...
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    Compare the Different Types of Fuzz.

    Hi folks! So I hoping some of you Fuzz Huggers out there could help me understand the differences between the different styles of Fuzz. My personal experience has mainly been with Muff style Fuzzes. I've listened to demos of lots of Fuzz Boxes on Youtube, but I haven't found one with good...
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    People who say they'll take offers on an amp sale but....

    People who say they'll take offers on an amp sale but.... They get offended when you make an offer not to their liking. Example, you're selling a $2000 amp head that's been sitting for a while, and you post, "Make me an offer! I have to move this thing!" -I offer $1850 -You say, nope can't do...
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    NPD: Bogner Ecstasy Blue - Mini Review Inside

    First the review and then the pics: I know I'm in my honeymoon phase, but this thing is seriously a second amp channel. It is what all OD pedals aspire to be... I'm using it with a Les Paul Traditional Pro and a Partscaster Strat with Lindy Fralin Vintage Hot pups into a Fender Blues Deluxe...
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    NGD!!! Les Paul Traditional Pro :) :)

    Finally. I have arrived. I am excite. I walked into GC today and was actually looking at the Pelhem Blue one, but for some reason one of the three they had in vintage sunburst just spoke to me when I played it - like I had been playing it for years already...
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    The Future of Strymon

    Here's my speculation on what Strymon is going to do in the future: 1) Multi Reverb pedal: I think this is obvious given their Timeline and now Mobius 2) Modeled Dirt: I think this will be some form of amp modeling and possibly pedal modeling as well. This pedal could be in the form of...
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    What genre would you classify my song as? Help!

    Hey folks! Just recorded this original song. Well, it needs a bridge... 1) I'm not sure what genre to classify it as. Any ideas?? I'm calling it Blues/Pop or vice versa for now. 2) What do you think of the tune? 1st take on it, so it needs some polishing. It's just a verse and a chorus...
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    2x10 vs 2x12 or 1x12 cab

    So I'm looking at an amp in the emporium: A Dr Z Maz 18 combo with 2x10s. It seems like a cool amp but I've never played a 2x10 cab before. I've got a fender blues deluxe currently and I've owned orange ad 30 head with a 2x12 cab. I know it's kind of a vague question, but how would you describe...
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    Help me date this Boss CE-2

    Hey folks! So a long time ago, before I understood about such things, I pulled the label off of my Boss CE-2 and I cant remember what it said. Here are some pics. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Barber Small Fry - Does it stack well?

    I'm looking at a possible trade for the Small Fry, but I'm wondering how it stacks. The other dirt on my board is a Little Green Wonder and a Morning Glory. So, comments on how the Small Fry stacks with TS pedals or BB pedals would be awesome!! Thanks! 8)
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    Bearfoot Fx, BJFE, and Mad Professor... Whats the deal?

    I know they're related, but I'm not sure how... Can someone explain? I know the same guy designs them, so why three companies? I tried a search but could only get tone comparisons. :/
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    Some new Pedal Video Demos on YouTube

    Hey folks! I'm starting to make some pedal demos and I'm putting them up on the Youtube for your viewing pleasure... or your tomato throwing pleasure. I'm trying to make the audio quality good by mic'ing my amp with a nice condenser mic into a firewire interface into Apple Logic. I've posted...
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    Fulltone Plimsoul - Thoughts?

    So I'm thinking about getting the Plimsoul and was wondering of any of you fine folks had some opinions you'd like to share - especially in regards to stacking it. My dirt looks like this: EQD Hoof -> Fulldrive 2 (non MOSFET) -> Mad Professor Little Green Wonder. I love the Hoof, Love the LGW...
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    Does anyone have experience with the Wasatch Gravity Boost? (Bluesbreaker Clone)

    Im trying to find out more about this pedal. It looks pretty cool and the clips sound good, but I can't seem to find many posts about it. Can anyone here help?