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    recommend a guitar teacher in north/central NJ?

    Hello all- after a couple year hiatus, I've decided to pick-up guitar again. Anyone recommend a good teacher/instructor in northern/Central NJ (live in Union County). General interest is just brushing up on blues scales, etc, and i would prefer in person lessons. Thanks in advance
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    Check out these two gearheads ...

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    Thinking bout getting a Sun(bender)lion - what do you think?

    Been missing my beano boost- and was throwing around the idea of buying a sunbender at the sametime,....what do you think?
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    Cool Old Fuzz -

    Just recently won a vintage Lafayette Radio Electronics (LRE) Fuzz sound today - looks like a cool pedal made in the ole Shin Ei Factory. Anyone have any experience with these?
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    Just Ordered some Wolfetone PAFs!

    Just ordered a Marshallhead in the bridge, and Dr Vintage in the neck...loved the clips that i've heard. Pretty stoked!! What can i expect from these pickups?
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    What do you think is the most awesome/most coolest looking pedal?

    for me, gold box analogman sunface. Love the graphic against the gold box
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    new stomp under foot SUF classic pedal available!

    Just got the email and it looks like a 1970 v4 Tri. any of you guys manage to snag one?
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    What is your favorite band of all time and what sorta music do you perform live now?

    Just curious.... I'll start. Smashing Pumpkins, and i like to play folk blues. Go figure.
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    how did people find out about gear before the internet?

    silly question i know- but how did gear heads get their info before the sites like TGP existed? For myself, i'm thinking i'd have an American Standard Strat with a Boss SD-1 if i had never stumbled onto this place =)
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    Just ordered a strymon El Capistan!

    Super excited as i always wanted to mess around with one of these. For you experienced users, what can i expect from the pedal? Any favorite settings that i should use experiment with ?
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    crack on my telecaster's maple fret board?

    changing strings today i noticed that my telecaster maple fretboard has a crack from the 1 fret to the 3rd. You can barely feel it by touch, and it doesnt effect the playability in anyway. Does this need to be repaired? or can it be left alone? thanks in advance,
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    recommend a guitar teacher in NYC

    want to learn how to play SRV/Hendrix kind of licks on electric guitar, and live in the NYC area- any recommendations? thanks,
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    Vox ac4tv8 vs Fender Vibro Champ XD

    which one do you guys prefer and why? looking for a good bedroom amp as i currently live in apartment. Thanks in advance, J