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  1. Saul Koll

    Saul Koll in Guitar Connoisseur Magazine

    Greetings, Happy New Year! A little over a year ago Rory Anson visited me in the shop and we had a nice chat. Bits of that were published in the current issue of Guitar Connoisser Magazine. Check it out here...
  2. Saul Koll

    New York Guitar Festival

    New York friends, I've been invited to talk about my work at the amazing New York Guitar Festival. Hope to see lots of old friends and meet plenty of new ones! This event is free: We are also having a party a couple...
  3. Saul Koll

    Koll Guitar Company news!

    I’m very excited to tell all of you about the next chapter of Koll Guitar Company. As some of you might have already heard, I’ve ended my business relationship with Premier Builders Guild. The PBG concept was an experiment that I’m glad I was part of, and Gene Baker and his team in Arroyo Grande...
  4. Saul Koll


    Hey Look at ME! Blake and Holly asked me to write a column in their fantastic magazine Gearphoria. I'm so honored. Check it out. My first installment. Still green, getting my feet wet. Let me know what you'd like me to talk about in future installments.
  5. Saul Koll

    New KOLL FACEBOOK page!

    Hello, A new way to follow the action is here. If you are FACEBOOK user, please "LIKE" the new KOllforPBG page. Thanks you all for checking it out! Cheers, Saul [/URL][/IMG]
  6. Saul Koll

    Healdsburg Guitar Festival

    Come join us. So much to see, hear and play!
  7. Saul Koll

    Koll Guitars at NAMM #2882/2883

    Hello, I'm getting ready to head to California to show some new guitars with my Premier Builder's Guild brethren. New Stuff from Koll, Fano, Tone King, Two Rock, B3 and special surprise D'Angelico. Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new- Come visit us! Here's a taste from Koll:
  8. Saul Koll

    Saul Koll Guitar 2012 Year in Review

    What an amazing year 2012 was for me. I thought I’d reminisce (brag) a little and share a couple of the notable highlights. I feel blessed to continue my pursuit of tone and beauty. Now well into my 3rd decade of this stuff. Thanks for the business, interest and support all of these years...
  9. Saul Koll

    CNC battle rages on

    This is rad! PXLtXyOSZf4
  10. Saul Koll

    Hershel Yatovitz with Chris Isaak

    Out on the summer tour with Chris, Hershel is playing his new JR Glide. They are touring behind their new album "Beyond the Sun" recorded at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis. Amazing band, amazing guitar player. Catch them if you can!
  11. Saul Koll

    Koll Duo Glide review in Guitar Player

    We received a fantastic review in the July 2012 issue of Guitar Player magazine of the Duo Glide model equipped with Lollar Regal humbuckers. Thanks Art Thompson, thanks David Hunter for checking out and writing about what we do! The magazine is in the stores now, as I just picked up my copy...
  12. Saul Koll

    Fano JM6 for Jeff Tweedy

    As a big fan of Wilco, I had to share a pic Dennis posted today on Facebook of a black JM6 he is building for Jeff Tweedy. (He is also building something for Nels) Anyway, check it out!
  13. Saul Koll

    NEW Koll model!

    Howdy, I designed a new guitar that joins the Glide series now being produced by Gene Baker and Premier Builder's Guild. This is my take on a west coast mid century classic. I was inspired by that youtube of the Fender workshop from 1959 and had to do my take on it. This guitar is a departure...
  14. Saul Koll

    Pheo Amp Art

    Sadly, my friend Phil Sylvester is leaving the amp business. His are the some of the most interesting amplifiers I've ever encountered. Amps made from air raid sirens, stomach pumps, hair dryers, etc. I'm always delighted to see what he comes up with. Apparently those days are done. He's having...
  15. Saul Koll

    Fano on SNL!

    I was watching SNL on Saturday and noticed one of Dennis's cool guitars being played by the Queen, (Fred Armison) during a skit. At the end of the skit, they do a ska sort of tune, "pickitup-pickitup..." Pretty funny, but so cool to see a Fano on almost primetime...
  16. Saul Koll

    Cool Al Green Cover

    OK, I don't know how to embed a youtube. But here is the link: She's got something going on, No?
  17. Saul Koll

    Cheap way to build a shop!

    Just add Glue Just noticed this CL listing. A bandsaw, sander and thickness sander, and router, one could build anything. The radial arm is nice too. Seems like a good price to get a shop going:
  18. Saul Koll

    Koll Tornado review in PG!

    Hello, The folks at Premier Guitar magazine have published their review of my Tornado model. This particular one features new TV-90's, made by my friend TVJONES. A new twist on the classic P-90. Pickup a copy of the December Premier Guitar magazine and check it out! You can read the review...
  19. Saul Koll

    Stolen Guitar

    Hershel's Skyway prototype strat stolen in Spain Stolen from the stage at Azkena Festival in Vitoria, Spain, June 26, 2010! Skyway electric guitar owned by Hershel Yatovitz, lead guitarist for Chris Isaak. This guitar is one-of-a-kind and has many very unique identifying characteristics...
  20. Saul Koll

    Nightmares in design and fabrication 101

    An attempt to design and fabricate a vibrato system for a fanned fretboard: Almost worked! Version one: Failure. Versions 2 and 3 too. Sorry Matte.
  21. Saul Koll

    New favorite small company luthier!
  22. Saul Koll

    ultimate tone breakthrough, for luthiers only.
  23. Saul Koll

    Herb Alpert meets Casper the friendly Ghost

    Hello! Instrumental thing with no guitar solos.(thank god!) my bigsby tele into Marshall JCM 800. Other guitar player is going into a Dual Showman. A Friend who plays keys sat in on Hammond and Leslie and Clavinet. Another friend came in with a trumpet. The song is titled "Audrey" after that...
  24. Saul Koll

    layers,layers and layers, LP and violin

    I played my LP into a JCM 800 combo mostly. Lots of overdubs with that and my Bigsby tele. Dropped D. Basic rock stuff. Bigger Than Life: thanks for listening!
  25. Saul Koll

    Who? keith moon? never heard of him..

    I play my Les Paul into my JCM 100 watt combo with volume backed off mostly. This is doubled. Then, for solos I turn it up and have an onboard EMG PA2 preamp to give it a little more treble and cut. (well, a lot;) ) There are all kinds of extra tracks of solos, pianos and the kitchen sink...
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