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  1. The Whale

    Line 6 Powercab: tweeter volume

    Hey gang: Ive been gigging a helix for years now and only recently got into the powercab. Overall I’m happy with the volume, headroom, and running two of the Pluses in stereo or wet/dry is wicked fun. The best sounds I’ve gotten are either from the internal speaker models or from...
  2. The Whale

    Sold Yamaha THR10II [Minty Fresh!]

    Hi gang: I picked up one of these little beasts to have in my classroom. I figured that, while teaching during Covid, I was going to need the stress relief. Turns out the stress relief was far more satisfying when playing acoustic. This Yamaha was purchased new at Northfield Music in...
  3. The Whale

    Choose The HB Set! Short Scale Superstrat

    Details: I'm building a 24.75, two humbucker strat-style guitar. The body is one piece mahogany and rather light. The neck is mahogany and rosewood. Bridge is a Hipshot Contour 2 point trem decked. I plan on wiring the guitar with a superswitch to get inside/outside coils and parallels...
  4. The Whale

    Sold Wilson Effects Univibe Chorus/Vibe MINT

    For Sale or Trade: Wilson Effects Univibe. I picked up this pedal on a whim to see if Univibe is my thing. The pedal has Velcro on the back side but, beyond that, it’s minty fresh. Comes with original box and packaging. $150 paypaled and shipped CONUS
  5. The Whale

    Which drive pedal: Ian Thornley live tone

    Ok, gang, help me out here. I’m running a slew of guitars into a Fuchs ODS clone clean channel and 2x12 with WGS et65s. The amps Overdrive channel is pretty awesome but the loop is finicky. im trying To build a board to run in front to avoid needing the loop. One of my benchmarks for high...
  6. The Whale

    Building new pedalboard: pedal order

    Hey gang... Been monkeying with a bunch of different pedal orders for these pedals...curious what you would do. I run these into a Fuchs-sequel clean channel that is rich but very breakup at all. I need to cover tones between Black Crowes/Led Zeppelin to Big Wreck/Foo Fighters and...
  7. The Whale

    Sold Seymour Duncan Custom Bridge, Jazz Neck

    Hi All - I have a set of Duncans that I'm looking to re-home. They've been good to me, always on their best behavior and never having accidents in the house. I'm used to single coils and more vintage tones, and I just didn't bond with them. So, I have a bridge SH-5 Duncan Custom in Zebra and...
  8. The Whale

    Quilter Overdrive 202 related question

    I had a chance to do a shootout today between the Quilter Pro Block, 101 Mini with TMB controls, the new Overdrive 202 and the Greg Howe DV Mark amp. We played through a 1x12 open back loaded with an Eminence Texas Heat. In line was a Suhr Eclipse. The first thing we did was get clean...
  9. The Whale

    Sold Suhr Reactive Load IR (minty fresh)

    (Admin: please move if this is the wrong forum) For Y’all - a minty fresh Suhr Reactive Load IR. I purchased this to use on a few tracking sessions where I needed to function speakerless. It does that job, and many more exceedingly well! Loaded with Celestion IRs as well as Ownhammer GNR and...
  10. The Whale

    Sold 2019 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Left Handed

    She’s all dressed in black, ready to sing for the people! This 2019 Les Paul came to me as a well-meaning gift that I never quite bonded with. She’s a stunner and deserves to be played! Equipped with dual Probuckers and upgraded CTS pots and Switchcraft switch, this Les Paul is a cut above...
  11. The Whale

    Suhr Reactive Load IR!

    Hi all - I have a Suhr reactive load that I have loved. I recently decided to add some new Celestion IRs on bank 3 and 4. I followed the instructions and made sure to see the RLIR eject and then appear again before unplugging. when I brought it to the studio, all four banks worked fine for...
  12. The Whale

    Sold 3rd Power British Dream mk II [68 Plexi and AC30 in one!]

    Hi All - I'm unloading a 3rd Power British Dream Mark II that I used for a recording project. I am the second owner (the first owner is in the video at the link below). The amp is in very good condition, with a few scuffs to the tolex and one missing washer for the second 8ohm tap. A full...
  13. The Whale

    Sold Complete Fractal Audio Axe Fx II Rig

    Asking: $1300 This is the ultimate way to dive into the modeling world! This Axe Fx has been my go-to studio workhorse for the last 3 years. I have recorded several albums with it. Links to music are below. I’ve recently updated the firmware to Quantum 10 which gives you the latest amps (the...
  14. The Whale

    Left Handed PRSi...has PRS seen the light?

    Hey Gang - With all of this PRS talk, and my friend's shop now being the local PRS megastore, I have to ask. Has anyone heard of PRS making production level lefties again? As a left-handed player, I would really enjoy access to a McCarty or Cu22 without having to buy one with a leather...
  15. The Whale

    Artistdata closing down; what to do?

    hey all - we've been using Artistdata (a free product of sonic bids) to manage our calendars and populate a variety of websites (jambase, bands in my town...). What do guys use to public and populate your website calendar and other promotional calendars? We need a new one-stop-shop.
  16. The Whale

    Sold Complete Fractal Audio Axe Fx Rig!

    Behold: The Fractal Audio Axe FX Standard. I have had this rig since 2011 and it has served me incredibly well both in the studio and on stages throughout New York. The Axe Fx is widely known for its remarkably real amp and cabinet modeling and is used by bedroom rockers and guitar legends...
  17. The Whale

    Ian Thornley Overdrive Tones (Big Wreck)

    Hey Gang - I am totally drooling over these tones recently. Here are some "live" in studio samples. The guitars are decently panned so you can pick out who's who. Thornley gets such a wonderfully driven rock tone without being overly bright or muted on the top. I'm sure it's his hands...
  18. The Whale

    If You Could Cover Only One Artist....

    Gang - I'm considering forming a second project here in upstate NY (the cover-band haven of the northeast). The project is entirely about fun and making money... as I already have regionally successful original act. Tribute bands are the thing around here, and most of the successful cover...
  19. The Whale

    King's X - Ear Candy Era

    Hey All - King's X has received a bit of discussion as of late here in the Sound Hound Lounge. I thought I would share a live video from my favorite era of King's X. I first heard them on the Dogman tour, but the first CD I purchased from their catalog was Ear Candy. I know this disc was full...
  20. The Whale

    Help! My band's going in-ears (axe fx questions)

    Hi gang - I've been using the axe fx now for about a year and, in general, I like it. I've been running it through an onstage cabinet with FOH getting a fully modeled feed from output 1. I try and run stereo to FOH as often as possible. The band is moving away from wedges for a more...
  21. The Whale

    Axe FX Troubleshooting: Need help!

    Hi Gang - Last night, we're setting up for a long evening of loudness. All seems very normal. I have my Axe FX standard running from output 2 L and R to a Carvin DCM200 and then out left and right to my two 1x12 cabs. The GCP is powered through the midi cable. there are two expression...
  22. The Whale

    Axe FX - Effects only + cab sims?

    Hey Gang - So, I'm trying a new way of routing my live rig. I really love using the Axe in the studio, but live, i've the damnedest time getting used having my guitar return through monitor wedges, and I'm not as hip to FRFRs. I have a small power amp (Carvin DCM 150) and that does well. But...
  23. The Whale

    Axe FX Global Amp Question... Auto Bypassing

    Hi Guys. I've set up a Super Reverb as one of my global amp settings. I can bring it into any preset without issue. I can save it to a preset without issue. But when I leave that preset and return to it, the amp will be bypassed. This only happens to this Global amp, none of the other nine...
  24. The Whale

    Brother Cane - "Got No Shame"... I had forgotten about this song. I always liked it

    Great song from a great band! I see this is the Modeling section... so, anyone getting this tone from their modeler? Probably JCM800ish, eh?
  25. The Whale

    Axe Fx Noob requesting layout help

    Hi Guys - I'm completely a noob here with my Axe FX Standard. I've spent about 2 hours with Axe-edit and feel as though I've only cracked the surface. Basically, I feel as though I know enough to ask questions and that's about it. What I was hoping for was to find a space with user presets so...
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