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  1. dangeroso

    For those who haven’t heard this yet

    Check out Cory Wong’s Concrete: Featuring Mark Lettieri.
  2. dangeroso

    Dr. Dog

    Any other Dr. Dog fans out there? If you haven't heard them before, check out these 3 live/studio cuts:
  3. dangeroso

    Check out this blatant phishing attempt!

    If you haven’t seen any of Trey Anastasio’s Beacon Jams, you should check this out: :)
  4. dangeroso

    Bands where the guitarist is the least recognizable or least cool member

    I'm excluding bands with multiple guitarists, but this is my quick list: Motley Crue Rush The Police Others?
  5. dangeroso

    Gibson now sells...

    Artificially aged, overpriced T-Shirts as well as guitars: Brand consistency, I suppose.
  6. dangeroso

    DFW Area Amp Techs?

    Looking to find a quality, reputable amp tech in the Dallas area to perform the channel switch mod to my Bogner Helios. Anyone have a good recommendation of someone they have used?
  7. dangeroso

    My PRS 594 Review (#2) and Observations

    It's been 3 weeks now, and I have already posted NGD pics, but wanted to share some thoughts as well. Still in the honeymoon phase, but long enough to have some coherent observations about the 594. I will point out that this is my 2nd one. I bought the first under the agreement with the shop...
  8. dangeroso

    Latency Issues with GarageBand

    So, as the title says, I'm having latency issues with GarageBand. Typically what happens is the track with start with good latency, and then somewhere along the way, I will hear some static in my headphones, then massive signal delay on the track I am currently recording on. I am using...
  9. dangeroso

    NGD - PRS 594 Take 2

    So, I tried a 594 about 3 years ago, and wasn't really impressed. I left an unflattering review here: But recently I heard a friend of a friend playing one, and really liked some of the tones he was getting. After...
  10. dangeroso

    Sold Charvel Pro-Mod DK24 HSH - Satin Orange Crush

    Selling my Charvel Pro-Mod DK24 in HSH configuration. Excellent condition. No finish issues or dings that I am aware of outside of light swirling due to normal play. Fit is tight, and the guitar was professionally set up. Fully functional, with no issues at all. The guitar is completely...
  11. dangeroso

    The greatness of Powerage (1978)

    AC/DC's Powerage album was one I always considered underrated. Maybe it was the ridiculous cover art, or the fact that it preceded the much more well known Highway to Hell. Either way, it's an album with some of AC/DC's most tasteful riffs, killer tones, grooving rhythms and overall tightest...
  12. dangeroso

    Question for Charvel DK24 HSH Owners

    I was going to pop off the volume knob on my Charvel today and to my surprise, it is a pull knob. This model isn't advertised as having a pull knob, and in fact, coil splitting occurs through the 5 way selector switch. It does seem to split positions 1,3 and 5, but why would there be 2 coil...
  13. dangeroso

    Question about the Hot Cat, newer Bad Cat amps in general.

    I've owned a Lynx and Cub X in the past. Both cool amps in their own right. But both were pretty old models, though. I'm thinking about picking up a Hot Cat 30, but was wondering if anyone here has played a newer one (with K master and other new tweaks) as well as one of the older models...
  14. dangeroso

    Some Sunday hair metal deep thoughts...

    In Ratt’s Round and Round, Steven Pearcy keeps telling us that “What goes around, comes around. I’ll tell you why”. But I feel like he never gets around to actually telling us why. We’re left taking his word for it I guess. Also, Kip Winger sang about his love for an underage girl in...
  15. dangeroso

    Can anyone ID this new Ibanez at NAMM?

    I saw this on Paul Gilbert’s Instagram feed. It looks like an RG variant. I would love any specific information about it if anyone has any.
  16. dangeroso

    My PRS 594 Review

    I wanted to share my experience with the 594, since it’s a little outside the general consensus on the guitar. I picked up a 594 on Reverb. It was a 2017 model, fully stock in Faded Whale Blue. First impressions on the guitar is similar to all my PRS first impressions: Great quality all...
  17. dangeroso

    Sold 2002 PRS McCarty Burst - now SOLD

    Selling my 2002 McCarty. Includes original case and all case candy as shown. It is all original (except for what appears to be a professionally installed replacement nut) and is the version with the push / pull tone knob for coil tapping. It is professionally set up and working perfectly...
  18. dangeroso

    What guitar is this? (Neal Casal)

    I'm looking for info on this guitar that Neal Casal was playing at the Lock'n festival:
  19. dangeroso

    Sold 2014 Nash S-63 - Vintage White

    I am selling my Nash S-63. It has a nice medium C neck, and Lollar pickups (specially wound for Nash). Relic level is light (for Bill Nash), and the fit and finish is fantastic. Quite simply, this is the best sounding and playing strat type I have ever played. I am only listing because my...
  20. dangeroso

    Sold Bogner Ecstasy 101B (XTC)

    I am selling my Bogner Ecstacy 101B. If you have ever had the fortune of playing one, you know that it is a tone machine, with 3 channels of pristine Fendery cleans, smooth grind, aggressive crunch, and liquid leads, all with that signature Bogner mid voicing. This amp has some very slight...
  21. dangeroso

    Sold 2007 Gibson Hummingbird Artist - Acoustic

    I'm selling my 2007 Gibson Hummingbird Artist acoustic-electric. It is is in excellent condition, and sounds amazing! The Artist version of the Hummingbird was a limited run created for Guitar Center. This one is visually stunning and beautifully warm and resonant. Condition is excellent with...
  22. dangeroso

    Has anyone done a DIY pedal kit and actually been happy with the results?

    I like tinkering and building things, and have done a number of DIY clone kits, but always find the end result to be a little lacking. Just curious if anyone has done a kit and ended up really satisfied with the end product. If so, what was it?
  23. dangeroso

    Shout out to Shoals Guitar Boutique for great customer service

    In this era of scam artists, defaulting builders and generally faceless big box sellers, I wanted to give a much deserved shout out to Shoals Guitar Boutique in Tuscumbia, Al. Not only did they give me a great deal on an amazing Nash T-63, but they packed it well, shipped it quickly, included...
  24. dangeroso

    Bogner Helios and XTC 101B

    I've had a Helios 100 for about 6 months now, and really love this amp. What's not to like, though? Punchy, articulate, and dripping with hot rodded Marshally/Bogner tone. But I saw a really great deal on a 101b on eBay and jumped on it thinking, either it would unseat the Helios, or I would...
  25. dangeroso

    Sold 2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard - Price drop!

    This is a 2008 Les Paul Standard in Cherry Sunburst, but please note that it actually predates the changes usually associated with 2008 models. As such it does not have the asymmetrical neck or locking jack. It has a nice slim 60s neck, and is chambered, so it's a very comfortable 8.25 lbs and...
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