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  1. The Whale

    WARMOTH Soloist = Dinky size?

    I’ve built two soloists from Warmoth this far. The purple one I built in 1996 and has been my main girl ever sense. I’ve tried so many times to unseat her and always come back. She’s had over a dozen pickup combos and four bridges. The natural soloist is my most recent build. Based on a Suhr...
  2. The Whale

    Does your band play originals or covers?

    I’m sure someone has said this already, but need an option for “both”. My primary band, Violet Mary, has written 6 records of music and we play that unapologetically as we love it and want to share it with others like us who will jive with it. Along the way, we also throw in songs with love...
  3. The Whale

    Sold Synergy Syn-30 head - trade for Kemper?

    to quote The Big Lebowski: "I'm just gonna go find a cash machine..."
  4. The Whale

    Your opinion, please, on Warmoth

    I’ve built 4 warmoths: 2 soloists, a tele and a strat. They are my workhorses and I love them! Honestly, I have a killer PRS and LP Standard that stay home. Almost feel guilty keeping them. Warmoth is wonderful to work with, consistent and toneful.
  5. The Whale

    Line 6 Powercab: tweeter volume

    Do you wind up using the internal speaker models? I’ve been reading a bunch about the LF flat mode and might give that a try too. Overall Im fine with the tweeter…it’s just papery at gig volume. Just don’t want it all muffled and stuff. Might have to try that too
  6. The Whale

    Line 6 Powercab: tweeter volume

    Hmm! Intriguing. You don’t find your presets to be muffled without the tweeter? Are you loading the IRs on your powercab or keeping them on your helix?
  7. The Whale

    Line 6 Powercab: tweeter volume

    Hey gang: Ive been gigging a helix for years now and only recently got into the powercab. Overall I’m happy with the volume, headroom, and running two of the Pluses in stereo or wet/dry is wicked fun. The best sounds I’ve gotten are either from the internal speaker models or from...
  8. The Whale

    Helix 3.2?

    Absolutely!!! Litigator and Badonk are amazing. L6 Epic is really quite good too, if you’re looking for a SLO with different mids. And the 2204 Mod is great even if you don’t boost with the pre gain boost.
  9. The Whale

    What Are Your Favorite Helix Amp Models?

    For the longest time my go to drive tone was the Placater Dirty. While I still really dig it, I’ve been kicking it to a blend of the Badonk and The Line 6 Epic panned hard left and right. Neither is crazy gained out….each on about 4-5. Sometimes I’ll sub the Epic for the Ingrid for more...
  10. THR


  11. THR10ii 2

    THR10ii 2

  12. THR10ii


  13. THR10ii 3

    THR10ii 3

  14. The Whale

    Sold Yamaha THR10II [Minty Fresh!]

    Hi gang: I picked up one of these little beasts to have in my classroom. I figured that, while teaching during Covid, I was going to need the stress relief. Turns out the stress relief was far more satisfying when playing acoustic. This Yamaha was purchased new at Northfield Music in...
  15. The Whale

    Helix 3.2?

    fair enough, honestly. i had assumed that such would contribute to overall processing power and available memory. Was merely my non-comp-sci. brain at work.
  16. The Whale

    Helix 3.2?

    I’m sure someone has thought of this spin on your idea, but L6 could also make it so that you don’t have to install all the amps. What if we could choose which amps and cabs we loaded in when we connected to HXEdit…allowing more spec for higher dsp items and clearing out stuff we don’t...
  17. The Whale

    Pickup Suggestions needed

    man, I’m truly intrigued by Bootstrap pickups. Wish there were more sample videos to check out
  18. The Whale

    Helix - Stone Temple Pilots Tribute band - suggestions

    Boy howdy, I’ll follow this thread. Best suggestion to start with: stereo rig with an Essex 30 and a Placater or Revv?
  19. The Whale

    What IR with Helix Litigator?

    I enjoy the Celestion Creamback 2x12 or the OH Mesa V60. Both work well
  20. The Whale

    Helix Hot-Rodded Marshall Shootout - Choose your fave

    gonna resurrect this thread. Did this demo ever get posted?
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