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    FS Clark Beaufort Special

    Bought this locally to get me through a couple of gigs after all my gear was lost in a fire. The amp is the "Special" version of the Beaufort, not entirely sure if the differences between this one and the standard Beaufort. I posted a gut shot, so perhaps a Clark expert can help clarify the...
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    Power and Surge Protection

    Curious what everyone is using on stage these days. I have our small club system, which is a QSC 2x12 parabolic sub, two K12's, two K10's that serve as floor wedges, and a Allen & Heath QU-16 board. Mounted in the rack is a Furman power conditioner. All cables are Canare quad with Neutrik...
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    So what’s the closest thing to a D120F these days? How about an EV (that doesn’t weigh 20lbs!)

    Currently running a couple of Alnico Creams in 40 watt 1x12 combos, and while they’re very good, wondering what else might be out there in the loud and clean camp? And before everyone starts talking about vintage, I’ve owned all of them and they’re wonderful, but I’m wanting to stay with new...
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    Sold Tim V3 - Brand Spankin' New

    Just got this from Humbucker yesterday, and while it seems like a great pedal, it's not doing anything different from what I already have. I can send it back, but I thought I'd see if somebody here wants it first - if no takers but tomorrow (Monday) it gets returned. No profiteering! I'll sell...
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    Favorite Mini Humbuckers?

    I'm doing a Tele build and wanted to see what everybody likes for mini buckers these days. They will be mounting in plastic surrounds (P90 routes), and I want to stick with pole piece pickups since I'm after more of a PAF than a Firebird tone. Any favorites?
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    Battery Powered Amps - What’s Good These Days?

    I need a small battery powered amp for a thing we do before some shows. Needs to be loud enough to hang with 3-4 horns, doesn’t need to have a ton of features, but would really be best if I could hang it off one shoulder. Is the Roland Micro Cube still popular? Anything else out there worth...
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    High Headroom Reverbs - Whatcha Like?

    Looking for a reverb that will sit on my backup/direct board and wanted to see if there's anything else I should be looking at. Pedal needs; - Be a relatively simple and straightforward - I have spring reverbs on my amps, not necessarily looking for that sound in this application - I don't use...
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    Mixer Case/Stand For Live Use - What Works For You?

    I'm picking ups an Allen & Heath Qu-16 and trying to figure out the most efficient case setup for live gigs when we run our own sound. Would be nice to have 2-4 rack spaces to mount in-ears etc but we don't use much beyond the board and powered speakers. But of course the more you look, the more...
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    Favorite High Powered (80 watts and up) 12" Speakers

    What's everyone liking for high powered 12" speakers these days. I've used 100 watt Fanes for years, really liked EVs, etc. Need something that can do beautiful cleans in a Fender-voiced amp, and handle gain well. NOT looking for speaker breakup. Will be going into a conservatively rated 40 watt...
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    Anybody compared the Fulltone Mini Dejavibe to the Jam Retrovibe Mk3?

    I had a Jam Retrovibe Mk3 on my board and really liked it; did great live, nice and chewy, and sat well in the mix. Lost it unexpectedly and now re-building my board. Before I just buy another one just like the other one, I was wondering how the Fulltone compares? Would have to be able to run...
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    Small Tweed(ish) Amps with Reverb - Recommendations

    Have been looking at a Swart AST Pro, but wanted to see if you all had any other rec's before I order one. Small tweed could hopefully; - Be the around the house amp, clean at lower volumes - Work with an archtop in acoustic/small ensemble settings - Sit alongside a 40 watt blackface voiced amp...
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    Swart AST Pro - What’s you favorite speaker and why?

    Thinking of changing things up a bit and trying one of these amps. Decision now is speaker. I’m not a fan of speaker distortion (and a fan of durability). I typically use speakers rated at least twice the power rating of the amp. A speaker that holds together with humbuckers would be important...
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    Mogami vs Canare Cable - Any Experience With Both?

    Going to solder up a whole bunch of new XLR cables for our small club PA. Varying lengths for mics, board to sub and mains etc. Supplier I spoke with feels that in terms of build quality, the Canare is every bit as good as the Mogami but considerably cheaper, especially for the quad cable I'm...
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    Who’s Gigging Two Identical Amps?

    See this a lot on big stages, wondering if this is working for those of you who play out? If so, whatcha using and why two?
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    Good XLR Cables for Club PA

    I'm rebuilding my small club PA and need to get some decent cables. I've had several Mogami cables and while they're great, they're awfully expensive, more so when people walk on them (makes me nuts) etc. So I'm trying to find a good combo of sound, durability and value. Need a few pretty long...
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    Big Iron (or Alternatives) - What’s Your Fav?

    On the opposite end of my small amp post, I’d also like to find something in the higher wattage end of the spectrum. Like 85-100 watts of tube amp. I play in an 8 piece and we often gig outdoors, festivals etc. Would really love the Twin Reverb thing again (played one for years). Trying to see...
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    Small and Highly Versatile Amp - What Should I Consider?

    So life has stepped in and I’m rebuilding my gear from the ground up. Had a stellar 20 watt tube amp that went to practices and really small rooms, and a small pedalboard that came along to every gig since it could backup my main board and run direct with a very useable tone (Ethos Clean II at...
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    Fane Blue Alnico Equivalent?

    Any speakers out there that sound like the 100 watt Fane Blue Alnico 12?
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    Gladio SC Users - what are you pairing this with?

    Seems like the SC might be good for what I do, curious what folks are using it with on their boards; what are you finding complimentary and stacking well? Wondering how a Tumnus Deluxe might work alongside.
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    QSC K12.2 and 10.2 Glitch - Fixed?

    I remember reading not too long ago that people were having trouble with their K12.2 and K10.2 speakers shutting down unexpectedly, I believe following a firmware update. Anyone know if this has been corrected?
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    Belle Epoch Users - Do I want to try the Standard or the Deluxe?

    I use delay sparingly, don't like to twiddle too many knobs on stage (ie usually set and forget) and want a delay with high headroom. So which one should I try?
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    Milkman Pedal Steel Amp - Anyone Use One For Guitar?

    Curious about this amp. I've always loved Twin Reverbs for their clarity and fidelity and have wanted to find a decent hand built version. So what are the thoughts on this one for guitar?
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    Diamond Delay Alternatives

    Diamond delays, particularly the Memory Lane Jr and Counterpoint, have been a great tool for a lot of us. They hit a sweet spot being simple to operate, extremely musical, sit beautifully in the mix, and not over burdened with features/knobs/menus etc. But sadly, Diamond is no more. So for those...
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    EHX Keyboard Pedals (B9, C9, Key 9, Mel 9, and POG2) - Who Uses Them Live?

    Occasionally my keyboard or horn guys can't make a gig and I'd like to be able to throw in accents or key parts in our soul/funk/R&B mix in order to fill in some gaps. I have no illusions that these will replace the real thing, but I’m hoping for something a little more convincing than the faux...
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    Funk Guys - What’s Your Favorite Comp And Why?

    Let’s not talk about chicken pickin. Whatcha like?
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