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    Underappreciated Cool Cat pedal...

    The chorus. I just picked one up, and I have to say I'm quite impressed. I believe it is analog, and it has a nice wide range of effect and control, from adding a little subtle depth to over the top. And honestly, I know it's blasphemy to say this here, but I don't mind the enclosure one bit...
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    Do you go stereo?

    As a few of my recent posts have indicated, I've toyed with the idea of going stereo and using two SansAmps for a little extra something. Trouble is, that really dictates a lot of my gear choices more than I am prepared to commit to (every effect I would use after the SansAmps would need stereo...
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    Who uses pedals without a board?

    I know that pedal boards exist for a reason (well, several). They allow for permanent wiring (both signal and power). They provide easy transport to performances and practices. And they just plain organize your stuff. But my situation is (maybe) a little unusual. I am not a regularly...
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    Pedalboard without velcro?

    Anybody done it?
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    Effects you do and don't "get."

    Now let me be clear on what I mean here. I can't think of a single effect I haven't heard used in a really, really cool way to help a song. There's something for everyone. But when you're creating a song (as opposed to trying to play someone else's songs), which effects do you gravitate...
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    Visual Volume experience?

    It struck me that a volume pedal might be really handy for a little "Brothers in Arms"-like drama. When I found the Visual Volume, the feature set seemed just about perfect for me. It even acts as a stereo splitter so I can drive two SansAmps instead of one if I want a cool layered sound. But...
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    Tuners pedals - why don't I need one?

    So many people here show tuners pedals on their boards, and a considerable amount of conversation revolves around how to have a pedal tuner on your board without dealing with tone suckage. I've never felt the need to have a tuner in my signal chain. I tune, then play, and my guitar doesn't...
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    Autowah with a good buffer

    I'd like an autowah pedal. I'm going to put it at the front of my signal chain, so I'd like something with a good buffer in it. Thoughts?
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    Dano Cool Cat series

    Ya know...I think these things are really cool. I played with a bunch of them last night. I remember when I first saw them, the price made me expect them to be noisy and junky. Last night reminded me that they're actually pretty quiet (other than when the distortions are cranked), and I...
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    I am in an email conversation right now with Brian at Farndurk about maybe getting a pedal or two. Am I the only person who thinks the Tone Plug is a fantastic idea, and that the Modula 1 is utter genius? Such versatility, control, fun! And very reasonably priced!
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    Padded bag for hauling pedals?

    I don't have or really need a pedal board. I have pedals, but I don't keep them hooked up in any particular order all fo the time. But I would like a soft, lightweight bag that keeps the pedals from scratching each other. Maybe something with velcro-adjustible padded internal dividers, enough...
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    New Danelectro '63 guitars - thumbnail review

    Looks cool. Pickups sound good. All hardware looks good and seems solidly functional. Light weight, surprisingly comfortable body and neck design. Semi-hollow body and lipstick tubes yield the Danelectro tone you expect them to. Downsides - not exactly built like a master was involved...
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    Mackie Hotwire VT12...anyone else intrigued?

    http://mackie.com/products/hotwire/index.html This sounds really, really interesting. I wish they'd left out the on-board effects (great for practice amps, but I don't like 'em on my main amp), and I could really do without the LCD display, but still, it's an interesting premise. Anyone...
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    Tech 21 Character Series - Like 'em

    For a week or so now, I have had two of the new Tech 21 Character Series SansAmp pedals - the Liverpool and the Blonde. I'm not going to write a full blown review just yet, because those are predictably pretty glowing during a "gear honeymoon" if a person likes the product at all. But I will...
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    Got a used RV-5 that appears DOA - any hope?

    I bought a Boss RV-5 on ebay. It arrived today... Plug a cord into the input jack, and the "Check" light goes on. Step on the foot switch (any number of times), and the light does not go off. Plug a cord into the output jack, and it becomes readily apparent that while the signal is indeed...
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    Frustration Finding Tech 21 Character Series

    Well, they are finally out, but not really. I can find all but the Liverpool (the one I want most) at Musictoyz. Other vendors seem happy to take my money and have me wait until July for my item. Anyone know where to find a Liverpool?
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    Dirt Cheap Best In Class - NEW ONLY!

    OK, suppose you're looking cheap. Vintage components and top-notch construction are not even in the area code. What are your favorite new cheapos (not "scour ebay for a used one" - we already know about those) for: EQ Compressor Boost Overdrive Distortion Phaser Flanger Chorus Octave Tremolo...
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    Boss GT-10 - anyone heard it yet?

    Anyone get a chance to try out the GT-10 at NAMM? I've always felt Boss lagged well behind Line6 in the amp sim department. Then again, Boss actually put their new product in a solid, reliable enclosure, while Line6 went the Zoom-inspired plastic "toy" route for the X3 Live, then skipped beta...
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    Any Boss fans left?

    I did a bunch of pedal shopping in the past two days, and may do some more tomorrow. For ease of use, variety and value I kept finding myself going back to the cliche of the pedal world, the single effect compact Boss pedals. Buffered bypass, no presets, no MIDI, nothing boutique or...
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    BOSS "Legend Series" - cheesy or cool?

    So I recently came across these Boss "Legend Series" pedals. One named for a '65 DR, the other for a '59 Bassman. Their website has a paucity of information on these items that is not terribly confidence inspiring. On the one hand, they seem like a cheesy concept - drop a pedal in front of...
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    Your Essential Effect Types...

    I'm curious what types of pedals (not specifics by name, but just the sort of effects) people here feel are their absolute must-haves and why. I've been a guitar-wire-amp guy for about three years now, and I'm perfectly happy with that, but for fun I've decided to poke around at pedals again (I...
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    Good tiny mixer?

    I'm trying to get the best combination of quality and compact size in a mixer. The smaller the better, and maybe only 4 channels would be required for what I'm doing. I know about the Mackie 1202, but am wondering if I can go even smaller without getting a total toy. Any suggestions?
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    Going direct portably + headphones?

    Anyone know of a good box that works for direct recording and also has a headphone out, so as to be self-contained for practice use? I don't want to have a perpetual need to have a computer or mixer around when I'm trying out ideas, but most direct units, from SansAmps to BBE DIs, don't have a...
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    Thorns Over the Long Haul

    I am a former regular of the Gear Page who used to go by Lotus, among other names. I am also the owner of Thorns #55 and 56. I've had both for over 3 1/2 years now, and haven't bought another guitar since. When I made my order with Ron, he promised me he would build guitars that would inspire...