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    Sold 2005 Gibson SG '61 Reissue

    This is a 2005 Gibson SG '61 Reissue that I just got in April off Reverb as a backup guitar. Obviously things have shut down and I need to sell it. Hardly played, and it's in Excellent condition. The person I got it from had done some upgrades: Grover Tulip tuners (no routing needed), he also...
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    Providence Vitalizer question....

    Can anyone tell me about the Vitalizer that is in some of the Providence pedals? I just got a Silky Drive with it. Great open-sounding overdrive, but I think it's making my entire rig sound darker, and I would have expected the opposite, if any change at all....???
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    FS Overdrives: Providence, Pedals By Tone.... **Blowout Prices!!!**

    Several pedals for sale - None have ever had velcro, all either new or in great shape. Need to move them! Fantastic prices :) Feel free to make me an offer! Really! I really need to sell these. I'll take any reasonable offer even on these already LOW prices.... :) Ask any questions.... All...
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    WTB Looking for Hand-wired Lovepedal E6

    Anyone have a hand-wired Lovepedal E6 they want to part with? Thanks.
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    Charvel Pro Mod DK24 Truss Rod Wheel Adjustment Wrench?

    I borrowed a Charvel from a friend (chlorine burst, looks cool) and the neck needs a slight adjustment. Ordinarily I think it's just a proper size (3.5mm?) allen wrench needed but on this one the hole in the wheel doesn't go through and isn't all the deep. Does anyone know what the proper tool...
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    Bearfoot Dyna Red Dist. 4-knob vs Mad Professor Mighty Red Dist.???

    Can anyone tell me the difference between these two pedals - quality of tone, amount of gain/dist., sustain? Much appreciated.
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    Lovepedal Kanji question

    Can anyone tell me the difference between a “regular“ kanji overdrive and a kanji 9? Not the one with the two switches but the one without them....
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    Wampler Nirvana Chorus?

    Has anyone played a Wampler Nirvana Chorus? Like it???
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    Ok, how about comparing a Tone Freak Severe with a Wampler Plextortion....

    I know the Plextortion is more versatile, but what about tone, sustain, musicality???
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    Providence Flame Drive vs. Stampede SOV-2?

    Can anyone compare these two in terms of gain, sustain, and tone? Thanks!!!
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    New Bob Burt GR8t Distortion pedal???

    Has anyone heard this? Looks very interesting. I love my BB Overdrive, would love to hear this.....
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    Wampler Ego Compressor....?

    I've heard that these can be too bright - anyone know if this is still the case? This would be a problem for me....
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    Comparing the Tone Freak Severe to the Bearfoot Dyna Red Dist.?

    Can anyone compare these two?
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    Tone Monk question....

    Does anyone know which has more sustain, the Seed of Life or the OM distortion? Can anyone compare these two? Appreciate it....
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    New Landgraff Blues Box????

    Anyone heard this new pedal????
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    Looking for good software instruments....

    Does anyone know some good software instruments to use with Logic Express - I'm really looking for good B3 organ sounds, electric bass, and orchestral.... thanks for any help....
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    Question about Logic Express....

    Anyone know if Logic Express 9 has the ability to apply a true stereo chorus effect to a particular track during playback or mixdown? Thanks....
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    Question about Logic Express....

    Anyone know if Logic Express 9 has the ability to apply a true stereo chorus effect to a particular track during playback or mixdown? Thanks....
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    Wondering what guitar.....

    I'm looking for a guitar that has a set, thin carve profile neck, full access to at least 22 frets, 24 would be better, and is Not a PRS. I play an SG now, and it's good but I want something that is fast, has easy access, and I can dedicate to fusion.... and doesn't cost Too much.... Any help...
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    Wilson Dual Lotus Drive II???

    Anyone have experience with this pedal? Very interested init.... is it noisy? Versatile beyond the intended D sound? What'sup with it? :bonk
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    Landgraff DO and Abunai 2....

    Anyone have both of these and can compare them - tone, gain, sustain, voicing, clarity....?
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    Mod for the Aqua Puss?

    Is there really a mod for the Aqua Puss that doubles the time to 600ms? What's the story??
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    Anyone ever stack 2 LDOs?

    Anyone ever stack two Landgraff Dynamic Overdrives? If so, what'd it sound like?
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    Dumkudo with Humbuckers?

    As I understand it, the Zenkudo is supposed to be for Humbuckers and the Dumkudo for single coils, has anyone played the Dumkudo with Humbuckers? What's the deal? And how much gain do these pedals have???