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  1. K

    Grosh Set Neck

    I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on a Grosh Set Neck. I own 3 other Grosh's currently so I am familiar with his work. I've just never been comfortable with a Les Paul. Would love to hear from anyone who has had both and what they think.
  2. K

    Amp suggestions

    Looking for a Deluxe style amp. Single channel with a midrange control that isn't quite as bright as a Fender. Looking for a build quality on the level of Fuchs, Two-Rock, ect. Any advice would be welcome.
  3. K

    Barber Launch Pad

    Anyone using the Barber Launch Pad to run thru 2 amps at the same time?
  4. K

    Amp switchers

    Does anyone run 2 amps together with an AB/Y switcher without having the tone suffer. I have 2 Allen Old Flames and have tried linking the channels and I picked up a Startouch AB/Y switcher which is a quality pedal but there is still a loss in overall tone from both amps. I seem to lose low end...