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  1. stephenT

    Lyrics that didn't age well.

    Springsteen's "Fire" sounds a bit rape-y. I'm pulling you close You just say no You say you don't like it But girl I know you're a liar 'Cause when we kiss Ooh, fire
  2. stephenT

    All Female Bands: Which is Your Favorite?

    Our Native Daughters, 'Songs of Our Native Daughters'.
  3. stephenT

    Bob Dylan - Rough & Rowdy Ways

    Quite a few times, beginning to end. Great collection of songs, love the production,.. Jokerman kicking ass at 79.
  4. stephenT

    Tom Jones, where does he fall for you?

    Tom can do no wrong. Seven pages and no one posted this??
  5. stephenT

    Best Overall Guitarist - per non-guitarists?

    Might seem like an odd choice, but I've heard Bill Frisell play all those genre's, he'd be my answer.
  6. stephenT

    Who Here Likes Marty Robbins?

    My first two albums I owned, 11 years old,.. were Marty Robbin's "Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs" and The Ink Spots "Greatest Hits". Third was Ray's "Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music". Still defines my interests today.
  7. stephenT

    Aargh, all my favorite guitarists have terrible singers (themselves)

    Sean and I were close friends. His mission never changed, singer, songwriter, guitar player. What the world needed never entered his mind, tho he would have enjoyed more CD sales.
  8. stephenT

    New Robert Johnson photograph (and book)

    It's from a family member and it's only the second confirmed photo of RJ.
  9. stephenT

    2014 Showtime doc Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued. Where????

    thanks, I swear I couldn't find it anyplace. must be old stock. Much appreciated.
  10. stephenT

    2014 Showtime doc Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued. Where????

    2014 Showtime documentary Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued. Damn, can't find it anywhere. Showtime has pulled it, don't seem to be any DVDs,.. Are their bootlegs out there (asking for,...me)?? Any help would be very appreciated! It's one of the favorite albums around the house. Love to...
  11. stephenT

    Truth! Ever heard original "Mustang Sally"? It's killer.

    Five pages and no one mentions the guitar part on the Wilson Pickett version that no one gets right, it's what moves the song along, the anchor and the reason that all cover band versions suck. His later songwriting partner Dan Penn tells the story that's it's only been played correctly once...
  12. stephenT

    Do you really listen to Mingus, Coltrane, Miles Davis, etc.?

    Yes I really do. Monk's solo piano classics are another fav around the house.
  13. stephenT

    Funk Brothers, Wrecking Crew or Swampers...?

    No question about it, The Funk Brothers. First of all for the hang and then this: "more hits than The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys and Elvis Presley combined".
  14. stephenT

    On Line Jam and collaboration Software/apps/sites ???

    I've been tasked to find a cross platform way of continuing a friends weekly get together. Up to a dozen folks would get together and look at their iPads and play songs "together". I was invited and did a few for the social nature of the get together. Met some nice folks but I'm a stage musician...
  15. stephenT

    Chuck Berry - Can't Catch Me

    Lot's of T-Bone in Chuck.
  16. stephenT

    Post ONE photo from your last gig - Part 2

  17. stephenT

    Post ONE photo from your last gig - Part 2

    This last Sunday's gig just a couple hrs ago as I post. Nice crowd in our favorite dive bar (weekly gig) on a rainy night in GA. Kinda a side note, on nights Jon's with us (on bass) all the instruments on stage i built.
  18. stephenT

    Top 20 Blues Artists of All Time (article)

    What a sad joke,..
  19. stephenT

    Best Covers on YouTube?

    with out question:
  20. stephenT

    Anyone else post also at the TDPRI?

    I'm still a member, longtimer, used to post a lot. Got tired of the "old man" mentality over there, logged out and haven't been back.
  21. stephenT

    POLL: Your Favorite Southern Rock Band?

    I'm sure Donnie did so he could be seen, that and theater.
  22. stephenT

    POLL: Your Favorite Southern Rock Band?

    Eric Quincy Tate
  23. stephenT

    Gigs you have played to virtually nobody in attendance or woeful sized crowds ?

    I have a long standing Sunday night gig at a local club and in the winter of 1999-2000, we asked Sean Costello to come and front Sunday nights. He'd gotten off the road w/ Susan Tedeschi. There were Sundays that winter where there'd be a a half dozen patrons. Wasn't the point for us and...