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  1. ThePitbullofLove

    Bands with no original members left, but still on the road

    Blackfoot. Rick Medlocke hired a bunch of twenty something’s to play their catalog on the road. He even hired a new singer to replace himself….
  2. ThePitbullofLove

    Is there still a place for 100W amps?

    Yup. Most around here are either 50-120 watt tubes or Kemper. Some play Twins and Vibrolux or a Dr. Z if they’re more clean than dirty, but Marshall, Friedman, Wizard, Mesa, H&K, Orange, and the 5150’s of all stripes are sighted frequently.
  3. ThePitbullofLove

    Does appearing in promotional material make a guitar worth more?

    I bought this mid-80’s Roscoe custom built about a two years ago. After I bought it I found out that it was played and purchased originally by another guitarist in my area whom I knew when he was playing thrash metal. I also found out that she was the cover guitar for Keith Roscoe’s catalog...
  4. ThePitbullofLove

    Mad at Fender, bought G & L Fullerton Legacy Deluxe

    90’s USA Legacy. It’s quite nice, actually…
  5. ThePitbullofLove

    What’s on your guitar wish list?

    Another Explorer Maybe a Hamer
  6. ThePitbullofLove

    Hired Gun for a bad I need a disguise

  7. ThePitbullofLove

    In Praise of Hardtail Strats

    One of my favorites: a hard tail SuperStrat!
  8. ThePitbullofLove

    School me: Floyd Rose Upgrades

    No upgrade is required from the FR 1000. It’s pretty decent stock. The fine tuners aren’t as “smooth” as the OFR but they work and the tremolo is built pretty well. If I upgraded anything on the 1000 (or the OFR) it would be saddle locking blocks and a switch to the push in arm, both being...
  9. ThePitbullofLove

    Hold the line guitar tone

    Luke used a 58 Goldtop Les Paul through a Blackface Fender Deluxe Reverb modded by Paul Rivera and there was a Tubescreamer.
  10. ThePitbullofLove

    How do I "yellow" my guitars? Best cigarette brand?

    It’s a 1983 Kramer Focus 3000D. Picked it up for $30 a couple years back. It’s a pretty nice guitar considering. I have that NFT OFR put aside and put a newer one with fine tuners on it. I was amazed by the “tan lines” on her. I call the color Nicotine White…
  11. ThePitbullofLove

    Are SGs just an inherently bad design?

    I was never an SG guy until I bought one on a whim and loved it. Now I have two and they’re not going anywhere… YMMV
  12. ThePitbullofLove

    Shredder Electric guitar

    That guitar is worth what anyone might pay for it, but is a low end item, so I’d think $80-$125-ish might the the sweet spot. It’s NOT a Peavey guitar, unfortunately so the Peavey collecting cult who even love the low end stuff wouldn’t be interested, but the market would most likely be youth...
  13. ThePitbullofLove

    What Hss superstrat?

    Go old school!
  14. ThePitbullofLove

    Why are USA Charvels so much more expensive than USA Fenders?

    My current favorite guitar, not just my favorite Charvel ( I own five) is my late 80’s early 90’s Charvel Fusion Custom…it’s a lot of guitar for the money!
  15. ThePitbullofLove

    Putting a heavier gauge of strings on a Floyd Rose guitar? How to set up?

    This is a Polytune. You can strum all the strings at once and it shows all six string’s tuning at once. Yes, in a floating Floyd Rose style you want the tremolo perfectly level/parallel to the body of the guitar. This means the spring tension and string tension are equal, and give the tremolo...
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