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  1. jsboswell

    Neunaber Illumine / Source Audio Collider: Compare/Contrast

    Hi folks. In the midst of a major pedalboard rebuild and down to the one pedal I haven't decided on yet: Stereo reverb/delay. The two that interest me the most are the Neunaber Illumine and the Source Audio Collider. A little background: I'm interested in it mainly for the stereo reverb quality...
  2. jsboswell

    Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery (EC &TTB content)

    DISCLAIMER: If you are a member of the Clapton Haters Tribe, kindly move along and post elsewhere; this is not for you. So, I have no idea how I missed it, but one of my favorite bands (Tedeschi Trucks Band, along with Trey Anastasio), paid homage to my all time favorite artist's (Eric Clapton)...
  3. jsboswell

    Anyone order a masterbuilt Gretsch?

    Planning to order a Stephen Stern masterbuilt 6120, but the dealer I've used for previous masterbuilt Fenders no longer seems as interested in customer service as they once did. So, I'm looking for recommendations for a dealer from whom anyone has ordered a masterbuilt Gretsch in the last few...
  4. jsboswell

    NGD - Suhr Custom Classic

    Greetings folks... I took delivery of this new guitar about a month ago, so I figured we'd had enough time together for me to post a good NGD. The inspiration for this guitar was a return to a dual humbucker, non-locking tremolo, rocking S-style like the Charvels I and so many others grew up...
  5. jsboswell

    HELP! Need pics of FCS "Confetti Stratocaster"!

    Alright guys... this is a bit of a long shot. I'm thinking of refinishing my Callaham Strat (before you cry "foul", know that this guitar has been modified MANY times along its lifespan - so don't judge the intent). I'm looking for ideas off the beaten path. Once upon a time (within the last...
  6. jsboswell

    Suhr Bella and Two Rock Traditional Clean: Compare/Contrast

    Howdy TGP cognoscenti! In the early stages of a major rig revamp with significant differences over my current outfit - principal among them are: 1- Returning to a clean pedal platform with effects loop 2- Going stereo The two amps I've narrowed to are as stated in the title. I'm not really...
  7. jsboswell

    Boutique "Vibro-King" with modern "improvements" - is there such?

    I've always had a soft spot for the Vibro-King, but it definitely has a very loud sweet spot (not to mention a few "nits", depending upon the generation). The places I play these days would never permit running a VK at optimal SPL's, and I've never cared for them with an attenuator. Just curious...
  8. jsboswell

    Multi-Modulation Pedal Questions

    Greetings to the cognoscenti on this subject... I'm considering some re-vamping of my board and possibly replacing some of my lesser-used modulation pedals with a single multi pedal. Reverb, Delay, and Chorus are taken care of with other units that aren't going anywhere. Those are effects I use...
  9. jsboswell

    NGOD (New Guitar Order Day)

    So, for Christmas this year (and next, most likely) my wife ordered for me a Gretsch Stephen Stern Masterbuilt 6120. Delivery should be November(ish) 2019. Had a great conversation with Stephen to work out all the details. Thanks to Tommy Colletti of The Music Zoo for facilitating things. Very...
  10. jsboswell

    Source for Distressed Aluminum Strat Pickguard

    Good evening folks... I have an older Callaham Strat that is naturally distressed (i.e "honest" play wear, weather checking, FB re-planed, re-fretted, etc.). Anyhow... The pickguard is wrecked and needs replacing. I'm thinking of going with a natural finish aluminum or silver anodized aluminum...
  11. jsboswell

    That Pedal Show - Gretsch

    A question for the Gretsch cognoscenti... In recent episodes Dan has been playing a 2-tone green Gretsch (Cadillac green, maybe?). I find the Gretsch catalog of models and variants a little overwhelming and just wondered if the experts here might know what model he's playing. Thanks in advance!
  12. jsboswell

    Cali 76 CD Question

    A question for the Origin Effects cognoscenti... I've had a Cali 76 CD for some time now and love it. Recently I've begun re-working my rig, and I've been experimenting with placement of this pedal. My question is this: Does it have a buffered or true-bypass output? I'm assuming buffered, as...
  13. jsboswell

    Right -Angle D/C Plugs?

    I'm re-building my effects rig and need a source for right-angle 2.1x5.5 mm D/C plugs to make power supply cables for my pedals. All I can seem to find are straight plugs (all of which are much longer than I want). Anyone know a source for the right-angle version? Thanks in advance!
  14. jsboswell

    My Dream Amp Demo...

    Just thinking out loud... Four amps I'd most like to demo at the same time (in no particular order): Schroeder DB9 Longhorn Texas TruTone Carol Ann Satin Dr. Z Therapy
  15. jsboswell

    Lehle Acouswitch IQ

    Anyone have a chance to try this acoustic preamp/DI unit? Given what I've come to expect from Lehle, I'd be surprised if it weren't pretty special.
  16. jsboswell

    Two Notes Reload

    Just curious if any of TGP cognoscenti have had an opportunity to try this attenuator. Particularly curious if anyone has been able to compare it to an Aracom. Thanks!
  17. jsboswell

    Lashing Guitars

    Anyone here have any direct / personal experience with them? Doesn't seem to be much info out there, but the photos on line seem to show quality stuff. Are they still building? Thanks!
  18. jsboswell

    Top Hat Super 33 Clips

    No vested interested here, other than having been a very satisfied customer of Fat Sound Guitars for many years and also owning two great Top Hat amps. I know many have requested sound clips of this phenomenal amp for some time. Fat Sound Guitars has started posting some clips.
  19. jsboswell

    Top Hat Super 33 Here's the link (I hope) to the Fat Sound listing of the newest model in the Top Hat lineup, exclusive - I believe - to Fat Sound Guitars. If the link doesn't work, someone more facile than I please help me out in...
  20. jsboswell

    Top Shelf Traditional Strat-Style Builders

    Who are some of the best luthiers building traditionally faithful Strat-Style guitars - Not modern evolutionary interpretations, great guitars though they may be (i.e. Suhr, Anderson, Grosh, etc.). Callaham, DeTemples, LsL come to mind. Any others?
  21. jsboswell

    New MotorAve LeMans

    Enthusiasts, Here's a link to photos and my review for my new MotorAve LeMans in Seyffert Green - #53 (scroll down in the listing of that guitar for my review). Hard to heap enough praise upon Mark Fuqua of MotorAve and Stu and the Mikes of Fat Sound Guitars.
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