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  1. nlopez

    What’s Your Favorite Ace Guitar Solo?

    For me ,it is Got to Choose. If course, there are flashier, but this one just fits.
  2. nlopez

    Great "other guy in the band" songwriter.

    Considering the George Harrison is top on the list, I contend that John Deacon of Queen is a fantastic songwriter. Youre my best friend Another one bites the dust in only 7 days Spread your wings who needs you
  3. nlopez

    Anyone compare the TC Trichorus Toneprint with the Keeley Dyno?

    I am just wondering how they stack up . Thanks!
  4. nlopez

    Donner Harmory Tri-Chorus Pedal

    I got one in the mail today. From what I have heard from famous Tri chorus recordings, it's pretty good. There is a significant volume drop on this pedal , however. Just gonna save up for a Keeley Dyno Anyone else try one?
  5. nlopez

    A nice visit to Mojo Hand FX

    I went home to visit my parents in Port Arthur and thought I would give Brad Fee at Mojo Hand Fx a call see if I could drop by. Brad is about 50 miles away. I had not seen him since the pedal fest that Eric-d hosted in Houston many years ago. Brad was a great host. It was nice to see him again...
  6. nlopez

    Got my boy a snare drum. Now what?

    Plenty of guitars in the house and one of my boys wants to play the drums! We got him a snare for Christmas. Any advice on what to get him for a video or any You tube lessons? Thanks everyone
  7. nlopez

    What is Blackmore using on live versions of "Catch the Rainbow"?

    Live in Germany. First I thought a Leslie. But then I thought a phaser. I didn't think he was ever into univibes. Thanks
  8. nlopez

    What do my Rio Grande Tallboys/Halfbreed compare to?

    Hi everyone. I have had Rio Grande Tallboys and a Halfbreed in my 80s American strat (RW neck) for 15 years. Other than the real thin originals I do not know how to compare them to other pickups. Can anyone tell me what they most sound like? I assume that they are a little darker and hotter...
  9. nlopez

    Has anyone compared the Lex with a rotosphere?

    Has any one ever compared the two? I love my RS and never really liked the clips of the Lex, but would appreciate any feedback about the lex compared to the RS. Thanks
  10. nlopez

    Are you hanging out more in the Sound Hound Lounge?

    Guys and Gals, Maybe I am getting old and crotchety, but I am losing interest and tolerance in the pedal forum. How many more "looking for a vibe" threads can one read. Or one guy asks for an honest opinion about A and B and guys give him C-Z. I like it here on the Sound lounge- a vast array...
  11. nlopez

    PSA: PedalworX Name the Pedal Competition

    I was looking at the PedalworX FB site and George and Bob are developing an echo! They are having a contest for the best name. Thought I'd share: The Official PedalworX Name The Pedal Competition - 2012 is here! Ok, we have a delay pedal that we want to release and need a killer name for...
  12. nlopez

    NGD:Alvarez MF90

    Hello everyone I was looking for a beater and found a Alvarez MF90 for sub $300. I love it so far. The specs online mention a gloss finish. I am assumming it is still poly. Anyone have any thoughts on this model? Thanks
  13. nlopez

    Rogue Tremolo

    I bought a used Boss TR2 modded by Keeley. It was a fine piece of work, but a bit much more than the monthly bills allowed, so i took it back to GC . I saw that MF was selling the Rogues for $21. Let me tell you it is not bad! Since I hardly use tremolo, it is a keeper. Quiet and true bypass...
  14. nlopez

    Pick ONE 70s pop song

    I mean a 70s AM radio pop song. For me, it's Todd
  15. nlopez

    Is the Boss Combo Drive holding its own?

    THe clips sound great. Has anyone compared it to a TBIAC or other Vox types?
  16. nlopez

    How is the soft case for the pedal trains?

    Are they decent? Thanks
  17. nlopez

    My 1000 post!

    Wow. So it takes me 7 years to get my 1000 post. I better get crackin!:rimshot
  18. nlopez

    Who makes the best Univibe?

    Just joking! Note my thread count!!!!:banana
  19. nlopez

    Good Friday Fuzz: Jesus Christ Superstar

    The soundtrack to the movie has some some really great 70s fuzzes!
  20. nlopez

    Any Fulltone MDV2 owners go back to the Knob?

    The MDV2 is a great vibe, don' t misunderstand and I don't want this to be a best vibe thread. But I getting a little tired of having to resent when I turn it on. Anyone else go back to the big knob approach?
  21. nlopez

    How can I get this Fuzz sound?! Foghat Content

    I really like this fuzz sound in Foghat's Chevolet. What pedal can give me this? Thanks Nick
  22. nlopez

    Wish list UFO:Strangers in the Night Live!

    I don't know how Vinnie Moore would feel about this, but I would love to see Michael and UFO get together to perform SITN live! Anyone else?
  23. nlopez

    Who is the king of Leslie guitar?

    IMO all roads lead to king George.
  24. nlopez

    Tone sucking pedals in the effects loop.

    I was wondering if tone sucking pedals still suck tone in the effects loop? I am assuming that while it may be quieter, there is still tone suck? I tried to compare the difference with my Rotosphere without any results. Any thoughts?
  25. nlopez

    Hey Rotosphere owners! Anyone make the switch to a Vent or Lex?

    As a new owner of a MKI, I totally get the RS. Yes, it is big and noisy, but I see why folks are dedicated to this cool pedal. But, has anyone left it for the more recent efforts by Neo and Strymon?
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