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  1. J

    Gigging Guitarist vs. Bedroom Guitarist

    Gig three nights a week, rehearse with two separate bands one night each a week and practice at home two hours every day with a metronome. Started collecting my Social Security (62) about ten months ago. That and the money I make gigging is my sole income. Best job I ever had.
  2. J

    Vibrato Pedal (VB2-esque)

    I've been using the Behringer Ultra Vibrato UV300 for over a year with no problems.
  3. J

    NPD: Aluminum Falcon

    I agree. I play a Tele into a '66 non-reverb Deluxe and the AF1 gives me plenty of bass. I can't imagine needing more. Took 4 months from ordering to delivery but it's a great sounding pedal and was worth the wait. Hopefully he comes through for everybody who is waiting on theirs.
  4. J

    Quinnamp "Hot Buttered Scotch" Dumble Voiced Overdrive. Two really poor clips added..

    I got an email from Paypal today saying mine has shipped. :banana
  5. J

    Why no love for Senn around here?

    My two main guitars are a Senn Pomona and a Fullerton. Great builder.
  6. J

    So, I picked up the Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster today.

    How much does the J Mascis JM weigh?
  7. J

    Aluminum Falcon, any updates?

    My Aluminum Falcon was delivered yesterday. Yes the wait was longer than expected and communication was sparse and I did some grumbling but I sat in with some friends on a gig last night using the AF a Tele and a Princeton Reverb and it sounded great. Big and fat. All the grumblings been forgotten.
  8. J

    Do a timmy and a Sunface cover all dirt bases?

    :dude A Rat and a TS9 cover all my od needs. Tele into a 66 non-reverb Deluxe.
  9. J

    Guitar Pedals in Tampa, FL

    I can never find anything that I want at the Sarasota GC. Very nice new store but their selection of gear isn't so great. YMMV. Be sure to check out Skippers Smokehouse for music and pretty good grub in a funky environment while you're in Tampa. www.skipperssmokehouse.com
  10. J

    Vox Pathfinder 15r - stock speaker or not?

    I picked up a mint condition Pathfinder on CL last year for $50. I think the stock speaker sounds good and have no desire to "upgrade".
  11. J

    1964 Fender Deluxe (Non-Reverb)

    I have a '66 non-reverb Deluxe that is my main gigging amp for the last 5 years or so. I paid $1000 for it with no speaker and some pretty bad tears in the tolex. Worth every penny. Great amp. Mine has an early Scumback Speaker from back when they were originally called Scumbag Speakers.
  12. J

    Your settings for TS into a RAT

    Almost the same settings as Mr Limbic. Tele-TS9-'84 WF Rat-delay/reverb-'66 non-reverb Deluxe. TS-9. Gain at 0. Volume maxed and tone about 10:30 Rat. Gain at 9:00. Filter at 3:00 and volume at 3:00 The Deluxe is usually 4-6 on the volume. I generally only mic it when we're doing an outdoor gig.
  13. J

    Digital Delay to match a DMM

    I have an Echopark on a small Gator board (6 pedals) and don't notice any noise issue using the Gator power supply. I think the Echopark is a great sounding low cost unit. I got mine new through Amazon several months ago for $79 shipped.
  14. J

    6v6 for vintage Fender Deluxe Reverb

    KCA has matched pairs of NOS Marconi 6v6's in stock. They sound great in Fender amps. I use them in my '66 PR and non-reverb Deluxe. Looks like they also have a matched pair on RCA 6V6GT blackplates in stock for $175.
  15. J

    Looking for a portable jazz amp!

    If money is no object I'd go with a Standel 25L15.
  16. J

    Vox sounding OD into a Vox AC15?

    Boss BC-2. MF has them in stock.
  17. J

    Any Behringer pedal owners?

    I bought the UV300 Vibrato mainly out of curiosity. I run it into a DE-7. Makes for some great ambient sounds. Home use only for gigging I stick with my DMM.
  18. J

    Best type of OD/Boost to hit a RAT?

    I use an '84 WF Rat with a TS9 in front of it. Gain at zero and volume maxed on the TS. The Rat Gain at 9:00 filter around 3:00 to 3:30 and volume at 2-3:00. Single coil pickups.
  19. J

    Cube 30x R-fier Sound Distortion Pedal

    Welcome to TGP. I'm not familiar with the Cube 30x R-fier but Tech 21 makes a pedal with the Mesa type od. I believe it's the California model in their Character Series. I've never tried one but have read some good reviews. Or try and find a used Mesa V-Twin pedal.
  20. J

    Bargain Pedals

    And not exactly "readily available". Not hard to order but then there's the wait.
  21. J

    Is the EHX Nano Holy Grail reverb any good?

    I had the HG Nano on my board for a while and thought it sounded great. Small footprint and no noise issues like some of the full size HG's. I got it brand new through Amazon.com for $89. Sold it when I got a good deal on a Wet Reverb.
  22. J

    Standel Amplifiers, Chet, Paul, Wes, Merle, Joe and Larry

    I believe you got that amp from me. Great sounding amp. Wish I still had it.
  23. J

    What Speaker are you using in your Deluxe Reverb?

    '66 non reverb Deluxe Altec 417 8H. The Reverend Alltone is also a good match for a DR.
  24. J

    What's a fun, yet usable "utility" pedal for creating a variety of different sounds?

    If you're not looking to spend a lot of money the Digitech EX-7 has got some pretty interesting sounds.
  25. J

    Catch me up!

    Season 4 of Breaking Bad has been pushed back to July 11 :waiting ......and some new pedals were released.