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    My dream modeling device

    You can do all of the above with an Axe II and an expression pedal.
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    AxeFX II XL rig - am I forgetting anything?

    The next evolution is Ultra IRs, using a guitar cabinet defeats that purpose. Go FRFR monitors so you can have access to many cabinet types instead of only one.
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    Anyone using wireless headphones for their modeler?

    Lots of pros use wireless in-ears. It's all about your budget.
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    Mission Engineering pedal question.

    I use the SP-1 for wah. I don't like the auto-engage feature on the Axe so I use the traditional switch method like a Crybaby. I use an SP-2 as my second pedal, spring loaded, to control other things. The SP-2 allows me to use it to control two functions, albeit not at the same time (only...
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    So much KPA/AxeFX selling and buying, why?

    Many Axe II owners are selling to pay for their XLs, just as they did from the Ultra to the II. If I needed the features of the XL, I'd be one of them.
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    Getting rid of that mic'd sound on the afxii?

    You have to condense the EQ spectrum with cuts to match that of a guitar cabinet. A CLR has a much wider dynamic range than a 4x12, so you need to get rid of all that additional information to give you the feel you seek. OH made some Farfeild IRs and I mix them in to my sound to add to the...
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    Oh Boy Here we go from Mission Engineering

    The head shell is basically a rack case with two wasted spaces and doesn't protect your front panel, stupid.
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    Fractal drives into tube amps...who likes it?

    Asking this at the Fractal Forum would yield more results.
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    Surprises at Fractal Audio!

    It seems rather simple. Some people will never consider modeling, they can't get over their biases. They and others also hate rack gear and view it as crap from the 80s hair metal scene, remember that thread? This product captures those customers who would otherwise never consider Fractal...
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    Surprises at Fractal Audio!

    It's an AXE II Jr., efx only and more limited.
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    Surprises at Fractal Audio!

    It does not, EFX only.
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    Just how much time do you spend tweaking your digital rig?

    Axe FX II user. Never between firmware updates, several hours after updating.
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    Atomic CLR vs Matrix Q12a

    The Fractal crowd has endorsed the CLR and it has gone beyond their normal FRFR dejour. I have a pair and have no complaints.
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    My Dumble tone "no change here"

    That's an Axe Fx behind him
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    Soon to be an Axe 2 user... I have a few questions!!

    Con is the expense, the pro is everything else. Get a pair of CLRs and a couple of Mission pedals. By the time you are done with cases and wiring your in for $5k+, but it does everything, and well.
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    Kemper > Axe FX > Kemper > Amp

    The Axe does everything the Kemper does and more. The appeal of the Kemper is the many captures available for free or purchase. There was a time when the Axe world was ablaze with capturing, but with recent updates and improvements to the amp models, no one even discusses it anymore.
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    Axe Ultra vs. Axe II

    I could never get the Ultra to my liking, but of course that was prior to obtaining the CLR to hear it through. The IIs, especially generation I models are decreasing in value. The only difference between the Mark I, II and III is the jacks on the back. Never had an issue with my Mark I and...
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    Axe Fx 2 Xl Release For Australia?

    Why don't you email their support?
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    Modellers Needed For Late Night Work/Some Recording

    Why not slave your heads down to line level with a Torpedo?
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    Modeling "Industry" Stagnant?!?!

    Something to consider: Rocktron, Lexicon and Eventide were all entrenched in the guitar business long before Fractal and Kemper came along. Why did they choose to not continue pursuing the guitar segment?
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    Modeling "Industry" Stagnant?!?!

    Because televisions and cell phones appeal to nearly 100% of the populace, there is tremendous sales volume there and they enjoy economies of scale that guitar modelers will never experience. Apple sells 150,000,000 iPhones every three months, how Axe IIs are out there, 5,000?
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    Surge protection for my Kemper, what is good surge protection?

    Power conditioning is taking whatever the wall gives you and converting it to a steady 117V like the Furman AR-1518 does. A surge protector protects against high voltage surges only
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    Modeler through headphones with jam track

    He said money was no object. And with foot controller its closer to $4,000 I have such a setup for tweaking and practicing, but in reality it is my backup Axe II.
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    Axe II sold out

    Almost. When I was there it was Cliff, his wife, one other guy and their cat. Now that she had a baby, she's probably at home.