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    Neck dimensions - an interesting discovery

    Hey guys I was measuring the thickness of all my guitar necks due to a deep dive on what a gibson slim taper actually is. The numbers aren't really surprising to me, but they have something in common that is. The length of the neck circumference, measured from fretboard edge to fretboard edge...
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    Speaker refinishing?

    Hi guys. I have a set of old bose 10.2 series 2 (no hate please) that I use for the front speakers in my family/TV room. The problem is my furniture is dark gray and the speakers are the stock light medium brown teak veneer. AKA eye sores. What I'd like to do is refinish them in either a...
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    Do we order pickups bridge or neck first?

    I used to refer to a strat bridge position as #1 and the neck as #5, then I heard that leo did it the other way around. This would oppose the way we normally refer to pickups (HSS for example). Now I keep seeing SSH referencing a bridge humbucker? That would denote a humbucker NECK with...
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    Question for the treble bleed experts.

    I know that treble bleed circuits cause a log pot to behave more like a linear one to a degree based on the values. Does it effect a linear pot's taper at all? Asking for a friend......:cool::D
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    Pickup help needed. Dimarzio dp185 half track?

    While browsing the faqs on the dimarzio site, Ives looking at their chart on what pickups are available for sale it not advertised. I came across the half track, which I've never heard of. There is no info available on these. Does Anyone have one or has anyone played one? Sweetwater...
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    Wood dimension/density question(s)

    Hey guys. I had a thought recently while looking at my 3 ibanez RGs. 1 Japanese rg520qs in mahogany 1 rg921. Basswood, hardtail, indo, very light 1 rg3xxv Basswood, trem, indo, heavy. Severely awesome too! Here's we go: Please no wood pissing contests. Does the actual thickness of a...
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    Linear taper volume pots and treble bleeds

    Which style works best for linear taper pots? Cap only? Cap/resistor in parallel? Cap/resistor in series? Fender's new parallel/series thing?0 Everything I read so far says parallel affects taper, making log function more like linear. Effects on linear pots is lacking. This will be going...
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    Muddy pickups and string gauge.

    I have noticed a trend with my guitars as of late. My guitars sound better with 9s compared to 10s. Same brand of strings. It started with my strat when I switched to 9s for the heck of it. The tonal balance seemed to shift higher. The muddy and excessive bass that I couldn't dial out...
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    NGD: Ibanez as73 content

    https://www.google.com/search?q=ibanez+as73g-mtb&prmd=sivn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiho4HU25zkAhXLMd8KHSnbAQIQ_AUoAnoECA8QAg&biw=360&bih=572#imgrc=qtUEArMCXXtBrM Just picked up one of these in mint blue. Out of boredom and looking for something to do earlier today, my wife and I...
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    Help me date my fender neck.

    Hi guys, I have a fender neck that I pulled from my neighbor's garbage about 15 years ago. They went Pete Townsend on a strat and threw it out. I salvaged the neck, neck plate, tuners, nut, and some screws. Well, the neck has a nice shape, so I kept it for use some day. The only issue it has...
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    Do guitars play and perform better with certain gauge strings?

    Reason i ask is that i just did a pickguard swap on my warmoth hardtail strat and did a string change too. I went from elixer 10-48s to 9-42. I didnt have to mess with anything but intonation, obviously. My strat now sings! It sustains better and there is more articulation. The 9s have less...
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    does string gauge affect dead spots on a neck?

    I was just sitting here noodling around when i realized that i haven't played anything but 10-46 strings for as long as I can remember. I have a few guitars with dead spots around the g string 17th fret. I got to thinking about string tension vs truss rod tension/relief and the possible...
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    Sam ash vs guitar center. A comparison and a pleasant surprise

    After plans changed due to an arguement with the wife, I decided to take the kids out for a while. We did lunch, played some classic video games, and went to a sam ash store. I am lucky to have 3 of each (sam ash and guitar center) reasonably close to me. First off, every time I hit a guitar...
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    NAD and NOGD!

    Gotta love "free" stuff! The company I work for did well enough during the 4th quarter to earn profit sharing, with which, I got myself a laney lionheart L5 head. I have been after one of these for a long time, but couldn't justify the cost. What a great little amp! Great cleans, great breakup...
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    tele bridge pickup/ bridge question

    is it the metal surrounding the pickup that gives the tele it's signature sound? or is it the fact that the metal is connected/coupled to the bridge saddles? does putting a square of metal around the bridge pickup (assuming a tele pickup) and using a separate bridge like the new tele elite...
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    Amp bias voltage way out of range.

    Hi guys. What does it mean when my amp (a gens Benz el diablo) is way out or range. The owners manual shows el34s need about .600 volts and 6l6s need .450 volts. I had to swap tubes today because one of the originals blew, or so it seems. So I went from a pair of el34 bstr to a pair of jj...
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    Is it possible to mod a half power switch to make it foot switchable?

    Title says it all. My amp has a pentode/triode switch as a "half power" option. The problem is that I like the bright spanky pentode mode for the clean channel and the more compressed, squishy triode on the gain channel. Right now I either have to compromise on channel or the other, or...
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    Are certain guitar string brands louder than others?

    Gauge for gauge, do the construction methods (core and wrap wire size, hex vs round core, material/metal content) have an impact on the volume of the string set as picked up by the guitar's pickups? Just curious.
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    wattage versus sound

    Silly question. Do 100 watt heads switched down to 50w have the same sound/feel of regular 50 watt heads? I am curious as i haven't had a chance to play both versions of the same head side by side. Anyone?
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    What does a flickering jewel light mean?

    On of my heads has a power indicator light that flickers every now and then. it doesn't "respond" to my playing. it even does it in standby. i checked the bulb connection already. just wondering if this is indicative of anything serious? should i be concerned?
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    Master volume question

    do master volume pots on amps have treble bleed circuits? if so, do they function the same as a guitar circuit? What is the effect on the low volume sound quality? i ask because i find that anytime i put a bleed circuit in a guitar, it gets really thin, almost as if i turned the bass and...
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    Pentode to Triode switch?

    Here's one for the amp builders: I have a 60 watt amp that can be cut to 30 by means of a pentode/triode switch. i like the triode feel/sound better. i also have a 100 watt amp that is switchable to 50w via a switch that cuts 2 of the power tubes. Is there any way i could add a...