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  1. bluejazzoid

    Scumback for a 5e3 Tweed deluxe clone.

    You might also consider a Mojotone BV-30H. I have one in my Richter 5E3 and it sounds really good. :)
  2. bluejazzoid

    Dear Vintage 30,

    Having a MID-life crisis? :D
  3. bluejazzoid

    PSA: Peavey selling 10 NOS Peavey Butcher amps

    And they looked like this:
  4. bluejazzoid

    PSA: Ebay Amp Scam

    I bet he didn't tho -- thief-dude is most likely a brainless cheapskate as well! ;)
  5. bluejazzoid

    PSA: Ebay Amp Scam

    ^^^Yes -- and you have the numbskull's address!
  6. bluejazzoid

    PSA: Ebay Amp Scam

    If you could document the different in shipping weights between what you shipped and what your thieving buyer shipped back, you might could get someone's attention. Otherwise, that f-ing sucks.
  7. bluejazzoid

    Old school solid state, lightweight and giggable

    Or even the Trademark 60.
  8. bluejazzoid

    Winfield Amps

    That's cool to know! I believe you have a label inside the cabinet, so I'll check and let you know what date you've got on it.
  9. bluejazzoid

    Winfield Amps

    I bought a used Winfield 18/30 a few years ago, and man - what a killer amp! Not long after getting it, I messaged Winnie about adding a MV --and he was very quick, friendly and helpful with his reply-- but I decided not to mess with it since it just sounds so good like it is. The only change...
  10. bluejazzoid

    Plugging in to the front end of an amp...

    "Plugging in to the front end of an amp..." Very similar! Plugging straight into a beautiful amp with no pedals is analogous to "Humala bebuhla zeebuhla boobuhla Humala bebuhla zeebuhla bop!" with the Mrs before kids! :love::banana:aok IN CASE MY WIFE READS THIS: :anon :wave
  11. bluejazzoid

    best tweed deluxe clone?

    A Richter 5E3 is another excellent contender to look for. I don't think they are being made anymore, but they can be found used for not-so-crazy amounts.
  12. bluejazzoid

    new jim kelley 2 channel

    This thread: :aok :D:banana:beer :dude :drool :love: :) :clips
  13. bluejazzoid

    Wife fakes interest in amp

    "Oh that's a nice looking amp!*" *"It looks like the perfect size & weight for crushing your skull while you sleep." :omg
  14. bluejazzoid

    Sweetwater new amp open box question

    Heck, Sweetwater calls to make sure you're enjoying a guitar pick, right? So you should sit on the phone with your sales engineer (or higher-ups) until you are satisfied that you know the truth. We're all good at speculating, but only Sweetwater knows the answer about your specific situation.
  15. bluejazzoid

    Advise on Reverb purchase?

    Just my 2 cents: I would snap good pictures of it all around, but I wouldn't bother with a video of it period. I mean, the guy shipped the wrong unit, so whether functioning perfectly or DOA, it's still the wrong unit. A video would only give him fodder to argue that it's been "tampered" with...
  16. bluejazzoid

    Advise on Reverb purchase?

    Lol, are you talking about a Naughty seller? If so, then "What a maroon!" seems appropriate:
  17. bluejazzoid

    NAD: Richter 5e3 Tweed Deluxe

    Thanks @monkmiles - how long a wait did you have before you were able to put it back together?
  18. bluejazzoid

    NAD: Richter 5e3 Tweed Deluxe

    That looks good! :aok I have a Richter 5E3 as well (such a great amp!), probably from the same year, and have been considering doing the same. So did you take it apart to apply the stain (assuming so, but haven't ever done it myself)? And did you use the Minwax Polyshades Honey Pine?
  19. bluejazzoid

    Budda Superdrive 18 head (Pre-Peavey) question.....

    Then you know what needs to happen: another cabinet!!! :D:cool:
  20. bluejazzoid

    Budda Superdrive 18 head (Pre-Peavey) question.....

    Why not just rewire your 2x12 cabinet ---from A to B, below--- and have go running it at 4 ohms:
  21. bluejazzoid

    James Brown joins EVH/Fender as principal design engineer!

    I think Ed really respects James' talent and amp-fu, so I imagine that with Ed bringing James in --Peavey history, whatever you make of it-- there will be cool things to come out of their renewed relationship besides just stoking the ole 515x flames. At least that's my gut! :)
  22. bluejazzoid

    James Brown joins EVH/Fender as principal design engineer!

    Woah, super cool! Big time congrats @amptweaker - nice to see EVH putting the James Brown back in the brown sound for real!!! :dude
  23. bluejazzoid

    Ridicule me, it's OK - I love the Celestion Classic Lead 80

    Just yesterday I was playing "speaker-swap" for fun with a couple of my amps, and I forgot that I had a CL80 sitting in a box in the closet.....so out it came and into my Alessandro Working Dog it went (replacing an ET65). Man, it really is a great speaker - it sounds like it was meant to be in...
  24. bluejazzoid

    Totally Unexpected NAD

    Wow, super congrats! :) I think one could teach an entire lifetime and never have a student with such gratitude (lol, and deep pockets!).....so enjoy living the real mind-blower for teachers everywhere!
  25. bluejazzoid

    UPS ruined a NAD

    Yep. The Lone Star is one of the heaviest, most-compact amps around. So if you don't pack it like it's going to be *DROPPED FROM SPACE* then you really shouldn't ship it. But at least it was GC and they are making it right, so kudos to them for that! :aok