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    Some tracks recorded during our weekly jam-session

    We recorded some new tracks during our weekly jam-session. These sessions are at the singer's house so....yes...the drums are electronic :-) These are one-take live recordings but the tracks were remixed. http://snd.sc/MJjWjP http://snd.sc/MJkcPA http://snd.sc/N4mQQO
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    A livingroom recording

    Here's a new song we recorded during our weekly rehearsal in our singer's livingroom. My wife thinks it sounds scary :-) http://www.telecastergallery.com/mp3/01rain-fell-down.mp3
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    Hollowbody with Bigsby

    Hello ! I'm looking for a hollowbody with Bigsby. I don't want regular humbuckers but filtertrons would be fine. P90's or deArmonds are an option as well. What guitar do you recommend ? The Setzer HotRod seems very nice (I like the fact that it doesn't have too many controls). Cheers, Roel
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    "low wattage" EL84 amp ?

    I'm looking for a Vox/Matchless-type low-wattage EL84 amp that will break up nicely at lower volume levels. I've been looking at : - Divided by 13 9/15 - Matchless Nighthawk - Matchless Lightning - Matchless Spitfire Which of those amps do you recommend ? Or should I just buy a BJF...
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    I need a heavy OD that cuts

    Help !;) With my Les Paul R4 (w. P90's) I can't cut through the bandmix with my (keeley modded) Sparkle Drive and (keeley modded) BD2. My amp is a Z28. With my FatBoost I have no problems cutting through the mix but that's not an overdrive :cool: Any suggestions ? I'm looking for something...