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  1. nlopez

    Ray Charles appreciation thread

    The things the man could do to a cover song!
  2. nlopez

    Why Jeff Beck?

    I have seen him three times: with SRV, then Santana, then pre COVID with Ann Wilson and Paul Rodgers. Each time was better than the previous!
  3. nlopez

    Rat Variants: Which One to Choose?

    I bought a Fat Rat and A/B it with the Ratified. I sent the FR back. I then got a Vermin (How do they make money with those prices?i!) I think it does a great job too! I went through the 80s without playing a Rat, so I dont have the nostalgia most folks have.
  4. nlopez

    Why Jeff Beck?

    He simply smells, sees and hears things on a guitar that others cant.
  5. nlopez

    Looking for a good Rat Clone

    The Vermin is amazing.
  6. nlopez

    Maestro Phase Shifter Fans!

    So now there is a new version with a button?!
  7. nlopez

    Maestro Phase Shifter Fans!

    Has anyone figured out the controls for the corresponding buttons?
  8. nlopez

    Guild or Eastman? 335-style quandary

    Right . I remembered that. Are you digging the neck? . It is a little wide and thin for me , but I can tolerate it better than other ES copies I tried.
  9. nlopez

    Guild or Eastman? 335-style quandary

    Good to hear. I saw your post in the Eastman forum. Glad you did not have to buy the Seths.
  10. nlopez

    Guild or Eastman? 335-style quandary

    Gosh. Sorry my guy had not problem at all. Take a look at the Eastman forum. I dont recall this being a problem.
  11. nlopez

    Guild or Eastman? 335-style quandary

    Like you said, the Kents weren't bad clean, but I found they got muddy real fast. The Seths have better cleans and no mud at all.
  12. nlopez

    Guild or Eastman? 335-style quandary

    Seth Lover were a HUGE improvement on mine.
  13. nlopez

    Rush's Red Barchetta isolated guitar track

    During a boy scout summer camp in Arkansas I had to take a scout and his dad to an urgent care to get a broken finger mended. On the way back Waze took us through this Idyllic two lane country route. Up coming was a small bridge. I said , "hold ON" and put in Red Barchetta. The dad and I were...
  14. nlopez

    Rush's Red Barchetta isolated guitar track

    the isolated bass is phenomenal too.
  15. nlopez

    Isn't it about time we had a serious conversation about Blondie?

    When I was a kid, raised on hard rock. , I always thought Chris Stein and Clem Burke were VERY cool! Very influential!
  16. nlopez

    Players with the best use of the Tremolo.

    For all of you that say Beck over uses it , I would agree. But then again , there is Where Were You.
  17. nlopez

    BMF effects pedals -- any good?

    I love his Wah! Can't decide what to get next!
  18. nlopez

    Another Rush Thread

    2112, like MP is such a milestone. That said, I would go with Hemi Kings 2112
  19. nlopez

    Maestro Phase Shifter Fans!

    i bought it cold when I saw it in another thread. I got it to scratch the All the World's a Stage itch. Works for me!
  20. nlopez

    Going to try a Wah, want a good one...

    Just got a BMF yesterday. I love it
  21. nlopez

    Lifeson - All The Worlds A Stage

    Ah yes! And I still miss that pop I heard in the middle of the "In the End "solo! Where is that LP now?!!!
  22. nlopez

    Walker & Williams GB-162 Bourbon Brown Padded Guitar Strap. Review.

    I have 4 from them! They are the best!
  23. nlopez

    Let's talk about Scorpions' Still Loving You

    Glad someone finally mentioned Lady Starlight!
  24. nlopez

    Carol King - Tapestry

    I am 56 . It was all on AM radio when I was a kid. Around 25 years ago, I was in a Borders Books and it was the first time I heard her recording of "Will you Still Love Me Tomorrow" I was stunned by "her" version of it. It really had an impacted on me and immediately bought the CD. Her voice...
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