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  1. bugzapper

    The live stuff on the 40th anniv. edition of Moving Pictures . . .

    is killer! 1981, in Toronto. Great set list. I love Exit . . . Stage Left. By comparison, this one is a bit more raw. Without listening to them side-by-side, I'd say this one has less reverb. From what I've read, this is the first official release of this particular gig. Even if, say...
  2. bugzapper

    How do I widen scringo to get rid of scrongly tone and add bonkle?

    This is exactly what I've been trying to achieve on my quest for tone. I know I have to turn a knob, but which one and on what gizmo? Bonkle is where it's at for good tone. Truth.
  3. bugzapper

    If you dig Goose, this just happened . . .

    Two very good sets from just a bit earlier this evening!
  4. bugzapper

    Amplitube Mesa Boogie 2!

    Imagine many people will be stoked for this . . . Amplitube Mesa Boogie 2
  5. bugzapper

    Scam targeting musicians

    Good grief, this is a hell of scam being pulled on musicians by a well-known journalist. Benn Jordan, who tells the story, fell for the scam, admits it, and does not seem to be looking for legal redress (he signed a contract that he shouldn't have). But he also makes a powerful case that he and...
  6. bugzapper

    New Steve Vai single, "Little Pretty"---I dig it!

    Yes! I dig it! New album out January 28th!
  7. bugzapper

    Grohl/Kurstin--Hanukkah sessions are back!

    Beware! You probably don't want to have the volume too high. But you don't want to miss it!
  8. bugzapper

    PSA: IK group buy is looking very good--not much time left

    IK group buy counter Many of you probably already know how this works. The deal, in a nutshell, is this: Buy one qualifying IK product, and choose more qualifying products (of equivalent or lesser price) free, depending on how many people get in on the group buy. The more people who take part...
  9. bugzapper

    Free plug-in--Nembrini Clon Minotaur

    Not affiliated . . . Haven't tried it yet. . . But, hmmm, this certainly looks cool! Free Nembrini Clon Minotaur
  10. bugzapper

    Another new track from Wolfgang

  11. bugzapper

    Knappsack cover -- That didn't take long . . .

    Here's a kid covering Vai's one-handed extravaganza, what?, one week after it came out. I guess I shouldn't be shocked. The kid does a very good job, but he's, perhaps, not quite at Vai-level of left-hand refinement, since it looks like he's controlling extraneous noise in some sections by...
  12. bugzapper

    Here comes a new Julian Lage album! Squint out June 11

    Titled Squint, it comes out June 11. This is first released track: His last three trio albums have been so good, that I can't help but look forward a lot to this one.
  13. bugzapper

    Free Amplitube Soldano sim

    This is a good one--and, it's free! No, unfortunately for me, I've never played a real Soldano. Yes, I've used some other Soldano sims. They're good, too. This one, IMO, is excellent for crisp, aggressive rhythm playing, among other things.
  14. bugzapper

    Audio Assault new amp sims

    What was supposed to be Grind Machine III has been renamed ReAmp Studio, and it has been vastly expanded. It involves plenty of metal amp models, along with a lot of other stuff. Worth a look, IMO.
  15. bugzapper

    PSA for Satriani fans who use Apple Music re: Shapeshifting

    Joe's new album, Shapeshifting, is out today, April 10. If you're having trouble finding it in Apple Music, go to "Browse," type in "Shapeshifting," and you'll find the whole album. To my surprise, it didn't appear among the featured new releases in iTunes, and I couldn't get more than the two...
  16. bugzapper

    A timely and relevant music video featuring slide guitar . . .

    Make sure you watch enough to see what object is used as a slide.
  17. bugzapper

    People Mover--the new Scott Henderson album is here!

    The new Scott Henderson album is here, as of July 1. My first impression is that it is very, very good. Filthy fuzztones on jazz tunes and a nice, spacious mix. . . .
  18. bugzapper

    Buddy Guy profiled in the New Yorker

    An insightful profile by David Remnick: And, a cool playlist of Guy's inspirations and performances:
  19. bugzapper

    New Julian Lage album is out! Love may hurt . . .

    but listening to this album most certainly does not. (Or, if it does, in a good way!) Over his last bunch of releases, Julian Lage's music has been consistently and remarkably good!
  20. bugzapper

    Very cool! Thermionik successor is in the works!

    Kazrog Thermionik is on my personal short list of amp sim plug-ins I dig, so it's happily interesting to see that Shane McFee is up to something new in the amp sim realm. The sounds Shane demonstrates in the video below are all in the metal family, and his currently available work is already...
  21. bugzapper

    Amplitube Slash Marshalls updated!

    Those who already own Amplitube Slash get the update free. Very much interested because, for a while, the JCM Slash was my favorite amp model.
  22. bugzapper

    Alex Lifeson takes a nice little solo on Cinammon Girl

    Check it out, everyone . . . Alex takes the main solo, plays more than one note, does not overplay, and sounds like himself! There are things about this performance I don't love, but Alex Lifeson overcomes them.
  23. bugzapper

    Cherry Blossoms -- the latest from Joe Satriani

    More cool-sounding new music from What Happens Next! Joe is one of my longtime favorites, and I always look forward to new music from him.
  24. bugzapper

    Buckethead live --- recently and with a live rhythm section!

    Good to see recent video of Buckethead, given the recent talk of his health scares. Especially good to see him with a live rhythm section! Some serious lunacy here! Dig how raw his tone is, and how crazy his use of effects is, and how amazing his time and picking are!
  25. bugzapper

    ECM catalog is now available on streaming services

    Tons of great stuff is now accessible on Apple Music, Spotify, etc. It's worth looking at what ECM has to say about its move to streaming: There's a part of me that has been quietly cheering the holdouts. Payment from streaming...
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