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  1. hpharley90

    dirt for 5e3

    my 5e3 clone tweed deluxe has a clean tone that I love. I use the high sensitivity input and can not get to much dirt out of it. Is there pedals that work very well with 5e3 circuit? Any suggestion? i'm looking for some break up at slightly lower amp volume.
  2. hpharley90

    Left 5e3 on overnight

    So I left my mojotone 5e3 that I put together on all night still plugged into guitar. It used to be dead quiet when just idling (no guitar signal). Now there is a loud audible hum without any signal. Can anyone with knowledge tell me where to look to fix. One other thing when I found It on...
  3. hpharley90

    FS Suhr PT15

    Amp is in perfect condition. Comes in original box with switch,power cord and trs cable and cover. $1800.00 CASH. no trades. Or best offer. ship to lower 48 S
  4. hpharley90

    sub woofer issue

    I have a Yamaha RX-V381 that replaced a Onkyo and both amps using the same JBL 12 facing down sub woofer. The sub is 27 years old 8 months ago. It was working as normal with new Yamaha and then some times it wouldn't come on till I turned volume up to boost signal. Until it just stopped working...
  5. hpharley90

    les paul vintage or custom shop pick up rings

    I like the look of the vintage pickup rings because their taller than what i have on my USA les paul. So I bought a set and watched the Dan Erlewine video on how to make them fit. The video is missing what i want to see. He just glosses over it. Now I can't believe that Gibson does this to all...
  6. hpharley90

    swapping Celestion for EVM12L

    Are the mounting bolt circles the same on these speakers? The EV's bolt circle is 11.56" but I can't find for Celestion.
  7. hpharley90

    pickup covers.

    Will a Gibson pickup cover from my classic 57+ fit a seymour duncan jb? I don't know what the screws center to center distance is but I see that duncan screws are smaller diameter than gibson.
  8. hpharley90

    10 band eq

    I bought a boss eq pedal awhile back but the hiss from it was unacceptable. I returned it imeaditly. So I ask is the MXR 10 band eq hissy or noisy before I buy one? Thanks
  9. hpharley90

    another speaker recommend thread 5e3

    I have a mojotone 5e3 kit that I out together during pandemic and I like to run my naga viper into it but through the Jensen C12Q speaker it sounds like crap. Even without naga viper I don't like speaker. So I ran the amp into my 2x12 with a V30 and G12H30 closed back cab and It sounds very good...
  10. hpharley90

    Suhr customer service

    So I got my Suhr pt15 about 8 weeks ago and was playing through the blue channel with it turned up abit on gain and volume. I was playing my melody maker with a p90 through a 2x12 and a very high pitch squeal came through speakers. I never heard it before. It scared me because I did not have a...
  11. hpharley90

    m-audio powered monitors

    Is any body here using this brand? the BX8 model? Do you like them? Any comments?
  12. hpharley90

    guitar necks

    I'm looking to branch out to a different brand guitar that I have been playing...I'm looking at the Charvel guitars and Suhr guitars. I'm looking to buy used.. I have only played both my Gibson's with the 60's slim taper style neck for an extended amount of time and I like the neck and am...
  13. hpharley90

    NAD Suhr PT15

    So I bought my PT 15 for a very reasonable sum from a great seller in the emporium. I have had it about 2 weeks and am completely happy. I already had Suhr RL so I just needed amp. The amount of range all tone knobs have amazes me. Clean channel is stellar and the both over drives channels are...
  14. hpharley90

    Sold my Marshall combo

    I sold my 1983 2204 Canadian export and my 1960a all greenback cab. For what I do and where I live it was too much amp. But boy did it punch and sound great!! I had to move on and am in a honeymoon stage with my Suhr PT15. It is a keeper for me though. No sellers remorse at all.
  15. hpharley90

    Suhr pt15

    I just picked from the emporium the pt15. I don't know what year it is. I forgot to ask. Does the serial number tell?
  16. hpharley90

    Suhr reactive load

    So I have the reactive load and according to manual if I plug my speaker cable into the thru jack it is supposed to disable reactive load. Well mine doesn't. I have reactive load connected to my Focusrite 2i2 and thru to my speaker cab. I get sound thru to my speaker cab and the light on my...
  17. hpharley90

    Marshall SV20h DI question

    How is the quality of the DI? I'll be getting my head this week. I'm getting the iron man mini II also. I plan on turning amp up to the sweet spot and have iron man keep volume tamed a bit but am hoping that DI into my DAW is pretty much same tone but no decibel drop. Will this work?
  18. hpharley90

    Jumpering channels on 4 hole Marshall's

    I want to buy a short plug to jumper but the ones I see on line are pedal patch cables but are much longer than the ones I see people using in there 4 holers. Where can I get the very short ones I see or do I have to try and make one?
  19. hpharley90

    avatar traditional 212

    As it says in subject about 212. It has a g12h30 and a vintage 30 installed. Closed back and standing vertical. How will a marshall sv20h sound through those speakers? Pretty good Good Greenbacks would be better Not good Suck
  20. hpharley90

    cleaning studio monitor speakers of dust

    What is the best way to clean the accumulated dust I have on the exposed 8 inch studio monitor speakers. I just licked my finger and rubbed near the foam rubber and saw how dusty they are.
  21. hpharley90

    mojotone 5e3 issue

    Last night I was playing through amp. Everything was fine. I turn it on today and it just hummed on bright channel . I touch tip of guitar cable and no reaction at all. But plugged into normal channel it works. I shut amp down and pull back cover off and proceed to test voltages on board...
  22. hpharley90

    fender deluxe handle

    So I have had my Mojotone 5e3 combo for a few weeks now. I took it to a friends house to do some jamming with a drummer. To get up to the practise space I'm carrying my guitar in one hand and the combo in my other. I am wondering if the handle on the combo is robust enough for me not to worry if...
  23. hpharley90

    mojotone 5e3 kit complete

    Got my build kit today. I hope i didn't bite off more than I can chew. Why are wires twisted? Do i really need an amp assembly stand?
  24. hpharley90

    mojotone 5e3

    I called Mojotone today to buy the 5e3 while its on spring sale. Ozzy told me that there closing for 30 days. He told me try 1st week of May and Ill still get sale price.
  25. hpharley90

    lil Dawg amps

    Does LiL Dawg amps have a website? I do a search and I get a link for a facebook page. I dont do facebook so im looking for a website
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