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    Excessive or OK internal voltages in 2203x after pulling two output tubes?

    Thought I’d ask here since due to local COVID lockdown it looks like I won’t be able to drop my amp with a tech for a while yet. What I’d like to know is whether I’m skating on thin ice by playing my 2203x without re-biasing after pulling 2 of the 4 EL34s. It sounds fantastic and I’m having...
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    Possible to build an 8ohm out Super or Vibrolux Reverb?

    Thinking of getting one of these, but would like to be able to use it for recording using a Suhr Reactive Load as well, which requires an 8 ohm speaker out. Is this as simple as using a different OT, or is this something that flies back through most of the circuit?
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    Can somebody with a MIM Charvel Pro-Mod and calipers measure the neck thickness for me?

    I'm planning to build a Charvel Socal type Strat using Musikraft parts. The neck profile and thickness of my MIM Charvel Pro-Mod Socal is exactly what I'd like to spec, but trying to measure the neck thickness at first fret and heel by eyeballing it using a normal ruler is pretty inaccurate...
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    Can a JCM800 be 'house broken' by adding a PPIMV and suitably tapered master vol pot?

    Compared to modern smooth tapered master volumes, JCM800s seem to be in a brittle, thin, austere kind of mood until the volume is above a fairly loud point (for home use). But having had a JMP with PPIMV which worked surprisingly well, I'm wondering whether adding one of those to an 800 might...
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    Charvel SoCal Pro Mod aftermarket body - recommendations?

    I'm loving my MIM Charvel pro mod SoCal but am thinking of trying out a light weight alder or maybe ash body. Any particular parts manufacturers you'd recommend who 'know' Charvels and are likely to get the neck pocket/Floyd cavities right and provide an accurate straight swap for a MIM...
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    Can I reasonably turn my Deluxe Reverb clone into a Victorilux?

    Given the description of a Victoria Victorilux usually is 'halfway between a Deluxe (Reverb?) and Super Reverb', I'm wondering if there's some tweaking that can be done to my PTP DR clone to give it more of that compressed/warm/beautiful sound the Victorilux has. I don't know if that 'halfway'...
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    Deep Purple's latest

    Got the fairly new 'Now What?' album a few days ago and have been listening to it on high repeat. Mystified about the 'meh' reviews here. I'd give it a listen before believing the 'too much keyboard, no guitars' comments. It sounds noticably more like the classic early seventies...
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    Other bands like OSI?

    The Isis thread here makes me think I might get some good suggestions. I like Isis and most of the 'atmospheric metal' listed there, but the gutteral screamo vocals are not my bag. OSI hit the sweet spot for me regarding vocals, atmosphere and rifferama. I'm not that familiar with the...
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    Can anybody ID this song from Pete Thorn's Badger 30 clip?

    He plays what sounds like a riff from a song around 8:58 -9:08. It sounds maddeningly familiar but I can't place it. Anybody know? Clip not showing?
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    Can anybody ID this 12AX7?

    The 12AX7 in the pics below sounds fantastic in my SLO's V1 slot. I spent a few hours this weekend trying out different tubes and this one came out on top by a noticable margin. Problem is I have no idea of what it is, but would love to know so I can get a few more of the same. It looks...
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    So what happens when the master volume pot on a 100W amp fails?

    To rephrase my question in short form - when a volume pot fails, is the default result no volume at all, or maximum volume? I can imagine that a 100W bedroom amp could create quite a bit of domestic havoc if it's the latter.
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    SLO transformer vibration

    Just took delivery of a 2008 SLO. Seems to work perfectly, but there's a noticeable vibration coming through the front control panel whenever the power is turned on - feels like the right kind of high-strung vibration you'd get from mains power. I assume it's caused by the power transformer...
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    Soldano question

    I had an opportunity to A/B a SLO and HR50+ last week. At quiet to medium volume it sounded to me like the SLO had a slightly more unusual 'glassy' late 80's tone - almost like there was some post-production thrown in - while the HR was a little more hot-rodded Marshall - not quite as much...
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    Help with Fender Prosonic head tube positions

    Does anybody know what the various pre-amp tube positions are in a Fender Prosonic head (the older Zinky designed head, i.e. not the SuperSonic)? Thanks in advance. Took a photo for reference but find I can't post attachments, alas.
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    Anybody know an Australian amp tech for hotrodding a plexi?

    I have a '79 Marshall JMP converted to plexi specs with a Metro '68 plexi board installed. Also has the Lar-Mar PPI Master Vol mod installed. If I lived in the States I'd send it to Mark at Rockstah or Friedman or one of the other well-known names for modding it with an extra gain stage towards...
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    Safe to open and work on a solid state amp?

    I know that tube amps retain high voltages and therefore don't mess with them myself. Are solid state amps OK to open up without risk though? Reason I ask is a friend has an old Yamaha solid state amp with an intermittent input jack. I'm handy enough with a soldering iron to install pickups or...
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    Current JCM800 reissue - no love?

    Given all the 800 love, it seems a bit weird that nobody ever mentions the current production JCM800 head in Marshall's lineup. Having owned an original years ago and played a few other originals lately, almost all with assorted noises, scratchy pots and almost no volume taper other than...
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    Recommend me some 10" speakers for Deluxe Reverb

    ...please. I have a nice PTP '65 Deluxe Reverb replica that I'd like to convert to a 2x10 format. Basically, I'd like to see if 2 speakers will give me a better 'blank slate' for distortion pedals than the fat warm 50W Weber 12F150 in it right now. Currently it sounds absolutely fantastic with...
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    Brownface or Blackface amp for plugging distortion pedals into?

    Looking at another Fender reverb amp, and wonder if a '63 Vibroverb replica would work as well to plug distortion/fuzz pedals into (a la Mudhoney etc) as the old Blackface TR and SR I used to have. I spent a few moments with a Vibroverb clone and at polite shop volume it sounded somewhat...
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