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  1. gravy

    Favorite slide

    sell me what works for you. TIA!
  2. gravy

    Mosrite style

    any makers doing a mosrite/univox hi flyer model build?
  3. gravy

    Mosrite style guitars

    saw a vid of a Mexican shoegaze band using a guitar that is Mosrite inspired but different brand, also had a mastery vibrato bar - anyone?
  4. gravy

    Gretsch supertrons

    Which Gretsch models came with these? Anyone play a supertron? How do these compare to other Gretsch styles
  5. gravy

    Vox Delaylab anyone?

    have had people mention this to me as worthwhile, anyone care to offer an opinion? TIA
  6. gravy

    Live looper

    for noise and weirdness in between songs on stage.
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    Rola amp anyone?

    just seeing they have a 40wt model coming out that looks promising. Anyone playing a Rola?
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    Sound got darker and dirtier...

    on my old Supro Big Star, almost sounds like a distortion pedal. Should I be checking the power tubes or the rectifier tube or?
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    Anyone put their wah pedal last?

    No Kirk Hammet comments please :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:,
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    Pedaltrain backpack?

    anyone have any first hand pros/cons?
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    Distortion from Scarab deluxe

    is really working well for me on one of my boards/amp. Amp is an old 6L6 Supro. My other rig is a tweed deluxe that I have used the scarab with as well so I could pick up another and be set but thought I would see what other pedals you have found that works for you. I especially like to starve...
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    Soft amp covers...

    Needing a soft cover or 2 for some amps out of the rotation in storage, what do y`all like?
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    Mono Bag free with pedalboard?

    https://monocreators.com/?utm_campaign=Pair-Off+2018+Holiday+Pedalboard+Promotion-ROL+%28PsjAZN%29&utm_medium=email&_ke=eyJrbF9lbWFpbCI6ICJnYXJ5LnRob3JzdGVuc2VuQGdtYWlsLmNvbSIsICJrbF9jb21wYW55X2lkIjogIkxhY21IaCJ9&utm_source=MO+Blog+Newsletter anyone?
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    Talk me into or out of grabbing a `65 Showman head

    possibly trading a mesa head that has been an awkward stepchild. TIA
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    One spot question

    Only using 4 of the power taps, is it ok to just leave the rest unconnected as they are or?
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    Mono M80 users question...

    I always carry my fender bolt on style guitars with my M80 and love it, I just got a set neck semi hollow style and wondering if I should do the same with it? TIA!
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    Pics of satellite type boards beside your main board

    you know, the one that might have the weirder or less used effects that you may or may not use everytime or maybe just record with
  18. gravy

    Aclam pedal boards anyone???

    looking for any user`s experience on these. have the original PT-1 and just looking for what`s out there besides PT. TIA!
  19. gravy

    Power supply for Pedaltrain mini

    what do you use that fits without mods preferably underneath. Thanks in advance!
  20. gravy

    obscura/reverse fans

    Was just in the studio and came up with a killer reverse part using the obscura, want to use similar live but output on the reverse mode is pretty weak - possible with the obscura or find a diff pedal? Great pedal esp the tape mode! TIA
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    COT50 lil china died>>>>

    what is obtainable to come close as a replacement? Thx in advance for any replies!
  22. gravy

    Autolux gear info???

    Amazing sounds, any info appreciated!
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    Mid Gain type drive/distortion pedals for a Jazzmaster

    cleans and fuzz covered - need some dynamic type grit that plays well with a jazzmaster. what do you use?
  24. gravy

    reverb before everything else?