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    CV Telecaster vs. Baja Telecaster? A huge step up?

    So I'm considering the Baja. I really like my CV Butterscotch Tele, but I keep looking at these Baja's thinking I wouldn't have that nagging issue I have with the CV. It's SO bright on the Bridge unless I crank down the tone knob. Also get greater tonal capabilities? I don't know. I...
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    Say I'm looking for a thick flame'd LP?

    Been looking for some time. Would love a looker. On the lines of this: Any particular dealers that might be able to shove one of these things my way? I'm coming up on a big birthday, and am looking pretty hard. I know some dealers work specifically in these realms...but struggling to...
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    If you would change ONE thing about your CV Tele...

    It would be...? I'm thinking pickups (lollars). They're too depending upon amp settings to be flexible. Seems a delicate balance between too muddy on neck, and too spiky on bridge. Not that I don't love the damn thing, but a mild itch to make it more malleable seems like it's in my...
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    I am SO torn...dammit. 59' reish.

    I've played this damn thing (owned by a friend) for the last 2 weeks. I looks awesome. Sometimes I love the tone, but other times, it's just so damn BRIGHT that it makes me nuts. The way they taper the volume pots to have more action 10 thru 7 is more of an adjustment than I like. A detail...
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    Keep/Sell 60's Trib SG.

    I'm torn on this. I LIKE the guitar, just don't love it. It follows a very specific type of tone that I really like, but don't play that often. Thus, it gets played roughly 4th in line with LP', Tele, Strat... It does make me feel a little guilty seeing on the wall, and unused. It's a...
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    Gibby question: COA content.

    So, since I have a big birthday coming up, I am authorized for a large purchase. I'm thinking something sexy from Wildwood such as a LP 59' reish, or one of the 'Wildwood Spec' jobbies. However, a buddy of mine has a 59' reish that he 'just doesn't play', and I have 1st shot at it...
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    12 String Needed!

    Like a decent 12 string. I see reasonable prices around the web, but would like some pluggable capability (optional), but really quality stuff is required. Had a Takamine years ago, and foolishly lost it...somewhere. Suggestions? R
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    Opinions: CV PUP Upgrade Tele or Strat?

    I have a choice. I've decided to upgrade to Lollars on either my CV 60's Strat OR the CV Butterscotch 50's Tele. I like the way each plays (make that love), but have mild issues with the pups at times. (I can dial it out yes, and it still sounds pretty damn good, but want to try this...)...
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    NGD CV Tele Butterscotch.

    Bought another one. I foolishly sold my 1st off to someone who wanted a beater guitar...borrowed it back, and realized just how much I DIG these. Butterscotch. Here in 2 days. Immediately put .10's on it. The fret work is excellent, there are no flaws in the finish, plays like something...
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    It's time...Most overrated guitar.

    Curious about this. We all have such diverse leanings, but might see some agreement. Ground rules: I'm talking REPUTATION. Tone is a subjective area, and even the crappiest sounding guitar seems to find a place somewhere in recordings. I'll start: PRS. I know it has kind of a cult...
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    Fender Standard Telecaster vs. Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster

    Opinions? The Classic Vibes are coming up in price, and for an extra $50 these days you can get the Standard Tele. Anyone who's owned both who can chip in on this? (Please no 'One's made in China, one in Mexico!' noise...) I lean towards the CV, because I've owned 2 of them, and for...
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    Not sure why, but I bought a 60's Tribute SG.

    With P90's. What was I thinking? I guess after the fact I should get opinions. But the deed is done...mailing tomorrow. R
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    Confessions from changing your 'style' or 'Pain personified'.

    Okay. I've plateaued. I don't like my tone, my flatpicking sucks, my strumming and rhythm playing is increasingly irritating me. I'm changing my game. I've decided (or discovered) that many problems exist in my picking style and the way I hold the pick. Coordination between the two is...
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    Wax potting time! Advice?

    My Edward's LP has a pretty bad squealing issue. This weekend I was able to borrow a friends Black Beauty reish (which was AWESOME...but another thread...) and I was whipping through lovely blooming feedback. I plug in the Edward's, and it was piggy central (especially with my hand over the...
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    Which Classic Vibe Telecaster?

    I need a Tele. I'm looking at the Classic Vibe's, and will upgrade PUP's etc (if I need to). Seems I have some options here tho and need opinions. -Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom, 3 Tone Sunburst -Classic Vibe Telecaster 50's, Vintage Blonde -Classic Vibe Telecaster Thinline, Natural...
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    Not getting it. 58' and 59' Custom LP Content.

    So what exactly is the difference in between these 2. I'm looking at WildWood's site, and see very little difference outside of a $2000 + price difference. Backstory: Played a '59 reish at GC the other day, and it was the sound I heard in my head...zowie. But I don't WANNA pay $5k. EP
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    Edwards LP has the 'squealies'.

    Loved my Edwards LP since day 1. Edwards LP, Jimmy Page wiring (coil tap on both volumes, phase switch on tones.) Have a problem with squealing on higher gain patches. I'm okay in Plexi range, but go to JCM800 and brighter patches, and SQUEAL (like a pig...natch) I figure it's a shielding...
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    Classic Vibe bridge adjustment Allen Wrench?

    I've lost this damn thing, and the guitar is starting to settle. Action needs to be adjusted...badly. Mine is gone in the wind, but of course nothing I have fits. Anyone have an idea of what size this is? I don't want to fumble around the tool joint... EP
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    The only thing I don't like about CV Strat...

    Is the bridge pickup. Without a tone control on it, it just seems SO ice picky and thin that I'm having a hard time getting usable stuff on neck pickups if I back off treble response. Everything else sounds great. Outside of that position, I've been going to the middle PUP with a drive...
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    Opinions? Classic Vibe Telecaster?

    I am looking for a 3rd guitar. Have the LP, the Strat, but would like a 'third wheel'. I'm really only spending about $300 and change, but would like a decent, functional Tele. I'm open to other suggestions for guitars. I might entertain something P90, or something else that doesn't have...
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    $700 to spend. What SC do I get?

    Finally budgeted $700 for another guitar. I'm pretty well set for Humbuckers, but would like something single coil or P90 I'm thinking. I keep telling myself that I need a Strat, but every time I play one, most just don't thrill me. I've played a few that I've liked (seem to understand...
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    Price check! Yamaha SG2000

    What are these things getting? I played one in a local mom and pop. 1978, excellent condition, asking $1275.00. Played great, sounded EXCELLENT through an old Mesa... Tell me, bwana.
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    Joe Bonamassa question. Pick content.

    I'm a bit late to this JB party. The straight up blues stuff is very good, but Sloe Gin hit me just right....this guy is a monster. His blues phrasing is more original than anything I've heard in the last 10 years. Doesn't hurt that he plays LP's. His tone is what I'm shooting for... Um, on...
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    Interesting Dean Situation. Opinions needed.

    About a month ago, I sold my Black Dean Cadillac to someone in NY. He's had it for awhile, but I get an email from him: 'I've taken it to a qualified tech, and he sais the Truss Rod is completely blown...it spins without any purchase at all'. He tells me that he's contacted Dean, and it...
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    $400.00 Strat or Tele?

    I've freed up some cash even after a cabinet(s) purchase. I've wanted a decent Strat or Tele, but I STILL can't decide. Price point is $400 (might be able to lean on that a *leetle*) I liked the Baja Tele's quite a bit, but struggle with a Strat that I bond with (LP guy that I am...)...