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  1. kyolic

    Helix Litigator = Eargasm (clip inside)

    I love this amp.
  2. kyolic

    It is 2022 and this still has not been solved?!

    There is no pickup which can provide both "exact" single coil sound and "exact" humbucker sound at player's discretion, by means of coil splitting. All they can do is something "close". Heck close, I need it to sound exactly as a single coil and a humbcuker at my choice, and still not...
  3. kyolic

    A question about Lace Sensor Dually pickups

    My understanding is that these are humbuckers consisting of two separate single coils which can be operated singly, in series or in parallel with push-pull pots. So in this case, when you operate only one coil (let's say north), you get the "exact" single coil sound and when you operate two...
  4. kyolic

    I need an uncarved neck

    I have a Jackson Phil Collen Archtop which I have been playing for 30 years and I am in love with the neck of that guitar. Lately I am in search of a new guitar just for a different taste. I tried many (I mean real many) ones in several music stores but none of them had a neck that really...
  5. kyolic

    Metallurgy MOO)))N Clip

    This is a great amp. :)
  6. kyolic

    Line 6 Ventoux Clip

    I like this amp. :cool:
  7. kyolic

    Some Marshall Roar (Helix Native)

    For those who think Helix Marshalls are not so spot on.
  8. kyolic

    Finally I am %100 happy with my tone

    Well, for me a perfect must be huge, balanced, punchy, articulate and yet free of any harshness. I am a simple guy. :) I think I am finally there with Helix Native (Plexi 50 Nrm Channel - A mix of OH IRs): Please forgive the playing. I am not a fusion player by any means. Just liked the...
  9. kyolic

    Badly obsessed with Helix ÷13 JRT 915

    I can't get enough of it! :)
  10. kyolic

    You gotta love Helix ÷13 JRT 9/15

    Don't you?
  11. kyolic

    Helix Native 3.1 BE-100 (Placater Dirty) Clip

    Just too good to be true. (cab is Ownhammer (r)Evolution Debut Bundle - 412 TRAD)
  12. kyolic

    Helix is easy mod now with 3.1 update

    Well before 3.1 I was able to get the exact tone I want out of Helix Native -yet, it took a decent amount of tweaking before I got there. With 3.1 though, it is almost ready when I pick an amp. It takes me less than 30 seconds to tweak it to sound the way I exactly want. I don't own an Axe FX...
  13. kyolic

    Radiation impedance with respect to voice coil temperature

    Something that must be taken into consideration for the best sounding Cab IRs: :)
  14. kyolic

    Helix Native Roland Jazz Chorus Clip

    Ain't no tubes in it but still kicks ass! Sorry for the f*ck ups here and there, a bit drunk! :D
  15. kyolic

    Doesn't get better than this!

    This is Helix Native Divided Duo (÷13 JRT 9/15) through Ownhammer (r)Evolution Debut Bundle 412 TRAD and 412 ORNG, in parallel.
  16. kyolic

    Helix Friedman BE-100, amazing accuracy with a York Audio IR

    Ok this is the BE-100 sound being referred as the "real deal": And this is Helix through a York Audio IR replicating it (first part is Phil and the second part is Helix): Player in the second part of the above clip is York Audio. I just applied tone matching with Izotope Ozone 9 Match...
  17. kyolic

    Ideal EQ Curve for gain tones experiment with clips

    Ok this is Helix Native through Mikko Cab Sim Vst: Average curve thereof measured with Voxengo Span: Now this is the exact same clip with the ideal curve, created by inserting FabFilter ProQ 3 Vst plugin (linear phase at maximum) right after Mikko: Curve thereof: When you listen...
  18. kyolic

    I need a wiring diagram

    On my guitar, I have a JB Junior on the neck and two push pull pots (1 volume - 1 tone). I need one push pull pot to switch the pickup between series-parallel and the other one to switch it between humbucker-single coil. I searched on the internet however wasn't able to find a diagram for...
  19. kyolic

    My Dumble attempt with Helix Hative

    Well everyone has a Dumble sound in their mind. Here is mine. Edit: Hative word in the title is just a typo, no pun intended. I love my Helix Native.
  20. kyolic

    XLR to guitar jack wiring

    I am buying a Behringer UMC204HD audio interface soon and it has XLR inputs: So is this the right and optimal wiring diagram for connecting the guitar to an XLR input, provided that a mono cable is used?
  21. kyolic

    Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD... Should I buy one?

    My emu0404 pci sound card just died yesterday! :( I am a bit on a low budget and read that people are happy with their Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD USB sound cards. This product uses Midas Preamps which are known for their high quality. So what do you think, should I buy one?
  22. kyolic

    Using an equalizer right after the amp block is cheating?

    As we all know this is not applicable in real life but in the modelling world it is just a matter of a mouse click. I am a Helix Native user and I do this all the time for the final sculpturing of the amp to my taste. Should I feel guilty doing this? :) Joking aside, do you find yourself using...
  23. kyolic

    Finally having fun

    With Helix Native through Mikko. :)
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