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    Is Strymon working on a Mulit Effects pedal (pic inside)?

    Multi-modulation? Where are my photoshop experts at?
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    NGD!: (GALANTI Grand Prix content)

    UPS just delivered this beauty. This thing looks killer and it has definitely been a player over the years (it's a mid-late 60's model). Looking forward to plugging it in tonight (currently at work :() and maybe I'll get some better pics when I get a chance. You don't see many of these...
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    Good price for Gibson ES350?

    Hey guys. A buddy of mine has all of a sudden gotten on this kick of trying to find some nice guitars for cheap (see previous thread) and he doesn't even play guitar. He went to an Estate Sale yesterday in a really upscale neighborhood (hence "Estate Sale" not "eviction" :D), and asked if they...
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    Vintage Gibson J-50?

    Hey Guys A buddy of mine is working on a trade of sorts and knows nothing of guitars. The guy he is working with wants to trade, what he says is a "1956 Gibson Acoustic". My buddy sent me a couple of photos hoping that I could ID it but he didn't get the serial number and, as you can see...
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    N(to me)AD! Morgan RV35 combo!

    Hey guys Totally stoked about getting an RV35 I just picked up out of the Emporium. I have read quite a few threads and seen videos showcasing the tones that come out of this monster and really look forward to getting some play time into it. One question I still have that I couldn't find an...
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    Good news for all the air travelling musicians out there.

    Congress finally passed a bill standardizing musical instrument storage. LINK excerpt...
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    Jet City 2112RC vs. Bugera V22

    So, I need a decent, small amp to leave at my band's practice space so I don't have to lug around my Club Royale 2x12 combo. I have narrowed it down to these 2 and i am looking for YOUR advice if you have used either or both (preferably both but that might be a stretch). Both are similar in...
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    If you like Indie/Pop Rock, check out a few tracks from my band's upcoming 1st album

    Hey TGP. Just thought I would throw this out there for your listening pleasure. My band's name is Vipers And Adders and we are releasing our first album, Return To Light, next week and are really excited. Here is one of the tracks... http://soundcloud.com/vipers-and-adders/missing You can...
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    Gibson guitar archives?

    Does anyone know of a website out there that archives how many guitars were made by Gibson each year? More specifically, I am trying to find out how many Les Paul double cut standards were manufactured 1998 in the Jalapeno Green finish. If there is no such thing, is there a possibly a book...
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    Metal backs for Boss pedals

    Where do you find them? Google has not been helpful. Thanks.
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    Hi Everybody!

    I have made myself known already over in the TopHat Love thread. I like candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach. I have been playing for about 15 years now and look forward to learning alot from you guys.