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    Which amp would you get? Dr. Z 30 watt wreck combo or the Friedman runt 50 combo ?

    I play rock, blues jazz fusion

    The Z-Wreck Jr. is Coming!

    I’m looking at this amp and a Friedman amp

    The Z-Wreck Jr. is Coming!

    same boat

    Time For A New Amp

    this is my next amp. its goregeous

    Mesa Mark series amps... what drive pedals have you found work best?

    for me over the years; -love pedal kanji, it is virtually a 4th channel all its own. in the crunch channel at half drive with the kanji kicked in, it is the guitar tone from " stay with me " ( faces ) -kot. no explanation needed -boiling point. its just very special -skreddy screw driver is the...

    AnalogMan King of Tone: Worth the Hype?

    Yes. I found the two for me years ago. Kot and an older boiling point. I’ve has many, these two ain’t going anywhere.

    Analog Chorus Hunt

    Have you tried the jam pedals waterfall?

    For a strat, what is the best 2-point tremolo system?

    Any thoughts on the hipshot contour ? I saw a video where the bushings were too big for the screws. Is that true? Otherwise it looks cool.

    For a strat, what is the best 2-point tremolo system?

    I have a Fender American deluxe. I wish Callaham made a bridge for this. He makes everything else except the bridge plate. I sent an email about it last week.
  10. MRCHILL4

    KOT landed yesterday

    Congrats! I love mine. It is very real, and shines at stage volume.
  11. MRCHILL4

    Luthier north jersey

    What’s good for Andy is good with me.
  12. MRCHILL4

    Guitar string tension changed overnight

    Too much back bow ?
  13. MRCHILL4

    Guitar string tension changed overnight

    Hey! In all I turned it a quarter turn. Sight down the neck both directions. For me, I saw that my neck was straight as an arrow. The last owner was not into bending strings. I come from a blues rock upbringing, so I bend. Albert king and Albert Collins are my hero’s. So I bend! Don’t be afraid...
  14. MRCHILL4

    Guitar string tension changed overnight

    Agreed. I recently bought a beautiful sunburst deluxe 2005 strat, I’m apparently the third owner. I made two very small truss rod adjustments ( neck too straight ) over the course of three days, raised the action and intonated it. Each day it has improved. Bends are much easier, vibrato is easy...
  15. MRCHILL4

    Locking tuners for Les Paul

    Would these fit on a “go” les Paul ?
  16. MRCHILL4

    Luthier north jersey

    im going with phil. good enough for andy? thats all i need.
  17. MRCHILL4

    Guitar string tension changed overnight

    a tiny truss rod adjustment will do wonders
  18. MRCHILL4

    Anti-GAS Tri-fecta Poll: The longest you've gone NOT buying, selling or trading gear?

    I pretty much have been away from this site since 2012? I recently bought a strat after not buy since then. I’m really wanting a rocket ride asteroid chorus.
  19. MRCHILL4

    Why don’t I like Strats??

    I have the trifecta and all are easy to play. Paul Tele Strat ill Take the tele into any situation.
  20. MRCHILL4

    How a guitar is stored on a daily basis

    Prove it? I can only share my observation over the past 40 years, living at a dozen different locations over my lifetime. Just asking if anyone else noticed it.
  21. MRCHILL4

    Mesa Boogie may just be the best amp company around

    dedicated mk 3 user here.
  22. MRCHILL4

    rocketride asteroid chorus

    do these exist anymore? i know the purple chorus is coming out soon.
  23. MRCHILL4

    Luthier north jersey

    i used andy fuchs for my old mesa, and he endorses phil. thats good with me.
  24. MRCHILL4

    My Treble Booster Journey (cont)

    anyone have experience with the retroman beano?