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    FS Blackstar HT 5 Amplifier FS

    Great condition - shipped in original packaging $340 Shipped and PayPal'd
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    FS Laney LC30 Amplifier FS

    Looks and plays like new. Comes with footswitch 2 Channels FX Loop 12" Eminence Texas Heat speaker Reverb $360 shipped and PayPal'd
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    FS Blackstar HT Club 40 FS

    Looks and plays like new - footswitch - amp cover - shipped in original packaging $440 shipped and PayPal'd
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    FS Electro-Harmonix Epitom3 FS

    MInt condition - fully functional - great price - $200 shipped USPS Priority mail.
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    FS Boss MD-500 FS

    Pretty much brand new in box - I have moved away from complex MIDI pedalboard aspirations and gone back to old school. My loss, your gain. $260 shipped USPS Priority mail.
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    FS FS - Decibel Eleven Switch DR (New, lower price!)

    Excellent condition - 4 loops - 2 switch jacks - 1 expression pedal jack - MIDI in and out - runs off your 9v power supply $100 shipped via USPS Priority Mail and PayPal'd
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    FS FS Good Pedals - Good prices

    All pedals come in original packaging with no velcro unless otherwise stated. Shipping and PayPal fees are included in price - Pedals shipped via USPS Priority Mail - "Signature Required" upon request. I am not looking to trade unless you have an MXR Dyna Comp Deluxe, Xotic BB Preamp, or a...
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    Maybe I already have the best amp....

    Just a thought, sitting up late at night with a few drinks in me.... Been checking out YouTube vids for a few hours now - tube amps - and a lot of great ones out there. But while I watch I have a guitar in hand and noodle around a bit. I know YouTube sound is not the best, but my noodling amps...
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    Who is your favorite pedal demo guy on YouTube?

    This is not about any specific pedal, but instead about the guys on YouTube who demo pedals and thus empty our pockets of any and all coinage. I would put Pete Thorn at the top of my list and following close behind Brett Kingman and of course the guys on That Pedal Show - the Captain, Mick and...
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    What has TGP done for you lately....?

    I am a 50 year old gutarist who discovered TGP only 3-4 years ago - and it has changed everything for me. Before TGP I was pretty much a straight into the amp kind of guy. Nowadays I find inspiration from the multitude of pedals laid out before me, and I find myself exploring a host of classic...
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    retrofitting P-90's into a HB guitar

    I am looking for some sort of ring that allows me to install a P-90 pickup into a guitar routed out for a HB that covers up the hole. Maybe someone here could point me in the right direction - Thanks
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    Vibe VS Phaser - is it really worth the cost???

    I have owned a bunch of phase shifter pedals, but only a couple of "boutique" Univibe pedals, but here is where I am at - the vibes were really, really cool sounding, but so were the phasers. The vibes had more "throb", but that was about the only difference to my ears. So, do you really think...
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    Using OD's into a clean amp... why????

    There are a lot of people here who set their amp up for a clean tone and then use OD pedals for their dirt and higher gain tones. But every time I have tried to run my rig this way I find that the pedal always sounds much better when I crank my amp and it is breaking-up. I have even bought...
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    How has the pursuit of pedals changed your ears???

    I joined this board in 2005 - only 3 years ago. I am 50 years old and have been playing out and getting paid for it since 1974, and until I started hanging out here I was pretty much a guitar-> amp type of guy. Now, 3 1/2 years later, I have been through well over 100 pedals, and enjoy the...
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    The best Eternity yet!

    I recieved my Lovepedal Eternity "E6" a couple of days ago - this is the one with the "Wicked Soul" moniker attatched, and I have to say that (IMO) it is my favoited version of the Eternity yet. It seems a tad brighter than the other 4-5 E's I have owned, and has a little more gain on tap...
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    Where are you at??? GAS question.

    My name (here) is the Gitpicker, and I am a GASoholic. But.... After almost 3 years hanging out here on TGP I have reached a point where my pedalboard has become a constant source of pleasure and not frustration. I like all of my pedals - they sound great and work just the way they should. Of...
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    Using pedals in ways not intended...

    I was hanging out with a fellow player the other day and explaining my pedal board to him (he is pretty much a straight into the amp kinda guy, but I am working on him!). During the course of the discussion, I realized that I use my Eternity mostly as a clean boost for my FAB 50. I turn the gain...
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    Which Teese sounds most like a Budda Wah?

    I have been through a lot of wah pedals lately, and my favorites were the Budda and RMC Picture wahs. The problem with the Budda is that it is not fuzz-friendly, so it had to go. I just picked up a WOF wah, but it is not my thing (look for it to show up soon in the Emporium). So my...
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    Why does someone pay $230 for a Fulltone OCD??

    Somebody help me out here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=280183623680&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=018 Can anyone explain this phenomenon - It seems that it is an early serial #, but... so what!!??!?
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    Lovepedal BBB in da House!

    I just recieved my Black Beauty Balance from Sean Thursday. For those still waiting, I ordered mine June 29th so you can get an idea how close you are getting to recieving yours. Now, concerning the pedal itself - I am one of those players who can't seem to meld with fuzz pedals. I have been...
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    Clean amp w/pedals vs Overdriven amp w/pedals

    After hanging out here for awhile I am still struck by the variety of ways different players will run their rigs. Although there are obviously more ways than one to skin a cat, I have yet to fully appreciate the advantages of running an amp clean, and then using pedals to achieve your...
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    Pedals you have to have, but don't really care about...

    Looking at my pedalboard I have come to a strange and bizzare realization - there are several pedals that I feel I need to have, but that I am not critical about thier performance. Confusing?? Here's an example: Playing in cover bands there are times where delay is both appropriate and/or...
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    10" Speakers That Sound Like a 25-Watt Greenback?

    I am curious whether anyone has found a 10" speaker that can get me into 12" Greenback territory. I replaced the CTS 10's in my Super Reverb with a single Greenback and I dig the tone and I would like to experiment further.
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    COT -> Silver Kiss = Crunchy Goodness

    I am not big on stacking (try singing and trying to kick on 2 pedals at the same time - maybe you are good at it, but I am not!), but while fooling around with my pedalboard I found that the COT -> Silver Kiss is well worth the extra effort. (I should note here that I am actually using a FAB...
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    Lovepedal Angus 45 - Tone for 50 Bones - now on eBay!

    Just picked up a new Lovepedal Angus 45 on eBay - straight from the custom shop - only $58 with shipping - still at least one left - get 'em while they're hot!!