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    The Official Strymon Glass Nexus 2/12/12 Anticipation Thread

    Where are the repost police? https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/1158023
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    Is Strymon working on a Mulit Effects pedal (pic inside)?

    I guess to see if anyone can confirm the pic or has any extra info about the possibility of a soon to be released new pedal? :huh Not sure if serious.
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    Is Strymon working on a Mulit Effects pedal (pic inside)?

    Well, I searched out some photoshop experts on reddit (I know I know) and here is one guys conclusion along with evidence. I asked if anyone could tell if this had been shopped... What say you?
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    Is Strymon working on a Mulit Effects pedal (pic inside)?

    It definitely doesn't look like a "Strymon released photo", but it does look like a crappy cell phone pic (almost Instagram-ish).
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    Is Strymon working on a Mulit Effects pedal (pic inside)?

    Multi-modulation? Where are my photoshop experts at?
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    So ... cat pee?

    I take the prevention approach. I leave the door to my music room closed at all times. Good luck.
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    Which band/artist is your significant other WAY in to that you have to put up with.

    Michael Jackson Let me explain. I don't dislike MJ at all and really think he revolutionized pop music to a degree, and has some fantastic songs. But, she is a HUGE fan (not crazy Asian girl passing out huge) to the point where she will cry at least once on the day of the anniversary of his...
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    I am in love with Alice Coltrane

    Necrophilia much?
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    What I like about surf music. You?

    It wasn't when I signed up, but I do have FB acct. So, I dunno :huh.
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    What I like about surf music. You?

    Thanks for the kind words and the heads up man (I think I fixed the bandcamp link). :beer
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    Any "Post Hardcore" fans? (Punk/Metal?)

    Check out "Nor Am I" for a little local ATL taste from the early 2000's. Favorite post punk/hardcore band of all time! DO IT!
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    Any love for Incubus?

    More of a Science and Make Yourself fan myself but I think it's great their still around even if I don't dig their newer stuff Make sure to get there early to see MuteMath open up. UNBELIEVABLE live show!
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    What I like about surf music. You?

    Just subscribed to the playlist. Looks good. You should also check out "Twang, Surf, & Rautalanka". It's like 4 days worth of tracks. Also, I'm in a 60's rock/surf cover band, and we have a pretty decent playlist with our catalog "Chad Shivers and the Summer Knights".
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    PSA- FAB site having a sale on MONO cases

    Cool. Thanks. I've been looking at the Dual electric model for a while and $224 is a great price. Might have to finally pick one up. *EDIT $250 with shipping, still a decent price.
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    Top Hat Club Royal users:: What speakers in your 2x12?

    This is what I had in mine. Great combo.
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    NGD!: (GALANTI Grand Prix content)

    I noticed that on the bridge pup. Kind of a lo-fi sound. But the neck and the combo of both sound great to me.
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    NGD!: (GALANTI Grand Prix content)

    Very cool. BTW I make the same face whilst playing guitar.
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    What is the oldest guitar you own?

    As posted in my other thread, just picked up this 67-68 Galanti Grand Prix (2 pup version)
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    Do I want 3 P90s in my Strat.....or FOUR?

    Dooooo ittttt!!!!
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    NGD!: (GALANTI Grand Prix content)

    Cool. Ever since I saw MuteMath a few months ago I have been really intrigued with these guitars. The 3 pup version would be cool to have as well. It plays great. Great feel to the neck, nice low action. I am getting a little fret buzz on fret 5 & 6 on the low E, but that's a fairly...
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    NGD!: (GALANTI Grand Prix content)

    C'mon guys. I realize these are fairly rare, but of all places I figured someone on TGP would have one :aok.
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    Morgan Amp Speaker Question

    I have a KTS-60 (I think it is based off of a G12h30 actually) in My RV35 and the low end response is great.