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  1. Wag

    Smallest change to your guitar that made a big tonal difference.

    I handed it to someone with real talent. Geeezus man.....that guitar sounded sooooo sweet. :rockin (The killer tone imparted unto said guitar mysteriously vanished after it was handed back to me later that day. Dunno... your results may vary) :huh
  2. Wag

    Classic Rock Driving Songs

    I love that the Deep Purple fans have posted Highway Star no less than a half dozen times in the span of an (as of this posting) 8 page thread. lol...We're a loyal lot to be sure. However... You cannot be a DP fan and not appreciate Chickenfoot's excellent cover of Highway Star. They play it...
  3. Wag

    Lightest gauge acoustic strings you can get?

    I would definitely recommend trying a set of Martin Extra-Lights (,10-.47). They are the best light gauge acoustic strings I've run across so far.
  4. Wag

    Do you hate the looks of a soundhole pickup?

    Y'all need to dig a little deeper and think this through..... It's not the soundhole pickup that you need to eliminate. It's the soundhole! :bonk Problem solved! :banana
  5. Wag

    Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Guitar Recommendations?

    https://www.washburn.com/product/eact42s/ A few months back, while hunting for an Epi SST I stumbled across one of these Washburns in minty condition and priced to move. I had a "next to nothing" amount of knowledge and experience with classical guitars in general and absolutely ZERO knowledge...
  6. Wag

    Oliver Woods' old Gibson acoustic and gear?

    Allow me to introduce you and yea....it is a sexy guitar to be sure. {Oliver tuning up his Gibby}
  7. Wag

    Oliver Woods' old Gibson acoustic and gear?

    Forgive my off topic reply: I've long been a fan of Oliver's and as much as I like The Wood Brothers... *sigh* ...I sure do miss King Johnson.
  8. Wag

    Pickup Height, such a mystery

    I don't believe it was meant to be a one-size-fits-all solution but rather an effective starting point. It provides that "baseline" for those of us that have little experience dialing in pups so you're not just shooting blind. You notice that he did say "as a general rule...." and explained how...
  9. Wag

    Pickup Height, such a mystery

    Here's what Bill Lawrence had to say on the subject: "The distance between pickup and string is a very important factor for output and sound. As a general rule for the bridge pickup - put a nickel on top of the pickup under the high E string and play the highest note on that string. Adjust the...
  10. Wag

    Help me with the blues

    Right there is the key. Playing blues is NOT a solo activity. (yea...I know y'all want to pick this apart. In the context of THIS man's question, let's not debate it. Perhaps I should say "LEARNING blues is not a solo activity?") Not long ago I was in a similar situation. Though I would listen...
  11. Wag

    Ugh... think I’m going down the pickup rabbithole

    Don't put those tools away.....just yet. If you've never owned a set of Bill Lawrence pups you owe it to yourself to read up on them. There's no charge for learnin' about new stuff. It's totally free. Besides....Bill's story is very interesting and he was a major influence in music industry...
  12. Wag

    Gold top P90 Les Paul with Black Plastic

    LOL.....(at one time I had ALL CHROME cosmetics on it) but.....Just for fun, a photo of it when it sported chrome P90 covers and black top hats:
  13. Wag

    Realization: my rhythm work sucks... fun rock songs to work with

    I second the "avoid rock" suggestion. You'll end up doing nothing but power chords. Find you some good blues tunes. Not your basic 3 chord 1,4,5 variety but some blues with a bit of depth to them. And if the blues aren't your thing, then think "songs that would work well in a solo or duo...
  14. Wag

    Who makes the best string gauges?

    don't leave home without it...lol
  15. Wag

    Beginners Luthier Tool Kit (Nut Files, String Action Gauge, etc): What do you recommend?

    StewMac offers a number of quality tool sets. That's where I went when I decided to start building my own modest collection of tools. https://www.stewmac.com/Luthier_Tools/StewMac_Tool_Sets/
  16. Wag

    Gold top P90 Les Paul with Black Plastic

    for what it's worth..... My 60's Tribute I hated the cream on it from day one
  17. Wag

    Post your workhorse Gibson USA Les Pauls!

    My Strat, Tele and LP Jr. all get some play time. They are my relievers and get called up from the bullpen whenever a particular song or tuning is better suited to their special talents. But this 2011 60's Tribute is my starter! It gets the call day in and day out and handles the bulk of the...
  18. Wag

    Hercules Guitar Stand - check the height adjust handle!

    Now there's some useful info. I have one of their 3-guitar stands that suffered a catastrophic failure of the height adjustment mechanism. It didn't turn into a mess of goo as I recall. The plastic lever kinda degraded over time to the point that it all just fell apart. I guess I need to make...
  19. Wag

    To Solder or NOT to Solder - Speaker Connections

    Solder the wires. If you really, really, really feel the need to have solderless connections then install bullet connectors or some other type of quick disconnect plug(s) in the wiring
  20. Wag

    Compress goes first on your board or . . .

    I like to put mine in the closet. I still get as much out of it there as I did when it was taking up valuable real estate on my little pedal board. For the life of me I just could not ever figure out how to use the thing. No amount of fiddling ever seemed to produce any desirable results. I...
  21. Wag

    The Trick To Filing Gibson Nuts

    I'm curious how you would go about putting a curved slot in a nut. My files are pretty rigid. They are great for angles. Curves, not so much.
  22. Wag

    Making a nut and distance of 1st and 6th string from fret edge

    Yea, Walter. I gotta go along with you. I spent 30 yrs overhauling aircraft and have pilfered many different types of aluminum in my time for all kinds of projects. But not once did I ever consider using it to make a guitar nut. Slides, pickguards, picks, pedal boards, etc, etc....sure. But...
  23. Wag

    Making a nut and distance of 1st and 6th string from fret edge

    There's a pretty good tutorial at this website: http://www.bryankimsey.com/ It has the math formula for figuring an equal distance between strings (re: method 2) that I like to reference from time to time. -------------------------------------- And oddly enough, speaking of aluminum nuts, I...
  24. Wag

    68 Silverface Bandmaster head or DRRI?

    From a purely economic standpoint.... the BM will always hold it's value where the DRRI will depreciate from the moment it leaves the store. That said..... I have owned my 68 BM drip edge for over 40 years. It's been a great amp and it takes pedals very well. I am currently running a set of NOS...