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  1. shikawkee

    Sold JHS Twin Twelve V.2 w/Red Remote-$149. shipped CONUS

    No trades please. Please. Also up on Reverb: https://reverb.com/item/21817430-jhs-twin-twelve-v2-overdrive-pedal-w-red-remote-free-shipping-conus Twin Twelve V.2 w/Red Remote switch. Allows you to access both channels of the pedal at the stomp of a switch. Makes it WAAAAAAY more versatile...
  2. shikawkee

    Sold Thorpy Fallout Cloud-$190. shipped CONUS

    No trades please. I'm running out of space and don't need to add anything. Thanks. (Both also on Reverb) Thorpy Fallout Cloud w/box. Excellent to mint. Never left the house, barely used, no velcro ever-$190 shipped CONUS ****SOLD****Tym Pedals Bob Mould Sunshine Rock distortion, sold out...
  3. shikawkee

    Sold Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb-$330. shipped CONUS

    No trades please. Also on Reverb. Excellent condition. Would be mint but for one small scratch on the bottom. Comes with box, all cables and power supply-$330. shipped CONUS
  4. shikawkee

    Sold Seymour Duncan Fooz fuzz/filter/trem-$235. shipped

    No trades please. Also on Reverb. Lowest price anywhere. Reverb listing: https://reverb.com/item/18150333-seymour-duncan-fooz-analog-fuzz-synth-2018-mint-free-shipping-conus Seymour Duncan Fooz, mint, no velcro ever, box, bag, swag incl. drink coozy. Used only at home. $235. shipped CONUS
  5. shikawkee

    Sold Alden custom 8-string lap steel w/gig bag-$375. shipped CONUS

    No trades please. Moving in January to London and everything must go. Alden hand-made custom 8-string lap steel made from l;ocal Nashville reclaimed barn wood. Unique features are wood bridge, bone nut and saddle rather than steel and hand-would single coil pickup. Beautiful one-of-a-kind...
  6. shikawkee

    Sold Mono Fly Bag backpack, ex. cond.-$170. shipped CONUS

    No trades please. I'm moving soon and everything must go. Mono Fly Bag backpack, used only a few times, not beat up at all. Super clean-$170. shipped CONUS It's also on Reverb BTW.
  7. shikawkee

    Sold Moving sale:A Ton of Pedals incl. some hard to get***MORE ADDED

    No trades. Moving to London in late January and getting rid of what I can't carry/use. All CONUS shipped prices. ****SOLD****Dr. No Moon Canyon OD/Delay/Reverb. STILL WRAPPED, never opened-SOLD ****SOLD****Audible Disease Puchi Passive 4-channel mixer (pic below). Cap on one potentiometer...
  8. shikawkee

    Sold Carl Martin HeadRoom, dual spring reverb, w/box-$215. shipped CONUS

    No trades please. In great shape, just a few minor dings, w/box-$215. CONUS Also on Reverb: https://reverb.com/item/15615517-carl-martin-headroom-w-original-box-works-great-free-shipping-conus
  9. shikawkee

    Sold OMEC Teleport, mint (demo), box and manual-$110. shipped CONUS

    Got it from Sweetwater on a deal because it was a "demo". Never used it. With box, cable and manual-$110. shipped CONUS Also on Reverb: https://reverb.com/item/15570729-orange-omec-teleport-2018-demo-mint-w-manual-and-cable-free-ship-conus
  10. shikawkee

    Sold Seymour Duncan La Super Rica Fuzz, dead mint w/box-now $125. CONUS

    No trades please. Dead mint, never used, no velcro ever, includes original box and swag, Seymour Duncan La Super Rica fuzz with mids control. **PRICE DROP** $125. shipped CONUS Also on Reverb...
  11. shikawkee

    Sold Hamstead Odyssey OD, w/box and manual-$220. CONUS

    No trades please. Hamstead Odyssey Intergalactic Driver, Excellent condition, used only at home, with original box, manual and bag-$220. CONUS Also on Reverb: https://reverb.com/item/15285438-hamstead-odyssey-intergalactic-driver-w-box-and-manual-free-shipping-conus?publish_confirmation=true
  12. shikawkee

    Sold Wilson Fuzz-wah (sold), Arion Smm-1 (sold)

    All prices shipped CONUS. No trades please. ****SOLD****Wilson Effects Fuzz-Wah, #1 of 1, custom build, mint w/box, volume for fuzz (key), bias, Q control, wah or fuzz-wah switch, bonus extra value caps-$190. ****SOLD****Pigtronix/Mission Dual Expression pedal, used once w/box, excellent...
  13. shikawkee

    Sold Audio Disruption Devices Optical Ring 2018, only 10 made, w/box-$150. shipped CONUS

    No trades please. To saves fees I'll make a sweet deal for my TGP brethren (or grab it on Reverb). Maybe the most musical ring mod I've ever played. 1 of 10 made and they sold quick. With original box in excellent condition. Big knob so you could change freq. with your foot if necessary...
  14. shikawkee

    Sold Keeley Retro Super Germanium Phat Mod Ltd. Ed. #131 of 250, $160. shipped. (Now 15% off)

    No trades please. ***ON SALE NOW AT REVERB 15% OFF*** Mint, opened and played once and I'm just outside the return window. Includes box and all swag. Great OD/Fuzz. $160. shipped CONUS. Sweet deals for TGP brethren made if you help me save Reverb fees. Also on Reverb...
  15. shikawkee

    Sold Spaceman Effects Nebula Purple sparkle, #33 of 44 for Spaceman Orion Reverb or Voyager tremolo

    That's it. Brand new Spaceman Nebula purple sparkle blender fuzz, got it two days ago and it's redundant in my collection, #33 of 44 (sold out) trade for Spaceman Orion reverb or Voyager tremolo plus cash. Not interested in any other trades please. None. Thanks!
  16. shikawkee

    Sold SolidGoldFX BC 183 mini Boost/OD

    No treades please. Also up on Reverb. BC 183 boost, excellent condition, no velcro, comes with box and bag (box was originally for 108)-$75. shipped CONUS Reverb link: https://reverb.com/item/13330925-solidgoldfx-bc-183-2018-w-box-free-shipping-conus
  17. shikawkee

    Sold Keeley Red Dirt mini, ex. cond., w/box, bag, manual-$75. shipped CONUS

    No trades please. Also on Reverb: https://reverb.com/item/13197900-keeley-red-dirt-mini-2017-w-box-manual-and-velvet-bag-free-shipping-conus
  18. shikawkee

    Sold JHS-EHX Op Amp Big Muff "Pumpkin Patch" mod, dead mint-$110. shipped CONUS

    No trades please (ONLY interest is an Xotic EP Booster +cash). Dead mint. Three weeks old. Barely touched. Also on Reverb: https://reverb.com/item/13195904-jhs-ehx-op-amp-big-muff-pumpkin-patch-mod-w-box-and-swag-free-shipping-conus
  19. shikawkee

    Sold Analogman mini Beano Boost w/box and manual-$185. shipped CONUS

    No trades please. Also on Reverb. Excellent condition, painted light grey version, w/box and manual, dual lock on bottom-$185. CONUS Reverb link: https://reverb.com/item/13183190-analogman-mini-beano-boost-2018-grey-w-box-and-manual-free-shipping-conus
  20. shikawkee

    Sold Chase Bliss Tonal Recall RKM, mint w/everything-$420. shipped CONUS

    No trades please. Also on Reverb. Three weeks old, box, manual, everything. No velcro ever. Used only at home. Reverb link: https://reverb.com/item/13176897-chase-bliss-audio-tonal-recall-analog-delay-rkm-2018-almost-new-free-shipping-conus
  21. shikawkee

    Sold ZCAT Hold-Delay-Chorus, dead mint w/box-$175. shipped CONUS

    No trades please. Also on Reverb. Excellent delay but wait! It can do delay plus chorus, it can do hold and chorus, it can just hold....amazing unit. Barely touched, still in box-$175. Reverb link: https://reverb.com/item/13118712-zcat-hold-delay-chorus-like-new-w-box-free-shipping-conus
  22. shikawkee

    Sold Dwarfcraft Grazer w/box and swag-$185. shipped CONUS

    No trades please. Excellent condition, barely used. Also on Reverb: https://reverb.com/item/13016631-dwarfcraft-devices-grazer-2018-w-box-and-all-swag-free-shipping-conus
  23. shikawkee

    Sold Psionic Audio 3.14 fuzz/distortion-$290. shipped CONUS

    No trades please. Also on Reverb: **PRICE DROP** Psionic Audio 3.14 distortion/fuzz, not many of these around. No box, velcro on bottom-$290. shipped CONUS: Reverb link: https://reverb.com/item/12610482-psionic-audio-3-14-fuzz-distortion-fairly-rare-muff-like-gain-free-shipping-conus
  24. shikawkee

    Sold Fredric Effects Do the Weasel Stomp! IC-based fuzz

    Excellent fuzz-filter. Can be a fuzz-wah, can be just a fuzz, can be just a filter. Fuzz is IC-based Muff-ish design. Comes with original box. Dual lock tastefully on corners. Not a scratch on it. Excellent condition-$160. shipped CONUS Also on Reverb with lots of pics...
  25. shikawkee

    Sold Gibson Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro Plus w/Loop IV upgrade and footswitch-$700. shipped

    No trades please. Echoplex Digital Pro Plus sampler/looper rack unit, with Loop IV upgrade and footswitch. Excellent working condition. Maintained by British Audio in Nashville, the only certified Echoplex maintenance shop in the country. Comes with power cable. Never had any issues with it...