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    MXR Carbon Copy defect?

    I had a problem with the first one I got too. When I plugged it in it would stay on and the switch wouldn't turn it off. Sent it back and the replacement has been great. It's a really nice sounding delay.
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    MXR Carbon Copy defective?

    The first one I got wouldn't power on or off when I hit the footswitch. The replacement has been fine though.
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    Snakeoil Strings..

    I haven't orders any SOB's for a couple of months but I never had any problems ordering from them before. I always got them within 10 days. It's a small business so it could be some personal issues they're dealing with right now because these complaints don't sound like the same company I've...
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    Zendrive $179 !!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually, given the rumors and hype surrounding so much gear, I bet there is eventually demand for the older(some will say better??!) versions lol. :jo
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    Only 1 Od Pedal - Your #1 Go To

    I'm loving my Jetter Gain Stage Purple right now. :bow
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    Help with overdrive

    +1 on Jetter pedals. I have a Purple and it kills. :AOK
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    Zendrive or Jetter Purple/Gold

    I'm definately keeping both of mine. They serve different purposes for me so I value both about the same :D
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    Zendrive or Jetter Purple/Gold

    I have a Zen and a Purple and love them both for different reasons. The Zen is great to kick a clean tone into mild overdrive and the Purple takes a clean amp into Marshall territory. I use the Purple as a lead boost on my dirty channel and it's got a real chewy sound to it. Very cool.
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    Overdrives - Timmy, Eternity, Zendrive

    I've had all 3 and the only survivor is the Zen Drive. Check out the Jetter pedals too. I picked up a Gain Stage Purple and it's killer.
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    Zendrive -vs- Jetter Purple

    I have both and use them for different purposes. The Zen is for driving a clean tone into slight distortion for bluesy stuff. The Purple is for driving my distorted tone for leads. Both are great for a lot of uses though the Zen is a bit more flexible.
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    Overdrive/Distortion Pedals with good bass reponse?

    I just got a Jetter Gain Stage Purple and love it. It has great clarity from top to bottom and adds 'chewiness' to the tone.
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    Cables - Does big bucks for a cable make a difference?

    I saw the same article and decided to splurge on a 15ft Evidence Audio Lyric cable($88shipped). I had been using Canare G-6 and Planet Waves but the Lyrics are much clearer sounding and have more punch to them. The Canare and Planet Waves are very solid cables but I actually thought it was worth...
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    Best delay pedals?

    T-Rex Replica
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    What od are you guys actually using to NAIL that SRV tone on your covers...

    This is the real secret to his tone. Tune down a half step, use heavy cheesegrinder .13's, clean amp at the verge of breakup and a tubescreamer for solo's. You can't really mimic the sound of .13's with a pedal or amp setting. Much of his tone was in his hands though. :RoCkIn
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    nyc pedalboard experience?

    I've had my Big Shot for a few years now and it's been great. Never had any of the problems you've heard about. :BEER
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    recommend a Delay unit that colors my sound the least

    Go digital then. The DD-3 is used by a ton of people for the reasons you mention.
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    Suhr SSV makes my strat happy

    I have the SSV in my Suhr and I was going to swap it for a higher output DSH+. After 6 months, I think I'm sticking with the SSV. I like the extra detail I get in distorted tones from the lower output pickup. I've always used a JB or Tone Zone in the bridge of my guitars(ex-80's metal head!) but...
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    First Clip of the Way Huge Fat Sandwich

    This clip is through a 'Twin Reverb set clean" according to the site: http://www.wayhuge.com/soundsamples/Fat_Sandwich.mp3
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    True bypass delays

    T-Rex Replica(or TC Vintage Delay..same thing), SIB Mr. Echo, DLS Echotap, some Maxon delays, and lots of other boutique delays.
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    Your Zendrive is ready!!!!!

    I waited 10 months for my Zendrive, but it was worth the wait. I liked it so much I got on the list for a Mosferatu:RoCkIn
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    Nova Delay vs MP Deep Blue Delay

    A T-Rex Replica with the Brown switch on would get what you want. Nice to have tap tempo too, but they are expensive.
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    Snake oil strings......Issue

    I've been using SOB 10-46 for 2 years and I've actually had less strings break than the older GHS and Ernie Balls I used to use. I play Strats with locking tuners though and that's much different than the winding he used on his Lester.
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    What is the most you have paid for a pedal?...What was it?...How'd you like it?

    T-Rex Replica used for $325 and I won't ever sell it unless it stops working :AOK
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    True Bypass; Does anyone really care?

    If your using cables, I think its good to have one buffered pedal in the chain to account for some of the signal loss from long cables(I stick to a TU-2 tuner). I just want the best sounding effects period so I can deal with the buffers on some FX although I lean towards true bypass pedals for...