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  1. dangeroso

    For those who haven’t heard this yet

    Check out Cory Wong’s Concrete: Featuring Mark Lettieri.
  2. dangeroso

    Charvel Signature Models For 80's Tones: Satchel vs Danhage

    I’ve never played the Satchel, but I own a Danhage. It’s a really great guitar. I need to post a video and do a legitimate review but I’ve owned 4 Charvel San Dimas guitars and this is by far my favorite. The relic body is kinda silly but the worn neck is amazing. It’s easily one of the...
  3. dangeroso

    Nash S-81 and or other Floyd Rose guitar owners question

    I have owned several Nash guitars but never one of the Floyd Rose ones. For what it’s worth, I like Nash S and T guitars a lot. They are production guitars, but produced and assembled by people who know how to match a neck with a body and put everything together properly. Their body relic...
  4. dangeroso

    NAD: Bogner Ecstasy 101B

    I couldn't find the link but here's the text quote:
  5. dangeroso

    Into The Doors?

    Would rather listen to actual doors. Although, admittedly, I do tend to choose WD-40 over both.
  6. dangeroso

    Headrush Gigboard - best way to start?

    Just jumping in as I recently picked up a used gigboard myself. The presets do, in fact, suck. It seems as if they are all geared towards how ridiculous you can make your guitar sound with infinite delays and weird modulation and such.. But, there are some great sounds in this unit. I’m...
  7. dangeroso

    Great deal from a very classy seller

    Honestly that would steer me away from considering the guitar if for no other reason than the seller doesn’t appear to be very professional. If he’s willing to do the model pose is he going to be documenting every issue accurately? Doubt it.
  8. dangeroso

    Great deal from a very classy seller

    That story makes me sad.
  9. dangeroso

    Trip the Witch - First Song Released

    Interesting. Reminds me of Circles Around the Sun:
  10. dangeroso

    All Things Phish

    I was just driving and listening to this. 30 min drive and didn’t catch the beginning or the end.
  11. dangeroso

    All Things Phish

    That's awesome. If you thought trampolines were weird, it's probably a good thing that they didn't play "I Didn't Know":
  12. dangeroso

    All Things Phish

    No current plans, but I’d love to get to Vegas for Halloween.
  13. dangeroso

    All Things Phish

    I missed this thread somehow. I was at the tour opener at Rodgers, AR. Just listening to the rest at home so far. Here’s one of my favorite jams from recent years. Attendance bias in full effect:
  14. dangeroso

    Dr. Dog

    Some fun:
  15. dangeroso

    Dr. Dog

    Yes, just stopping touring after this current tour.
  16. dangeroso

    Dr. Dog

    Any other Dr. Dog fans out there? If you haven't heard them before, check out these 3 live/studio cuts:
  17. dangeroso

    Check out this blatant phishing attempt!

    That would be cool. It was just really fun hearing some of those older songs in a new way. Harry Hood in particular was a highlight for me.
  18. dangeroso

    Check out this blatant phishing attempt!

    If you haven’t seen any of Trey Anastasio’s Beacon Jams, you should check this out: :)
  19. dangeroso

    10" speakers for Blues/Rock?

    Quite a few Matchless Lightning combos feature 10" speakers. They sound great.
  20. dangeroso

    What Makes This Song STINK, episode 4 "Hey Soul Sister"

    Well, the display of pedals as a backdrop was certainly parodied.
  21. dangeroso

    Marshall Guys - Post Your Top Three Favorite Boutique Amplifiers

    Bogner Helios 100 Rivera Fandango Bad Cat Lynx
  22. dangeroso

    In your experience, what's the best grab and go tube amp?

    Rivera Fandango 55. Plenty loud, great cleans, wide range of gain tones.
  23. dangeroso

    corgan vs cobain

    Ha! You got me there. I don't consider that to be the Pixies. Come on Pilgrim through Trompe Le Monde only!
  24. dangeroso

    Red flags with band members….what’s yours?

    ... during band practice.
  25. dangeroso

    corgan vs cobain

    I prefer Nirvana to Pumpkins, but honestly, I feel like there were so many better "alternative" bands out there. I would rather listen to the worst Pixies album over anything by either Nirvana or Smashing Pumpkins put out any day of the week.
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