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  1. lestera34

    Sold Louis Electric Cobra

    FS ONLY - LOUIS ELECTRIC COBRA 183 As new, I received this amp from Lou several months ago and it hasn’t left my home. Tubes are basically brand new (less than 10 hours on them). Skip the wait time and snag one now! I waited nearly seven months for this one and I don’t believe that the wait...
  2. lestera34

    Vertex does it AGAIN

    They shrunk yet ANOTHER Dumble. Amazing
  3. lestera34

    Sold Kingtone Ge Fuzz

    FS ONLY - Kingtone Ge Fuzz - $250 PP'ed and shipped Like new, comes with box, etc. Selling to pay off some bills; no trades, please.
  4. lestera34

    Sold Analogman Ibanez TS-9 Silver Mod, True Bypass Mod

    FS ONLY- Analogman Ibanez TS-9 Silver Mod, True Bypass Mod - $185 PP'ed and shipped Like new condition, sounds like a great tubescreamer should. Selling to pay off some bills; no trades, please.
  5. lestera34

    Sold Strymon Iridium - $350

    Strymon Iridium- $350 PP'ed and shipped Near mint with box, power supply, papers. No Trades
  6. lestera34

    Sold Strymon el Capistan v2 - $270

    FS - Strymon el Capistan v2 - $270 PP'd and shipped Pictures coming, item is in excellent condition overall and functions as it should. No Trades.
  7. lestera34

    Sold 1970 IVOR Fuzz Face

    FS ONLY - 1970 IVOR Fuzz Face - comes with box and tag. $850 PP'd and Shipped v
  8. lestera34

    Sold Ceriatone Centura

    FS ONLY - Ceriatone Centura - excellent/mint condition with box and power adapter. $260 PP'd and shipped
  9. lestera34

    Sold Chase Tone Secret Preamp

    FS ONLY - Chase Tone Secret Preamp - mint with box and papers. $125 PP'd and shipped
  10. lestera34

    Sold Strymon Blue Sky Reverberator

    FS ONLY - Strymon Blue Sky Reverberator - excellent condition with box and power supply. $250 Pp'd and Shipped
  11. lestera34

    Power station question

    Can I run an 8 ohm in and then out to a 16 ohm cabinet?
  12. lestera34

    WTB Germino Tweed Deluxe

    Looking for one of these again; let me know if you have one to get rid of.
  13. lestera34

    Kerry Wright

    The last of his cabs going up on LA Vintage this week - 115 cabs!!!
  14. lestera34

    Sold Two Rock Silver Sterling Signature

    FS ONLY - TWO ROCK SILVER STERLING SIGNATURE 100W - as new, ships in original box. Serial #48, purchased in February 2020 - low hours and has never left my home. Black tolex, aluminum chassis, chickenhead knobs (original skirted knobs will also be included). Selling to pay a bill otherwise I...
  15. lestera34

    “I have serial number x of this amp”

    When does this legitimately add value? “low serial number here...grab it while you can”... I am sure that it CAN, I am just stretching to figure out when.
  16. lestera34

    Maple neck Silver Sky

    Just saw a quick video of one posted on another forum; kinda been wanting a maple neck version of this guitar and excited to hear more about it.
  17. lestera34

    What connectors/brand are these?

    See photo:
  18. lestera34

    Saw Daniel Donato Tonight

    Y’all go see that boy. *******.
  19. lestera34

    What's Up With Philip Sayce?

    So I was just scrolling my Facebook feed and saw something about limited edition Peace Machine shirts he is selling or something. I haven't though about his music in a while, and while thinking back on some of his stuff today, I remembered seeing a video/interview with him where he was asked...
  20. lestera34

    Sold Two Rock Classic Reverb Signature

    FS ONLY - 2018 Two Rock Classic Reverb Signature 50/100- I purchased this amp from The Music Zoo in March of this year and it is fantastic. As the pictures show, this amp is like new - I do not gig and am a hobbyist, so that has not left my smoke free home - it is PERFECT. Tubes are stock...
  21. lestera34

    Nitro Safe Guitar Stand

    What are your favorites? I am looking for one for a Gibson, so it will need to have support for the bottom of the guitar and be nitro safe. Found this one, but not sure if it's going to be the best choice...
  22. lestera34

    String Driver Cabs

    Does anyone have one? Thoughts?
  23. lestera34

    Tone is in the microwave

  24. lestera34

    Custom Color Nitro?

    Possibility or nah? I haven't found anyone online in my brief search for a custom color nitro and was wondering if anyone else had found one?
  25. lestera34

    Sold Catalinbread Belle Epoch

    FS ONLY - Catalinbread Belle Epoch - as new. Recent reverb purchase, but it doesn't fit into my rig that I am working on as much as I had hoped, so I am going to stick with my Delay 80s. Unfortunately there is no Catalinbread box, but you're buying the pedal to play it, right?!? Anyway - I'm...
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