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  1. HelloKittyHawk!

    Fender neck attachment screws spec question

    I'd like to finally fulfill the longtime dreams of a bunch of my hoarded bodies and necks, by joined them in Wholly Stratrimony, so I need to order a bunch of neck screws. I'm looking on eBay at bulk packages of #8 1-3/4", Phillips Oval-head sheet metal screws, which seem to fit the bill. The...
  2. HelloKittyHawk!

    I.D. question on older, Seventies-look-alike Strat bridge

    I acknowledge that a photo would be more helpful than my attempt at a description, but... I just received a parstcaster, which seems to have been assembled in the very early eighties (although the bridge looks to have been switched, at some point). Its bridge is a dead ringer for a seventies...
  3. HelloKittyHawk!

    Any recommendations for replating gold tuners?

    And... is it even possible? Or advisable? I (probably foolishly, thinking that someone else would outbid me) purchased (I'm not going to say "won"!) an older set of (formerly, mostly) gold-finished Kluson-types. They're six-in-line, probably Japanese. The selling point is that they look pretty...
  4. HelloKittyHawk!

    Eagle-Eyed Humbucker ID needed...

    Does anyone know what brand of humbucker this is? Thanks in advance, smartypants! [/IMG]
  5. HelloKittyHawk!

    Any Eighties-era Strat body detectives working this beat?

    I just took delivery of a mongrel Strat, that I mostly purchased because of its maple/rosewood Kubicki neck. It was advertised (on craigslist) as having been assembled in 1985, with a Fender body and Duncan pickups. The seller was the guitar owner's son, a drummer, and I don't think that he was...
  6. HelloKittyHawk!

    1979 CTS pots... No value indicated

    I recently received four solid shaft CTS pots (from 1979-1981, based on the date codes). There are no values indicated, anywhere on the pot - at least I don't think that there are. I think that the other codes on these pots are part numbers. Two of them have the code: 100 - 1013 - 110...
  7. HelloKittyHawk!

    Any NYC-area techs who can fix an A/DA Stereo Tapped Delay

    I didn't put the model name, "STD-1", in the title, because... now is not the time for venereal disease cure jokes! Later, maybe. Anyway, I purchased an A/DA STD-1 from a fellow Gear Pager, and it arrived yesterday. My elation turned to devastation when I was only able to elicit little more...
  8. HelloKittyHawk!

    Discussion of Gibson Raid/Guitar Woods on NYC radio, today at 2:00 PM

    That's in thirteen minutes! On WNYC 93.9 FM (Soundcheck program). Also, it's available, streaming on
  9. HelloKittyHawk!

    ID this Eighties(?) High Tech-lookin' Strat pickup

    Does anyone know who manufactured this pickup? Two of them were installed in a late-seventies/early-eighties exotic wood Strat that I purchased. The surface of the pickup cover is slightly textured - not smooth. And why would anyone amputate the leads in this fashion??!! Thanks...
  10. HelloKittyHawk!

    Anyone have a spare ticket for Rush at Madison Square Garden?

    I've seen them at least a couple of times per tour since 1981 (that show was at MSG, as a matter of fact). I can't break my streak now! As I can't stomach all the Ticketmaster "convenience" fees, I had intended to purchase a ticket from the MSG box office, on the day that they went on sale...
  11. HelloKittyHawk!

    Piece of Padauk for reversing a Schecter Kahlerectomy?

    I figured that some of the luthiers on here might know of a good source for a piece of Padauk to fill in the shameful trench that a previous owner's Schecter installation has left on my otherwise-beautiful Van Nuys-era Strat. I was told that it is Padauk, anyway - I've yet to disassemble it...
  12. HelloKittyHawk!

    Solid shaft pots necessary for set screw knobs?

    It's all there in the title! I have some split-shaft pots that I'd like to use with Tele-style set screw knobs. They seem to work all right. Why do solid shaft knobs seem to be mandatory for Teles? Will the knobs lose their grip, over time, on a split shaft? I had some eighties Schecter...
  13. HelloKittyHawk!

    Additional charges for shipping guitar from Nova Scotia to NY

    I'm interested in purchasing a guitar that's for sale in Nova Scotia. I've only ever purchased a guitar body from North of the Border, so I'm pretty unfamiliar with shipping costs (for the body, I think that it was $30). Does anyone know if there are any additional fees- beyond the cost of...
  14. HelloKittyHawk!

    De-stickyfying Fender Tolex?

    I have a Blackface Twin that someone (not Eric Johnson!) cut down into a head. It had been neglected in a basement during my long exile in the acoustic wilderness, and has recently been residing in a cheap road case. The foam lining in the case doesn't seem to be breaking down (unlike the...
  15. HelloKittyHawk!

    Pots & Cap' needed for Suhr H-S-S setup?

    I don't yet need a schematic, I'm just scrounging the parts, as I find each one on the cheap. I've already got two Suhr FLs and an SSV humbucker. Can someone tell me what value pot I need for the humbucker, in a setup where I'll be splitting it in position "2" (or "4", depending on your...
  16. HelloKittyHawk!

    Rising Force's Marcel Jacob commits suicide

    On July 21. He was 45. Friends indicated that he's had "personal and health struggles", but I don't know the particulars. What a shame. I saw him twice with Yngwie's Rising Force in '85 and (I think) '86, and hadn't kept up with his career.
  17. HelloKittyHawk!

    Seventies Schaller tune-o-matic type Question

    I have a butchered old Special, whose wraptail was replaced with a tune-o-matic/stoptail combo. The bridge is the rectangular Schaller, as used on early-Seventies SGs, etc. Looks aside - it does kinda obscure some plugged holes - would a good, traditional-style tune-o-matic likely provide a...
  18. HelloKittyHawk!

    Vintage Experts (or Enthusiasts): How much does a broken headstock devalue?

    Specifically, by about what percentage does it typically reduce the price of '61- '63 SG/ Les Paul Juniors? That would be a complete headstock break that's been reglued with, maybe a wooden "patch" inserted to cover the carnage. An average job. Solid, but not beautiful. Sounds totally...
  19. HelloKittyHawk!

    Finish Experts: Help me hide Old Naked Mahogany's shame!

    I recently obtained a totally stripped '61 SG (LP body) Special. The previous owner had it since 1973. At that time, the finish had already been removed. He has played it that way ever since. Sorry I can't provide photos. It appears that there no finish at all on the guitar, although the...
  20. HelloKittyHawk!

    Correct switch for '61 "Les Paul" Special?

    I need all the electronics to restore a '61 Les Paul Special (double cutaway). Technically, it's an SG Special, as Gibson began calling the LP Specials "SG" in (late?) '59, before introducing what would later be known as the SG-styled body on guitars that retained the "Les Paul" monicker...
  21. HelloKittyHawk!

    Grid Leakage in 12AX7?

    I just received an ebay purchased, rebranded Mullard (not advertised as such) 12AX7. I tested it in my Sencore Mighty Mite TC154. Unlike my $2 flea market Mullard, it did not test positive for shorts! It tested strong for emissions but, it's the first tube that I've tested where the Grid...
  22. HelloKittyHawk!

    Sound City/Fane Compatible Speaker?

    I just purchased my first el-84-powered amp. It's a pretty cool "Brit" mongrel, consisting of an AC-15 clone handwired by Billy Penn on a Jennings J-40 chassis in its original, Fab-tastic 2 X 12" cabinet. I bought it without its replacement speakers (newer Vintage 30's) to save some money...
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