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    What's the guitar equivalent of a Klon or a Dumble?

    I guess it's either a klender or a dibson?
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    Another wraparound for those who care

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    Les Paul Studio Copper Top Love. Anymore Info?

    Where are the pics that prove your story? :)
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    NGD: Heritage h137 (lp special type)

    Gorgeous guitar!
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    Joanne Shaw Taylor

    White sugar kills
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    Joanne Shaw Taylor

    I've just found out about her. Great chops, great vocals. Like her.
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    Favorite Wraparound Bridge?

    And they come in different colours. Check this baby
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    Favorite Wraparound Bridge?

    Schaller has just launched a new design. You might want to look into this http://guitar-parts.biz/hp543785/Guitar-bridge-Signum.htm?ITServ=C2b606fe2X14f7c13b7fdX5f59
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    Show your Les Paul!!!

    I think I saw what you did here. It has a Danalectro Mojotone bridge, doesn't it?
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    Aesthetics vs. Function

    That's a very interesting question. I have only one guitar, a heavily-modded 86 LP standard. Technically, it's an old, ugly-ass guitar, but I find it very beautiful. Functionally speaking, I removed the Nashville bridge it had (which was perfectly functional) and now it's a wraparound à la Jeff...
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    The Official Gibson Les Paul Standard Thread

    Hey Southpaw, Tell us more about these Shadow pickups. Never seen them before...
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    Have you seen this? This is way beyond cool!

    Kewl! Neat-o! Happenin! Groovin'! Donkey-punch good!
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    In praise of musical gear demos!

    And it doesn't have to be expensive stuff
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    In praise of musical gear demos!

    Hi all, I like gear demos like anybody else here at TGP, but lately I've been kind of fed up with all the crappy players who inflict us with their less than stellar chops. So, to feel a bit better about my little addiction, I decided to ask TGP to post what you guys think are musical gear demos...
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    Are Les Pauls too heavy? Not for this 14-year-old GIRL

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    Brazilian Mahogany Guitars

    "Honduran" mahogany is actually Brazilian mahogany. If I'm not mistaken Honduran was just Gibson's terminology at the time.
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    John Mayer is playing a Jackson at the Grammys

    Hey look, respect the guy who said he didn't like Mayer's tone. This guy knows tone.
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    Why I like Black guitars

    Amazing! Is that bridge a replacement?
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    Heavy Road Worn Gibsons.....Are they cool? NOGD

    Great guitar! I hope this thread doesn't start the shitstorm that usually surrounds 'relics vs. really reliced' guitars... I'd love to see some old gibsons
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    You don't know Jack!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1pDoA6xAp0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1pDoA6xAp0
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    Thinking of going stainless. Tried it?

    "I don't really touch the frets" How about that for a signature