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  1. Saul Koll

    The Realllyyy small builders

    No way man I'm HUGE!
  2. Saul Koll

    Saul Koll in Guitar Connoisseur Magazine

    Greetings, Happy New Year! A little over a year ago Rory Anson visited me in the shop and we had a nice chat. Bits of that were published in the current issue of Guitar Connoisser Magazine. Check it out here...
  3. Saul Koll

    Baranik Guitars

    Luv his stuff. Super cool guy too. Recently stumbled on this Fretboard Journal podcast. You can hear about his journey:
  4. Saul Koll


    Ah yeah, now I see it's gone. Dang. Can't remember where I hosted it, wish posting pics on TGP was more simple, especially after the PHOTOBUCKET disaster. If anyone needs it send me an email,
  5. Saul Koll


    I can still see the wiring pic below the video in post #34.
  6. Saul Koll


    It's been a while, but I might have used a KandK. Might have been one half of these:
  7. Saul Koll


    I think there are many ways to do it and I think it's open for experimentation. I think it SHOULD be played with. Each one I've done has been different. Here's a schematic I made for my friend Dan Phelp's "Big Red". That circle object between "Pause" and "Mic" is the microphone. Here's a YouTube...
  8. Saul Koll

    First anniversary-Koll Wedge

    Thanks Jaya! It was a really fun build and it was an excuse to meet you in person, hand delivered to NYC. That was a fine start to a beautiful friendship. Cheers to you, keep playing!
  9. Saul Koll

    Saul Koll.....yeah

    Wow! Thanks for all of this. I'm so lucky. I love my gig and am so blessed that many others do too. I head out to the shop each morning and every day am excited and eager to be there, designing and building stuff. I do my best to listen and really hear what a player wants in their instrument...
  10. Saul Koll

    Any builders using double action truss rods?

    I only use triple action rods.
  11. Saul Koll

    Frank Brothers Guitar Company - Custom Build for Me.

    Their old man was a prominent Canadian recording engineer. He worked with Bob Seger, and Alice Cooper amongst others. I'm sure that he had something to do with that record collection. Yes I'm familiar with him. Legendary. If I wasn't clear in my first post, I'll just say I have nothing but...
  12. Saul Koll

    Frank Brothers Guitar Company - Custom Build for Me.

    I love what these guys are doing. Cool designs and innovative construction methodology. I also love that they keep vintage vinyl beneath their ginormous jointer.
  13. Saul Koll

    Sold Koll (by PBG) Jr. Glide "Special"

    Hershel Yatovitz puts one just like it through the paces, show biz style! check it out: Good luck with your sale, someone will end up with a cool ax!
  14. Saul Koll

    New York Guitar Festival

    New York Friends we are having our party today. Guitars-players-beers Join us won't you?
  15. Saul Koll

    New York Guitar Festival

    Wish you guys could make it too Stashman! Would love to finally meet you in person. Blanket, if your practice gets cancelled, come join us. In any case, share it with your friends, it will be fun. Cheers! Saul
  16. Saul Koll

    New York Guitar Festival

    New York friends, I've been invited to talk about my work at the amazing New York Guitar Festival. Hope to see lots of old friends and meet plenty of new ones! This event is free: We are also having a party a couple...
  17. Saul Koll

    Noise from Volume/Tone Pots - Grounding Issue?

    So sorry you are having problems. The wiring in the pic-though I can't see everything-seems to be correct. Pickups have four conductor wiring. The two coils are wired in series, so you see where they connect and connected to nothing further. Then a wire from each pickup goes to ground(back of...
  18. Saul Koll

    NGD: a fretless Koll Tornado for brother Jon

    Thanks Kingsley! Very fun build. The platform is very simple: a minimal number of quality wood pieces nicely fitted together, a thin finish, some great hardware (including my friends Jason Schroeder's fantastic bridge and Jason Lollar's imperial humbucker), and the rest if up to your bro-...
  19. Saul Koll

    Fret Ends on PBG Koll Jr Glides

    Oh yeah, you make total sense, I was just wasn't thinking. The answer is we have made them both ways. Each is done accurately on a cnc. The difference is if we are using an end mill or a saw blade. If we use the saw blade, the slots go all the way through and you can see the fret ends, if we use...
  20. Saul Koll

    Fret Ends on PBG Koll Jr Glides

    Hi Joe, I'm not sure exactly what you are describing, can you send a pic? I'd be happy to tell you what you have. Maybe you're are talking about "nibs". In general, I usually, and the PBG guitars included, have the frets extend over the binding rather than Gibson style binding fret "nibs"...
  21. Saul Koll

    Incoming used Koll Troubadour

    Great to hear Bryan T! So glad you are enjoying the guitar. Thanks for posting about it. Wishing you continued joy and musical inspiration. This is why I build these things! May it bring refreshing views on the familiar and spark new frontiers in creativity. Cheers and thanks from Portland-
  22. Saul Koll

    Koll Guitar Company news!

    Jaya! Thanks for mentioning that! It's a work in progress, but I'm very proud of it. Just Launched! We haven't told anyone yet. Hope to see many of you at NAMM in a couple days. Come visit wont you? We are among an amazing group of gear makers in Hall E. Booth1385. I'll be there for duration--...
  23. Saul Koll

    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    Nice Dave! Simple elegant solution. I'd say your design is worthy of a patent.
  24. Saul Koll

    "premium" wood vs regular wood

    Premium reply, David.
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