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  1. Doctor Morbius

    NGD: Fender Mustang

    Very nice! :aok In the picture it almost looks like burgundy mist metallic, which is a fantastic color too.
  2. Doctor Morbius

    I miss the old Guitar Center Black Friday sales...

    Sure was. I remember you doing a pretty good cover of Pick Up The Pieces a few years back on one of your "many" EPIs. :aok
  3. Doctor Morbius

    I miss the old Guitar Center Black Friday sales...

    Yep. Between 10 to 15 years ago the gettin' was real good at GC. :aok
  4. Doctor Morbius

    NGD - Black Friday deal on a Strat

    Congrats! :aok I love the mid-century modern pickguards on the others too. :love:
  5. Doctor Morbius

    Official Black Friday thread

    Those have a 43 mm nut width too, which makes a big difference, IMO. :aok A lot of MIMs have a 42 mm nut width, which makes me feel just a little cramped when playing open chords.
  6. Doctor Morbius

    Fender Strap Blocks Question ...

    I'm thinking about getting some Fender silicon strap blocks and I was wondering how much it would affect my tone? :huh
  7. Doctor Morbius

    Reverb seller claims Gibson puts “fragrance in their lacquer”

    Now THAT'S a conspiracy theory I can believe in! :aok
  8. Doctor Morbius

    Reverb seller claims Gibson puts “fragrance in their lacquer”

    They use CHANEL N°5. :omg I had a Squier once that smelled like dog farts and Hai-Karate. :facepalm
  9. Doctor Morbius

    Want to Change Some Things About My AmPro Jazzmaster--Kind of a Newb, so Help! :)

    I have an American Pro Jazzmaster. The V-Mod pickups do NOT sound like Jazzmaster pickups to my ears. I will be changing them. Aside from that, the guitar has everything I'm ever going to want in a Jazzmaster.
  10. Doctor Morbius

    Oh no, they're going after amps now too

    Diet and exercise are NATURAL forms of un-relic. The others are PHAQUE!
  11. Doctor Morbius

    Show me your Jazzmaster

    This is a stock photo, but I recently traded into a shell pink limited with an all rosewood deep C neck. The neck is fantastic. The V-Mod pickups, however, are not. They don't sound like Jazzmaster pickups to me so I plan to replace them.
  12. Doctor Morbius

    Latest on GC Bankruptcy As Reported By The N.Y. Times

    Already there, man. Already there. :facepalm
  13. Doctor Morbius

    NGD : Bilt Relevator with all the Fixins!

    Very nice! :aok Fiesta red?
  14. Doctor Morbius

    Seymour Duncan APS-1 vs. Antiquity Surfers

    I personally like the SSL-1s (California '50s). Just roll back the tone knob to take the edge off.
  15. Doctor Morbius

    What has been your best excuse for buying a guitar?

    But ... BUT ... It's on SALE!! :facepalm
  16. Doctor Morbius

    I'm down the Strat pickup rabbit hole

    Be careful. It's a very deep hole. Expensive too.
  17. Doctor Morbius

    I Don't Understand Hype

    Me neither!
  18. Doctor Morbius

    How often do you oil your fingerboard? Is it really necessary? Favorite oil?

    I oil them when they look a bit too dry. I don't have a special routine maintenance program or anything. I use plain old mineral oil. There's no need to overpay for any of the fancy schmancy stuff.
  19. Doctor Morbius

    Budget Jazzmaster Suggestions

    There are many budget Jazzmasters out there, but few of them really sound like a Jazzmaster. I recently traded into an American Professional 1 Jazzmaster and I'm going to have to swap the pickups as the V-Mod that came stock just don't cut it.
  20. Doctor Morbius

    Now THAT Is a headstock!

    It looks like you could launch some military aircraft off of these YUGE headstocks! :omg
  21. Doctor Morbius

    Today's specials

    Later today I'll most likely be playing a short scale shell pink Mustang bass. :banana
  22. Doctor Morbius

    Which board do you prefer between these two....

    Both. I don't buy into the differences in tone between the two.
  23. Doctor Morbius

    American Professional Jazzmaster - ver. II changes

    I recently received an Am. Pro Jazzmaster 1 LE in shell pink with an all rosewood neck. Just wanted to warn anyone that these V-Mod pickups do NOT sound like a Jazzmaster! I've tried 10 gauge Earnie Ball rounds and today I put on a set of 10 gauge TI flats. Still no go. I'm going to work on...
  24. Doctor Morbius

    People that think nitro finish sounds better -- explain why it's so important

    So true. In fact, people who's beliefs are challenged most often jump even further down the rabbit hole. Facts are irrelevant to these people.