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  1. socalscott

    Re-Amping, your best tones yet?

    ...especially for the reasonable home SPL's. Very much the case for me and I'm stoked that my 1W Fryette with internal RL also has very nice analog cab/mic sims(ITR feels). I mess around with an HX Stomp and it's IR's, but meh. I am diggin' teh analog mojo.
  2. socalscott

    Boosting my Re-amp line-out for spanky cranked cleans! What?

    Anybody else doing this? Instead of a clean amp platform for dirt pedals, I prefer a saturated amp platform and when rolling off git vol to 1-2, I use a compressor pedal to clean boost the line-out to the re-amp unit. 1W Fryette GP/DI with internal RL cleans up nicely from very saturated...
  3. socalscott

    U.D. pedals for a great saturated amp platform?

    Yes, Under Drive! So I dig amp overdrive and never been into pedals. BTW, I re-amp with my amps internal RL. So I'm getting great power amp saturation at controlled levels and the amp offers very good tone with git vol roll-off. I bought a JHS PG13 and started actually using it more for no...
  4. socalscott

    Hey Re-Ampers, tried this?

    This one is the opposite of the dirt pedal on clean platform. Like yous guys, I really prefer me some good ole amp overdrive. So, when rolling off git volume, I clean boost/comp the RL line-out for a bold clean tone. About equal db as my rolled up crunchy rhythm. Makes for a huge solo boost...
  5. socalscott

    Your Keeley comp+ noise floor?

    Mine adds light frying egg floor noise, whether off or on. Power sup is not causing others to do so, btw.
  6. socalscott

    Cutting bar magnets for

    Any suggestions appreciated. I've considered an engraving tool to score lines and then snap with vise and vise grip pliers. No heat from grinding! Tips & tricks please. What do you think? I'm tired of ceramic or A5 being the only mag types. I'd like to mix mag types in a f-bird format, but I...
  7. socalscott

    String life world record?!

    Just a noodler, but get this. I realized 5 years in TX and I've yet to change strings! Got a couple new sets laying around from Cali days, but NO. The newest set came on a guitar purchase a couple years ago. lol Got two with all 6, a couple with 5. I keep playing the ones that have de-wind at a...
  8. socalscott

    JHS PG-14 internal pots

    I'd like to know what r25, r28 and r32 adjust. Too much bass cut for my private noodling. TIA
  9. socalscott

    Tone of PRS NarrowField pups?

    Over-wound mini's or what says you.
  10. socalscott

    NAD, anyone know of Thomas Amps in Austin area?

    Circuit based on 50's Bassman, but has MV, sweet Bright switch, 10 pos. Boost, progressive tone-stack bypass w/FS, Reverb has Dwell-Mix-Tone. Three Weber Classic 10a150t's, one is Hemp. Come on, that reverb...sick! The bright switch is smooth enough for SC's , but makes HB's chime. HB's gettin'...
  11. socalscott

    Clark Beaufort Attenuator. Says you?

    Are these onboard units transparent enough?
  12. socalscott

    NAD...Help, need de-odor solutions

    I think a side of Nan bread will do it. Maybe it's from years of being in an Indian kitchen. I don't know. Wife says it's a hospital smell. Used booteek amp is spotless condition. Is it glue or vinyl covering possibly? I've cleaned and Fabrezed it. A few hours of sunlight too. Do I stick it in...
  13. socalscott

    Suggest piezoelectric saddles...

    wanting to use my acoustic ir's on hx stomp. Looking for kit of good value, rather than acquire yet another git. S style trem on a good playing SX cheapo is the candidate.
  14. socalscott

    Joe Pass NOT so funny, My Funny Valentine...

    OMG what a beast performance. Ripped my face right off. Looked like he was taking a stroll in the park too. One cool cat. First time watching the legend in full beast mode. Sad, it took me many decades to finally see or hear him play like this. OK, so what is it called. That thing I do with a...
  15. socalscott

    Why you left the HX Stomp?

    for your tube amp and pedals.
  16. socalscott

    Love me some variable tapping

    Not a hot topic, but hey, just looking to trigger the OCD tone tweak-ers out there. I use both treble and bass-cut now a days too, but this feature is my fav and stays my #1. NOT a coil splitting thing. Just sayin'. OK Going on 20 yrs with a re-wound tapped P90 set (8.6k/4.3k and 10.5k/5.5k)...
  17. socalscott

    My hankerin' for mini-hums solution in std HB size git...

    I had a HB from Hell plus an EJ Custom neck laying around. Been wanting mini-hums "under cover" for some time, but hey! don't these two have similar-ish ohm readings(5.7k/6.6k)? Well yes they do. So yeah, EJ in the B pos. has some good cut, but no "ice-pick". Wicked with drive thru a cab with...
  18. socalscott

    HX Stomp, as the wet/wet...

    for my tube amp?
  19. socalscott

    A simple programmable IR pedal...ever?

    Will we see one? Just a simple stereo IR loader pedal with a few foot switches and a couple banks maybe.
  20. socalscott

    Advice needed on TV Jones set

    I spy a used set of N Super'tron and B Classic+. How is the balance between these? I don't want classic HB tones. P90's and a little Strat is more my thing these days. So I'd like something that almost bumps into the HB thing, but I want open wounds and some Chime. I'd hope that the neck has a...
  21. socalscott

    Any details on Alessandro Combo Working Dog(6V6)?

    Any info is appreciated. Searched, but not sure which model. What is the voicing? What circuit is behind the power control? It cuts to 50%, so maybe it fades out one 6v6. TIA
  22. socalscott

    How many IR's/Sims!?

    I'm gonna be reaching here...5 total. One IR got separate channel eq plus notch filtering. One Sim got both a Yam hs80m monitor and a greenback. BTW, there was a pure IR to an hs80m. Why in the world? right? Well, I was bored. Results were pretty dang sweet for noodling, i.e. "not in a band...
  23. socalscott

    Amp1, defend the original

    Looking at one with the Remote1. Tell me your story.
  24. socalscott

    Do most gigging players sweat their home gear all that much?

    I know, pretty wide open. Okay, no guys that can afford to collect/hoard. For me, I imagine many of them not fretting over it and just using 'what ever' to work out some parts/ideas. Do they even play much at home?
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