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    Which guitars are a great buy right now?

    Looking for great guitars that may be out of fashion, maybe a brand that isn’t a darling any longer, etc. Looking for another guitar and just not sure what to get. Hoping to see some ideas that inspire me.
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    Sold Danocaster Singlecut

    Danocaster Singlecut. Gig bag included. 6.9 lbs., Custom Copper paint, ash body, rw board, .88v neck, Peter Florance Voodoo pickups. Relatively light aging for a Danocaster. The bridge pickup is apparently Florance TE60, not a TE50 as the hang tag would imply or PM
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    Asher Marc Ford

    This model is incredibly appealing to me. Love the looks and the sounds I’ve heard online. Extremely cool guitar. Love that it is something new and unique. Anyone here own one?
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    I have a bunch of high end pedals I no longer use and need to sell, but hate the idea of listing them all on Reverb

    I probably have ~15 really nice high end pedals. I plan to use the proceeds to buy another guitar, but hate the idea of listing them all on Reverb and having to ship them. Anyone have luck selling pedals in bulk?
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    Have never loved a Strat as much as I love this one

    It has IT. It sounds both vintage and muscular. It is so articulate. It's a Custom Shop 1961 Stratocaster Heavy Relic and it's spectacular. It weighs 7.5 lbs and has Custom Shop 1960 pickups. This is a very modest attempt at Jeff Beck's interpretation of A Day in the Life.
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    Love this new Gretsch!

    Love the specs, look, tone - amazing sounding guitar. Love that they went with silver on white instead of gold hardware. So much classier and understated.
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    Sold 2017 Fender DualMag Custom Shop Stratocaster Relic

    Incredible sounding and playing Custom Shop Strat. Beautiful color on the neck. Relic is very tasteful. ~7.8 lbs. See spec sheet for details. Please PM or email (
  8. cg

    Sold 2021 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Custom VOS $4300

    Have lots of additional pics if interested. PM or email ( Top 2-Piece Plain Maple Back 1-Piece Mahogany Finish Nitrocellulose with Antique Toner VOS Neck Dimensions 1st fret .818” / 12th fret .963” Fingerboard Material...
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    Les Paul Custom is Bigsbyfied

    I threw it on last night. With the shorter spring, the effect is quite subtle, but the tuning stability is excellent. Adds some weight be sure, but so have I over the years. :) Will play with it to see if it stays, but things look promising. The end doesn’t sit flush against the body, so I need...
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    Now THIS is how you demo a guitar

    Brilliant demo by Norms. Fantastic playing that really demonstrates what this guitar can do.
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    Which Les Paul gets the Bigsby?

    I cannot fight the urge any longer. I need a Bigsby on a Les Paul. On the left is a newer Custom Shop LP Custom with a maple top and custombuckers - weight is in high 9 pound range. On the right is an R8 with Burstbuckers and it weighs closer to 9 lbs. I was originally thinking of adding the...
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    New Richard Fortus Gretsch - I'm intrigued!

    Has anyone played a white one with the Bigsby? I can't seem to find info on the neck profile. Standard Gretsch profile? Thicker (hopefully)?
  13. cg

    Recommendations wanted: quirky, well built, inexpensive 60s and 70s guitars

    Scrolling through Reverb at lots of fun guitars from the 70s. Looking for recommendations on cool guitars that are surprisingly good and don’t cost a lot. Like this one - looks pretty cool.
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    Need help with market value of 2009 Historic 335 (made in Nashville)

    Thinking about selling and don’t see many others on the market. 335 values are all over the place. In excellent condition. Ebony finish.
  15. cg

    Minnesotans: Browns Guitar still around?

    I left them a voicemail this week, but haven’t heard back from them. Love them as they do exceptional work. I have an acoustic to fix (cracked top) and a 335 that will likely need new pickups and a tuneup.
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    Favorite pickups in a 335?

    I have a 2009 1959 ES 335 Reissue and it is a killer guitar. The neck is really beefy. I believe it has 57 Classics in it and I find them to be overly bright. Curious what pickups others are using in their 335s? Would like something that isn't overly woofy in the neck and has a nice vintage...
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    This SG may be the most striking guitar I have ever seen

    Good lord!
  18. cg

    Help me date my Historic 335

    Serial number is A99123. According to Gibson, Historic ES MODELS (since 1995) follow (A or B)-MYRRR M is the model year being reissued Y is the production year RRR indicates the guitar's place in the sequence of Historic ES production for that year. Reissue model codes: 2= ES-295 3= 1963 ES-335...
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    Sold 2017 Collings 360 LTM in Doghair $3450

    Killer guitar. 2017 Collings 360 LT M, Ash body and rosewood fingerboard. Doghair finish. Weighs ~8.3lbs. Stunning figured maple neck. 12" fingerboard radius. 22 medium frets with plenty of life and a 24 7/8" scale. Dual Lollar P90 pickups, Gotoh tuners, and a Mastery offset bridge with...
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    Tell me about your Bigsby equipped Teles

    Really gassing for a Tele with a Bigsby. Would love to hear what you like or dislike compared to a standard Tele. Thanks!
  21. cg

    Anyone play or own the Dave Murray 57 signature Strat?

    Curious about the black one, maple neck, with a humbucker in the bridge and neck. Need a guitar for heavier stuff and have always loved the looks of Dave’s old Strat.
  22. cg

    Amazing how strong Bruce Dickinson’s voice is

    I was a huge Maiden fan as a kid in the 80s. I have been listening to their latest album and a bunch of their recent live stuff. They still sound amazing. His voice is incredible. They haven’t tuned down to accommodate aging. They look like they are having the best time of their lives. Up the...
  23. cg

    Sold K-Line Truxton single cut: black w/rosewood board and light relic

    Pretty sure this has Lollar pickups. 7 lbs on my bathroom scale. Set up beautifully with 10s. Plays and sounds like a dream. K-Line Truxtons are as good as it gets. Kaces case. I recorded a video clip with it (below). The Truxton can do it all - modern rock guitar to country and all places in...
  24. cg

    Does this look like a legit Gibson custom shop Les Paul Custom?

    Seems good to me, but wanted another opinion.
  25. cg

    Old 97s ‘Jagged’ guitar tone story

    Love this song. What a cool story.
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