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  1. Tadams

    Pro mark discontinued my stick

    it looks like ProMark has discontinued the stick I’ve used for years, the 707n. It’s a stick on the slim side with a round nylon tip. It really digs in on my ride bell. I bought the few remaining pairs on Reverb, but USPS lost them. The closest I’ve found is the 747 but I really liked the 707
  2. Tadams

    Kansas City School that became a stop for R&B
  3. Tadams

    Sold Fralin Blues Special Pre-wired

    Fralin Blues Special Strat pickups pre-wired by Acme. The bridge pickup has the Fralin base plate. This is wired with the Blender pot mod that combines the neck and bridge pickup. Very good condition. These came out of an Am Deluxe Strat that I sold and put back to stock. $200 shipped/paypal
  4. Tadams

    Sold Collings MT-O Mandolin

    2016 Collings MT-O oval hole mandolin in excellent condition. Gloss black Englemann Spruce top with maple back and sides. All original with case. One small surface scratch. see pics $2100 Shipped/Paypalled (conus). Sorry no trades. More pics:
  5. Tadams

    Wife fakes interest in amp

    I got a new to me used amp last night, a Fender Super Champ. I pulled the cover off and played a few tunes and asked the wife to come look at my new amp. So she comes in the room, looks at the amp cover and says "Oh that's a nice looking amp!" I said "honey, that's the cover. The amp is over...
  6. Tadams

    Sold Martin OM28-V

    2013 Martin OM-28V for sale in excellent-plus condition. No dings, dents or scratches. I bought this guitar new from Wildwood Guitars. 25.4" scale, Herringbone trim, Modified V neck, 1.75" nut width, 2-5/16" string spacing at the bridge. All original, no mods with Geib style case. Sorry no...
  7. Tadams

    Sold MJT Lake Placid Blue Strat

    MJT Lake Placid Blue Strat with body and neck painted and lightly aged by MJT. Alder body, medium C neck, 9.5" radius. Fender Mint green pickguard. Fender CS Texas Special pickups wired in the Blender configuration (blends neck and bridge pickup with the 2nd...
  8. Tadams

    Tom Petty - She's The One soundtrack

    I have recently been listening to this album again after it originally came out in 1996. It is not one of Tom's more popular albums but I really like it for several reasons: 1 - I was going thru a divorce the same about the same time as Tom, and this is really a dark and bitter album. With...
  9. Tadams

    Dave's Guitar no more Gibsons

    I saw on another forum Dave's Guitar is no longer selling Gibsons. Acoustics and Electrics.
  10. Tadams

    Midnight Oil 2017 tour

    I can't believe I'm just hearing about this. Sadly most of the shows are already sold out. From the videos I've watched they really sound good!
  11. Tadams

    Sold Gibson '59 ES-335 Reissue Cherry

    For sale, 2009 Gibson 1959 ES-335 Reissue in Cherry. All original except for reflector knobs (originals in case). COA included, model A999xx. Original hardshell case. Excellent condition. Gloss finish. If you are looking for a lightweight (7.5 lbs) ES-335 with a med chunky neck this is it...
  12. Tadams

    Anyone else play in Chuck Berry's pickup band?

    Happy 90th birthday Chuck! Did anyone else play in one of Chuck Berry's pickup bands? I think the stories are pretty similar. I played drums for one in Boonville MO (between KC and STL) around 1985. It was a prison gig and it was a "captive" audience! Just me on drums, a bass player and...
  13. Tadams

    I saw a David Bowie Tribute last night

    I saw Wilco earlier in the week, and my ticket receipt gave me free admission to a David Bowie Tribute band last night. It was really good! Cell phone video- Band website:
  14. Tadams

    Saw The Cure last night

    I saw The Cure last night, and what a massive bass sound Simon Gallop had! They really have a great rhythm section with drummer Jason Cooper. Reeves Gabrels on guitar seemed kinda under-utilized. Robert Smith sang great and played a lot of the familiar guitar parts.
  15. Tadams

    Sold Gibson ES-333 Blonde

    2003 Gibson ES-333 Semi-hollowbody in blonde. This is the satin finish version of the ES-335 that was only offered for a couple of years. Upgrades include Classic 57 humbucker pickups and wiring, pickguard, polished headstock, TonePros tuners, Amber knobs, and Gibson Hardshell case. Slim 60's...
  16. Tadams

    Reverend 12 string

    Just posted on Wildwoods site, Reverend has a brand new 12 string electric. 1-3/4" nut, semi-hollow. Looks interesting.
  17. Tadams

    Jimmy Page no Es-335?

    Why do you think Jimmy never played an Es-335? In photo's anyway.
  18. Tadams

    Gibson case combination lock trouble

    Has anyone replaced a combination lock with a regular latch? My combination lock has not been opening, even though the combination has never been set. It still has the plastic guard thru the thumbwheels. It takes about 15 minutes of fumbling around and it finally pops open for some reason. If i...
  19. Tadams

    Sold K-Line P-Bass Lake Placid Blue

    For sale, my K-Line P-Bass in Lake Placid Blue. I had this bass built for me by K-Line a few years ago in a light relic. 10" radius medium thick neck (nitro), Klein pickups, Gotoh vintage reverse tuners, Kaces case. $1150 shipped (conUS) Trades - Martin D-18 or similar. Ric 12 string SOLD
  20. Tadams

    Musical Instrument Museum

    I really enjoyed my visit to the Musical Instrument Museum in Scottsdale, AZ. I spent over 4 hours there and saw about half of it. Since I also play drums i think my favorite item was Keith Moon's Pictures Of Lilly drumset, or what's left of it after exploding on the Smothers Brothers show...
  21. Tadams

    Kansas - Miracles Out Of Nowhere

    Just finished watching this on Palladia. Sure brought back some memories. Where the hell did these guys come from?
  22. Tadams

    The Bel Airs, The Blues is Walkin'

    I love these guys, The Bel Airs from Columbia Missouri lOIP6oie6Ns
  23. Tadams

    Ever travel to a dealer to buy guitar?

    I'm kicking around the idea of planning a trip to a dealer to purchase an acoustic. I usually buy used, local, or have the dealer ship it, but I think it would be fun to fly/drive and pick one out from a huge selection. I don't have much of a selection in KC (other than Mass St. in KS) Has...
  24. Tadams

    Blonde 335 finish question

    Does Gibson make a blonde/natural finish for Es-335's like this new Es-330? It is called Vintage Natural, love that ambered look as opposed to the almost white Antique Natural most 335's have
  25. Tadams

    Les Paul Classic H90 to P90 conversion

    I just finished swapping out the stock H90 pickups and Push-pull pots for regular Gibson P90's with 50's style wiring. Sounds pretty good! This guitar was a 2007 Guitar Of The Week, and I also replaced the gold hardware with chrome. More pics at...
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