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  1. J

    Are PRS DGT stiff playing?

    This makes me feel bad that I live in Austin and don't have a signature guitar! :)
  2. J

    I know I’m a hack, but who’s posting vids during Covid19?

    I did one as I'm using the time to try and learn to play a little better again. Cube life is a drag on time!
  3. J

    PRS DG50?

    He does play the DG30 at the Saxon. It’s just in a rotation. We occasionally get to see other guitars too. :p
  4. J

    PRS DG50?

    I’m not up on Two Rock models, so I had to ask a friend of mine. He says he thinks it’s Classic Reverb Signature. I looked quickly for it on YouTube and saw it in the background, but nothing I could make out. He plays it mostly with a DG PRS cab.
  5. J

    Eric Johnson Classics: Present and Past tour.

    Dave is Dave Scher. One of the great younger Austin players: http://www.davescher.com/
  6. J

    PRS DG50?

    His Saxon show is one of the best residencies around. But if you’re traveling for it, maybe shoot him an email or something from his website. He rotates amps. He’s been playing a Two Rock at the Saxon lately. My personal favorite of his is when he plays his Jim Kelley.
  7. J

    Had a fun amp jam day and Zinky Fender shootout (Prosonic/Tone Master) today

    Hi, I've had a tone master since they came out, I picked up a Mark V:35 last year, and am familiar with the various OG Mesas. I've played prosonics in stores, but not long enough to know anything about them or remember :) I jam with a gentlemen often that has a BE and dirty Shirley. They're...
  8. J

    Do people come up after gigs to tell you you're the best player around the area?

    No. But I live in Austin and I saw Eric Johnson, Roscoe Beck, Carter Arrington, and Kirk Covington in the audience at a show I went to earlier this week, so...
  9. J

    Bogner 2x12 Cab: Can you change from Closed to Open back?

    I did exactly that. I bought an OS 2x12 from my local dealer, and they ordered the back panels for the open back for me too.
  10. J

    Advice for making solos stand out?

    To me, as a guy that likes amp drive, the best solution I’ve found is a footswitchable master volume. The folks over at Smart Belle just modded a p-51 with a footswitchable master. It’s amazing to be able to boost both the clean and drive channels by an arbitrary amount. Having a noticeable...
  11. J

    New Gibson COO Lee Cheng

    This is an interesting development. Lee Cheng is almost a folk hero in the tech world. He doesn't seem like a fit for the rumored Gibson corporate culture. He's a smart guy with common sense. Maybe he can clean things up. Here are some links about his work at Newegg...
  12. J

    Headed to Austin

    My understanding is that Austin Vintage is now a Collings dealer. And sadly, bass emporium is now more. Fortunately, John Files (bass emporium owner and all around awesome guy) is working with Austin Guitar House.
  13. J

    Pensa-Suhr Up for Grabs!

    Note that Randall already sold this, and surely isn't expecting a large celebrity price. I haven't seen him in many years, but he's a humble, friendly, and very talented gentleman. I believe he sold this due to his wife's illness. It's a shame he isn't still playing with the skynyrd tribute band...
  14. J

    Looking for some other el84 options

    This one: http://www.engl-amps.com/cms/index.php?id=37&tx_ddfproducts_pi1[uid]=117&iPhoneBypass=1 It sounds exceptional for a dirty clean, and has good cleaner sounds, and very good drive. It also happens to be cheaper than most of the amps suggested. I use a gig master head when I don't want...
  15. J

    Best strat to get for the jimmy herring setup

    Yeah, the hands thing is really true, but his ears are just as important. We know that his gear isn't the sole driver of his tone, since he sounds similar on wildly different gear. But the gear matters - he's not playing whatever he can rent cheapest. So the hard part is to try to think and hear...
  16. J

    Best strat to get for the jimmy herring setup

    He was using a super. A CBS strat is one built when fender was owned by CBS ~1966 - 1985 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fender_Musical_Instruments_Corporation#Sale_to_CBS His guitar played very well, but it wasn't a once in a lifetime magic guitar. The point is that many strats can be setup...
  17. J

    Best strat to get for the jimmy herring setup

    I would find a warmoth neck you like, and build a 2 humbucker setup. I played Jimmy Herring's rig back in the mid 90's when he was playing in the Derek Trucks Band. He was playing a CBS strat with a 3 position selector, and a toggle switch to turn on the neck pickup I think. His tone is...
  18. J

    Favorite guitarist under 30?

    KZvXJn8SFNU How about under 20? Carson Brock is a really good player here in Austin.
  19. J

    Simple Recording Setup for guitar ideas

    You should be able to get the Tascam to work. Jefesq is on the right path I think. You should look at the buffer size selected for the Tascam. If you have too small a buffer, sometimes the buffer runs out of data and you get a crackle. If it's way too small, it happens constantly. As you...