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  1. msquared

    Is it just me, or does it feel like a new era of music is coming?

    There is always a new era of music coming and it always has a bunch of throwaway buzzwords attached to it that nobody will remember a couple years later. Someday you'll be middle aged and some kid will take random nouns and stick them together to describe the same music you listened to as a...
  2. msquared

    strictly bedroom players ... what digital setup? (Kemper an option?)

    I keep my THR10c on my nightstand. I've got much more expansive stuff around the house but that size amp is perfect for noodling before hitting the sack or upon getting up. Bonus points for the headphone jack and aux in. I've gone back and forth with this as a bedtime rig and the strongest...
  3. msquared

    Cover bands playing cover songs in different keys

    The Girl from Ipanema was originally in G. In Brazil they play it in Db and in America it's done in F. There is a whole turf war over the key this song is played in, apparently.
  4. msquared

    I liken Cheap Guitars to Cheap Eyelasses...

    World renowned life coach Billy Gibbons will tell you that sometimes the cheap ones are the only choice.
  5. msquared

    Your favorite way to reduce beaming and get even sound on stage?

    If I am bringing an amp to a gig, I always have a tiltback amp stand. This has been a game changer for me for over 20 years now. I even bring one out if I'm drumming, playing bass, or running sound. Aiming the amp at my head and only turning it up as loud as I need it on stage and letting the...
  6. msquared

    Flint V2 - has anyone AB’d them? Worth upgrading?

    There are a lot of people throwing a fit about the v2 pedals driving down the value of the v1s, but I look at this as a huge boon to anyone who has wanted to get into one of these without spending a lot of money. The v1 versions of all of these are still outstanding pieces of gear IMO.
  7. msquared

    What are your favourite MIDI controllers these days?

    Another Morningstar vote. The MC8 is a superb piece of gear, the only problem being that it's turned me into a serious MIDI snob when it comes to pedals.
  8. msquared

    Greg Koch Trio - Felton Music Hall August 6, 2022

    When you're playing in the Koch-Marshall trio, you almost have to do this at some point. I'm envious that you got to spot him in the wild @karmadave. I've been seeing him post between-show vids on Insta and wishing he was rolling through Kansas.
  9. msquared

    Need a drive to compliment my existing drives…

    I run into the situation you're describing quite a bit. My go-to pedals for solving this are both by Mythos, the Au79 and the Chupacabra. I use the the Au79 if I need something more trebly and the Chupacabra if I need something more bassy.
  10. msquared

    Four gigs Four guitars

    Every time one of the paulownias goes up in the classifieds I'm tempted.
  11. msquared

    I think I'm done with the Helix...where do I start?

    If it were me I'd either jump right back in bed with the Dr Z stuff or pick up one of the Bad Cat amps. The Silver Jube would be tempting for sure!
  12. msquared

    What bass are you playing today?

    I'm playing nothing but fretless lately. Mostly it's the one on the left, a Rick Turner Renaissance 5. The James Basses Eden on the right just got back from getting the fingerboard redone and is currently on the bench getting a new preamp. Rig is a Demeter VTBP-201 into a Bergantino IP112/HT112...
  13. msquared

    Buying thoughts on a heavily gigged PRS?

    I would buy any heavily gigged PRS. Unless it was Herman Li's.
  14. msquared

    Worst gig mistake ?

    I was playing with a band that I'd recently joined. We were doing an album release gig with a couple other groups on the bill and we were headlining. I'd done some recording and mixing with them and had known the guitarist forever so it was a good fit when their drummer and bass player split on...
  15. msquared

    Neural DSP release tease (Archetype: Rabea)

    Ah yes, the great mitigating factor in any of these discussions. Clearly your perspective differs from mine (oh the stories I could tell about finding good hardware people) but I imagine it also comes down to geography - in which case software devs have a bit of an advantage.
  16. msquared

    For those that have bought an amp twice...

    I've done this a lot and will likely do it for decades to come. I understand buying and selling gear if it's readily available. I don't like most of the 800 lb gorillas enough to hold onto them. I might buy it if it's applicable for a band I'm in (eg. a Fender DRRI for a surf rock band) but...
  17. msquared

    Show your pedalboard: 2022

    I don't usually have this much drive on the board at once but I set this up for a recent gig and have been really enjoying it. With my smaller board I have an expression pedal to manipulate the lag/wobble/blend on the Deco to sweep between flange, chorus, and delay but I leave it out when the...
  18. msquared

    Soldering advice

    I have an older version of that one. I've been accumulating soldering irons for several years and it's my favorite.
  19. msquared

    Green rhino and other tube screamer alternatives?

    @Arseniic you didn't really specify what you're trying to accomplish that the TS isn't doing for you but maybe that would be a good start. There are some subtle differences and a whole lot of marketing involved with this stuff but at the end of the day we're talking about a box that will...
  20. msquared

    Looking to replace headrush FRFR, what’s new?

    What's your budget and what size rooms are you playing?
  21. msquared

    Green rhino and other tube screamer alternatives?

    It's not 100% a TS circuit but of course neither are a lot of the clones out there. It's got some shared ideas (and functionality) and it's a reasonable alternative if we're getting as far out from the original as the Green Rhino.
  22. msquared

    Strymon Lex Gen 2 - MIDI and Updates

    Has anyone used both this and the rotary setting on a Mobius? Aside from the dry mix, how does this compare?
  23. msquared

    Strymon Iridium vs. Walrus Audio ACS1

    You do understand correctly and I probably should have clarified a bit more. TLDR, I set the Iridium for 6/6/3/2 and I don't worry about a bright switch and it sounds pretty great. I don't really like that model with the knobs all set at noon and I don't find that it matches magic six based on...
  24. msquared

    You Can Have 3 Dirt Pedals

    There are few wrong answers here and most of the varieties of right answers depend on the genres, your guitar, and the tone in your head. Generally I'd say a fuzz, a TS, and a boost. For me that ends up being a Mythos Au79, an MXR Il Diavolo, and a Chandler Germanium Boost. A lot of the time I...
  25. msquared

    Neural DSP release tease (Archetype: Rabea)

    I'm sure it's more complicated than that. For example, finding software developers right now is far easier than finding people who are seriously good at hardware. There's also the small matter of software dev being something that can be handled anywhere in the world while the hardware dev side...
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