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  1. T-bone

    If your getting BAD cust service........

    ....when is it ok to call the company out publicly
  2. T-bone

    Chandler Stereo Echo

    For sale-1 Chandler Stereo Echo Rack rash on the top but otherwise clean. 100% working cond $300 shipped
  3. T-bone

    Koll Tornado

    More info later today. Just chumin' the water:D Thinking $2000 shipped
  4. T-bone

    Kemper ?

    Just got done a weeks worth of research on the Kemper an I'm sold!!!!! Anyone have info on a lite version without the profile feature? The fact that I don't have access to numerous great sounding amps makes this feature less important to me than the presets and the online tone bank.
  5. T-bone


    Got my first Koll(Korina Tornado) yesterday and I'm floored! Fit finish and TONE are off the charts.
  6. T-bone

    More Koll anyone?

    [/IMG] Korina baby!!!!! About a month away:AOK
  7. T-bone

    Dr Z 2x10 cab

    Just got a Z open back 2x10 with Zs own speakers to use with a Z28 head and all I can say is wow. Tight clear low end, nice mids and best of all no shrill high end.Punchy clear and sweet. I bought the cab to run with a 1x12 cab loaded with a Weber Alnico BD but, I may just use this cab by...
  8. T-bone

    Stupid Classic 30 ?

    Hey My Peavey C30 came with a 16 ohm speaker, BUT, it says in the manual that its 30 watt into 16 or 8 ohm?????? Are they talking about running an ex cab at 16 ohms along with internal speaker at 16 ohms to get the load to 8 ohms??? or can the amp just run 16 or 8 ohms period??? I really...
  9. T-bone

    66 Bandmaster Ohms?

    Hi Just got a 66 Bandmaster Head and the previous owner told me it was a 16 ohm speaker out But I did some research and Blackface Bandmasters between 1963-67 have a 4 ohm out? Got my info off http://www.ampwares.com/ffg/index.html What gives? and oh yeah. I had to try it out in...