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  1. fishlog

    FS Ibanez 1995 AS80 with 57 Classic Neck, SD 59 Bridge Updated Electronics and Hardshell Case.

    I have been trying out a bunch of Semi-Hollows and found the Ibanez series from the 90s might be the most underrated guitar I have ever come across. After playing this guitar and a few others no need to own a Gibson. Trying to decide which one to keep has been a chore as I could easily keep...
  2. fishlog

    Ditch my Epiphone ES335 for Ibanez AS93?

    Looking for an inexpensive alternative to a ES335. I had an Eastman T486 it was a vastly better build quality but actually thought the Epi had more character. That being said after 2-3 weeks I feel like I am constantly having to tweak the Epi to keep it playing nice. Something about the...
  3. fishlog

    Sold Electro harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress 1999 missing dot

    In my opinion best Mistress of all the versions. 274 paypal and shipped
  4. fishlog

    Sold Gretsch G6137TCB-BLK Panther

    Please email with questions 2013 and pretty good shape would be an understatement . Plays and sounds amazing. Tarnish on pickups and bridge. Small almost invisible scratch on head stock. $2400 Paypal friends and shipped
  5. fishlog

    Sold Eastman T486 Flametop Dark Red

    Basically should not have bought it… just can’t afford these things now. Amazing guitar. Mint condition My loss your gain 1299 paypal and shipped. 1200 paypal friends.
  6. fishlog

    Sold Gretsch G5622T Electromatic Imperial stain. PRICE DROP!

    Bought New from Sweetwater about a month ago. Some of the neck binding has those lines in it that I don't know why but appear in different guitars from time to time. NO CASE but I saved all the packing for Sweetwater so should get to you nice and safe! $650 Paypal (Friends) and Shipped. NOW...
  7. fishlog

    Sold Deluxe Memory Man XO

    $195 Paypal'd and Shipped. MN3008s, box, velcro and power supply all there.
  8. fishlog

    Sold Fender Boxer Strat with Upgrades +++Price Drop+++

    This is an incredible guitar but I recently bought a Gretsch Panther so something has to go... About the guitar... I installed a Vintage Dimarzio Super Distortion in the Bridge (I might have pics of it or you will have to take my word). Also Installed a Seymour Duncan Antiquities JB in the...
  9. fishlog

    Sold Earthquaker Night Wire

    Velcro on back Comes with box and paper work. $130 Paypal’d and Shipped.
  10. fishlog

    Sold Deluxe Memory Man XO and Earth Quaker Dispatch Master V1

    Deluxe Memory Man XO $200 shipped and Paypal. Not the best Calibration for longer delays on this one Misprinted MN3005. Box and Power Supply Included. Dispatch Master V1 $160 Paypal'd and Shipped Box and Velcro.
  11. fishlog

    Guys from EHX are telling me Ring Mod is Normal on DMM 550tt???

    I have owned duplicate versions of the old big box DMM, XO and 550tt and even one 1100tt. Never had this issue before. The 550tt I currently own makes some pretty awful Chirping or ring modulation sounds after repeats. This is only when I use the Tap tempo feature. When I dial it in it is...
  12. fishlog

    Sold Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray Coral Mint! Almost new!

    My loss your gain... easily one of the best I have owned. $1799 Pay pal'd and Shipped I have more pictures and can answer any questions you might have. Please no trades.
  13. fishlog

    Sold PRS McCarty Gold Top 2015 w/ Hardshell Case

    One of my Favorite Guitars but Seasons change Please not two tiny dents on guitar and the post to the wrap tail bridge are a little chewed up. $2600 Pay Pal'd and Shipped I have more Pictures.
  14. fishlog

    Sold 68 Custom Princeton Reverb

    Pretty good shape I'd say. Cover but no Switch. $750 PayPal'd and Shipped.
  15. fishlog

    Guitar Weights when purchasing online from Musician's Friend, GC or WWBW?

    Anyone have success getting actual guitar weights when blind ordering from these guys of getting the actual guitars weight? They sent me a 9lb plus Music Man Sting Ray. It was just to heavy. Thank God for their return policy. Wouldn't be a problem if I could order from Sweetwater but they...
  16. fishlog

    Just Bought a Level 3 Scratch and dent Amp from Musicians Friend

    I ran across a deal that to me was to good to not at least see if I could get along with it. $700+ off a Chris Stapleton Princeton. Until I see for myself I was curious what everyone's experience was with Scratch and Dent amps? I see a lot about Scratch and Dent guitars but not so much amps...
  17. fishlog

    Shipping through Vs Carrier Directly

    So I sold a Boss Pedal on and the shipping through UPS was going to be $24. I thought that was kind of high so I decided to go to my personal UPS account and do a comparison and sure enough it was only $15. Now to be fair Reverb added $4 dollars of their shipping insurance on and $3...
  18. fishlog

    Sold PRS CE24 Cherry Gray Burst/Wrap -Nice Flame Top but NOT Over the Top- Satin Finish.

    This is a beautiful CE 24 and plays incredibly well. Send any questions you have my way. I'm moving away from Reverb but have been a member here for long, long time. $1599 for starters + Exact Shipping. Comes with a HARSHELL CASE
  19. fishlog

    Sold PRS S2 Starla

    Up for Grabs is a PRS Starla in McCarty Tobacco Burst. Seen its share of playing but boy does it play! Lots of little scratches I tried to photo the bigger ones. I took scotchbrite to the neck so it feels more like a satin finish and really plays nice. Pictures show the neck pre-scotchbrite so...
  20. fishlog

    Sold 2019 SG Special Faded Pelham Blue

    Excellent Shape! $1050 Plus another $50 Pay Pal'd and Shipped. The Pickups in this one really sing!
  21. fishlog

    What's the best of those cheap mini Delay pedals

    Hey everyone, I just realized when packing up my mini board the other night why it was a bad idea to sell my Ibanez Mini Delay... not that it was small but that it could run off 9v. I have a gift card to amazon for 50 bucks... do you get where I am going with this? I hear they are all the...
  22. fishlog

    2019 SG Special interesting little story.

    I've been having some pretty good luck with Gibsons past couple I've owned so in January when I got a 2019 SG Special in Pelham blue I was not surprised how well it was made. Felt terrific. It was the closet thing to a custom shop I'd ever owned I thought to myself often. But being a gear junky...
  23. fishlog

    PRS S2 Starla vs S2 singlecut... To much overlap?

    Let me start with I already own an S2 Starla. Lot of fun definitely got it's on thing going on. Took me a few nights to figure out that I just need to let it be its own thing instead of comparing to an SG or Les Paul. Being that it is its own thing I'm wondering if owning an S2 Single cut will...
  24. fishlog

    The Bassexchange (Anyone ever shop online there)

    I saw something I wanted there and just not sure about the site etc Anyone have experience with these guys?
  25. fishlog

    Gibson SG Special Vs Junior. Is it worth while having both?

    During this unusual time we are all living in I am considering selling my Les Paul and padding my bank account a bit... in return I'd purchase another Guitar thats cheaper and put the difference in my bank account. I love the look of the Juniors (Although I wish it had a bound neck) but I...
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