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  1. GreenKnight18

    Sweetwater Gear Exchange to compete with Reverb

    Maybe you could get your rep to make calls for you. "Hi this is Mark from Sweetwater. Just wanted to see how you were doing and let you know my main guy TJontheRoad has a beat up TubeScreamer pedal for sale: $60 plus shipping."
  2. GreenKnight18

    ProCo RAT 85 Whiteface reissue INFO

    Despite your feelings about the pedal, Rats are a timeless classic. Hundreds of thousands of them have been sold for decades and decades. You might not like that, but it's true. Whatever makes 'good tone' is entirely subjective. Tubescreamers and Klons are also examples. You're certainly welcome...
  3. GreenKnight18

    No love at the offset guitar forums, but...

    I frequent both places. This is just cross-town rival stuff. TGP has plenty of snobs too, they are just snobby about different things, and generally from both sides (pro and anti Fender Custom Shop threads for example). Suhr does good block inlays (I am snobby about ‘my’ take on...
  4. GreenKnight18

    ProCo RAT 85 Whiteface reissue INFO

    So basically you had a negative experience 37 years ago and you want to argue with something a ProCo guy said in a thread that’s 12 years old?
  5. GreenKnight18

    Ever realize you’re just…done?

    The less you are looking the easier it is to find stuff like gear.
  6. GreenKnight18

    Ever realize you’re just…done?

    Sounds like someone needs to explore Jazzmasters.
  7. GreenKnight18

    Nux Monterey Vibe discontinued... why??

  8. GreenKnight18

    Strymon Volante vs Boss RE-202 Space Echo

    I only own the RE-202. I have watched & read comparisons of those two pedals and the impression that I have is for a "pure tape delay emulator" pedal the Volante has a bit more to offer. The RE-202 is really great as an enhanced 201, and as I really like 201 sounds, that pedal is great for my...
  9. GreenKnight18

    For Fender Loyalists... I have a question

    I tried a few G&Ls. Some of them are really cool, but one was too heavy and it also had a massive neck. The other one had Z coils, which were too hot for me. I’m happy with my Fenders (and partscasters).
  10. GreenKnight18

    Gibson = Dad Rock? Has Gibson miscalculated for the future?

    I haven't seen too many people here under the age of say, 35? disagreeing. It probably means that TGP = Dad Rock. I mean... I'm 49 and a dad. Indierock for me though, so DadX Rock.
  11. GreenKnight18

    Gibson = Dad Rock? Has Gibson miscalculated for the future?

    How much did your grandfather pay you per hour?
  12. GreenKnight18

    Roland Jazz Chorus 77

  13. GreenKnight18

    Post only photos of your full guitar collection. No descriptions!

    Okay, StringBender200plus. Impressive!
  14. GreenKnight18

    Post only photos of your full guitar collection. No descriptions!

    Does your username refer to the number of guitars you have?
  15. GreenKnight18

    An American made EVH Wolfgang is 4600?!?!?!

    Do you envy every single thing you don’t think is worth it? Even the things you don’t want or need? I’m not a yacht guy. I’m not really even a boat guy. That’s fine. If you want a nice yacht, live the yacht life, and listen to sweet yacht rock then do it. I’m not envious of a yacht and yes...
  16. GreenKnight18

    Guitar Center used... I know it goes without saying but Caveat Emptor...

    I don't think it's a big conspiracy either; I'm just marveling at all these sneaky mofos out there that pull stuff like this. A lot of people don't have that much of a problem seemingly screwing over a large faceless corporation like Guitar Center owned by some equally faceless private equity...
  17. GreenKnight18

    Guitar Center used... I know it goes without saying but Caveat Emptor...

    How much money do you think you can make off stripping used Guitar Center guitars for parts? Like I get that you can make a few hundred bucks and maybe with a well-run gang of guitar parts thieves you could do okay... but really? This is a weird grey market.
  18. GreenKnight18

    KTR version 1 vs version 2

    Import duties and shipping for chimp-produced pedals are sky high right now. You might want to look into raccoon-made pedals-- they are also made in the USA.
  19. GreenKnight18

    How Quickly Do You Know?

    Similar thing happened with me too. I had been playing strats forever, and hearing Jazzmasters (and later Jaguars) were like "YES!" It was that Fender single coil sound with that extra element that had been missing to my ears. Everything finally fell into place.
  20. GreenKnight18

    Former Fuzz Haters: What Fuzz Changed Your Mind?

    My first fuzz, deep in the heady days of Grunge's 15 minutes of fame, was a Russian Big Muff. So cool looking with its wooden box, etc. . I will never forget stomping on that pedal on stage (my band didn't play out as much as I would have liked) and having the sound completely disappear. This...
  21. GreenKnight18

    How Quickly Do You Know?

    I was initially underwhelmed with my #1 guitar (aside from liking the looks). Around a year later I realized that I had really bonded with it. Most of the rest of the time it's only been a matter of minutes.
  22. GreenKnight18

    Boss Space Echo RE-202

    To the best of my knowledge there is no universally loved pedal. For every 'big fan' and the dozens of clones there will be some people that never got into it, and I'm talking about universally popular pedals that have been around for decades, like Tubescreamers, RATs, Fuzz pedals, and whatever...
  23. GreenKnight18

    Pictures of your super expensive guitars that you've played the crap out of and dinged/worn out/etc. (Show Me)

    Some people on here get so bothered by this stuff. Bought new in 2008. FCS Masterbuilt Jaguar. All chips, dings, and playwear due to my incompetence. I do like to keep my guitars clean, and I polish them now and again, but here we are.
  24. GreenKnight18

    Improving the Jazzmaster trem

    I'd go with the Staytrem too. Mine has held up forever (10+ years now).
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