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  1. ungarn

    Anyone use Andy James JamCentral tracks?

    I was considering getting a few, especially the ones used by EMGtv and Richie Faulkner.
  2. ungarn

    Wylde Audio BARBARIAN Rawtop...now on presale...

    Surely a beast if it has the same burly neck as the ODIN I played at Guitar Center.
  3. ungarn

    Sold Wren & Cuff Mercy Phuk Colossal Overdrive drop to $95

    For sale, Wren & Cuff Mercy Phuk Colossal Overdrive Final price drop before evilbay. Very good condition, velcro on the bottom. Link to description: http://www.wrenandcuff.com/site/the-stompboxes/mercy-phuk $95 shipped and paypal'd conus. Would still straight trade for: Xotic AC Comp Analogman...
  4. ungarn

    Favorite screamer-ish pedal from list for Gibsons and Marshalls?

    Cast your vote! I really like my Maxon OD808 and Mesa Grid Slammer. But...considering a new Way Huge Green Rhino Mk IV or Cusack Screamer. Play primarily Gibsons and Marshalls, so your favorite for such application is appreciated.
  5. ungarn

    Supro 1622RT sounds great! Will similar Eminence 10" help Pro Jr.?

    Got to play a 1622RT today at Guitar Center. Really great sounding amp...really punchy for a 1x10 too. I thought it was quite a bit better sounding than the 1695T Black Magic. Even when played loud it did not break up much with single coils. The speaker and cab project really well too and...
  6. ungarn

    Sold Marshall Bluesbreaker II BB-2 Pedal

    For sale or trade, Marshall Bluesbreaker II BB-2 Pedal. Not real pretty, but functions 100%. $37 shipped and paypal'd CONUS As far as trades, looking for: EHX Nano Hot Tubes, Crayon, Mini Q-tron Boss Super Chorus Digitech Screamin' Blues Other? My Reverb ad: http://rvrb.io/bluesbreaker-ii-bb-cjh
  7. ungarn

    Sold Mr. Black Thunderclaw

    For sale, Mr. Black Thunderclaw. $140 shipped and paypal'd CONUS. Would also trade for a Bogner Burnley, Mesa Flux Five, Boss Super Chorus. Thanks for looking! My Reverb ad here: http://rvrb.io/thunderclaw-distor-go6
  8. ungarn

    Danny Young demos for Seymour Duncan are just FANTASTIC!

    The playing and tones speak for themselves...
  9. ungarn

    What is the verdict on the Maxon OD808X pedal?

    Kinda interested, anyone using one yet, especially with Marshalls? Thanks, in advance!
  10. ungarn

    Floyd type bar for Fender tremolo?

    Does anyone make a Floyd Rose type tremolo bar that fits a standard Fender screw in tremolo? (2014). Thanks in advance.
  11. ungarn

    Mr. Black Thunderclaw vs Walrus Audio Iron Horse?

    Can anyone compare/contrast these two pedals? I would be using with Marshall amps and Fender Pro Jr. I found that a normal RAT does not really work for me. Thanks in advance!
  12. ungarn

    School me on the Peavey Wolfgang Standard...

    Played a helluva plain jane, used, black, Peavey USA Wolfgang Standard yesterday. Really effortless to play, sounded great, and non obnoxious down only tremolo. Is $950 about right for such an axe? Are the Peavey Wolfgang Specials better bang for buck? Is the Standard just a pale imitator of...
  13. ungarn

    My Custom General Guitar Gadgets WHRL Pedal

    I had a big box laying around unused, and my artist brother painted it for me as a birthday present. Waited until General Guitar Gadgets put the WHRL (way huge red llama) on sale and just bought the kit. I am not great with soldering, so this was the perfect kit for me, and I have been wanting...
  14. ungarn

    My latest, favorite, craigslist musician post...

    http://dayton.craigslist.org/muc/5168351974.html An "event" band, featuring a DJ, music by Toto and Steely Dan, started by a self-depricating multi-instrumentalist. Kinda hits on 47 of the most recent TGP threads and rants all in one!
  15. ungarn

    Help me understand my Lovepedal White Dragon

    Just got one in trade, sounds GREAT with my Gibsons, Marshalls, and wahs. No manual, so assuming the knobs are: Volume Gain Blend (transition from fuzzy fact to rangeymaster) Does the trimmer pot accessed thru the back adjust the overall gain? I have only been using a battery so far. Does it...
  16. ungarn

    Basic Audio, Joe Gagan Faux Boomer Wah, Big Box RAT!

    Prices are shipped and paypal'd CONUS lower 48. Only trades potentially interested in are EQD Cloven Hoof, Dunlop Band of Gypsys Fuzz mini, Lovepedal/Hermida Dover Drive. Thanks for looking! Basic Audio Shore Bird SOLD, THANKS BEN! Basic Audio Spooky Tooth SOLD, THANS WILLIAM! Joe...
  17. ungarn

    Favorite Brian May in a box pedal?

    Have only played the V-Stack BHM, but curious to know about other offerings such as the Digitech sig, Tech 21 Liverpool, etc. Pedal would be used with humbuckers into Marshalls and a Pro Jr. Thanks!
  18. ungarn

    What pedal for Santana Moonflower sustaining lead tone?

    What distortion pedal to push a Fender amp into Santana Moonflower type sustaining lead type tone? Thanks in advance!
  19. ungarn

    Eminence CV-75...Mesa Fillmore?

    Talked to an Eminence rep yesterday, and to replicate the best of the british V30's he indicated that the new CV-75 was the way to go. All of the hard work and discerning ears (assumed Mesa) led them to get everything from the cone, to the basket paint dialed in. I can't wait to try one, as...
  20. ungarn

    Any love for Vox Ice 9 Satriani overdrive?

    Just got one in trade, and so far it is a really nice overdrive. My favorite OD for my Marshall is a MIJ Boss SD-1. Compared to it, the Ice 9 is more smooth, crunchier, and increased harmonics. It does not have the bite or aggressive attack of the SD-1, but dayum few pedals do. It is really easy...
  21. ungarn

    How close is the 5150 III 50 watt head to the 100 watter?

    I played a 100 watt 5150 III halfstack today, and that is a warm, thumpy, beast of an amp. Just fantastic with humbuckers. The Blue Crunch Channel was clearly the best for me. Really a great sounding 4x12 cabinet too with those Celestions! Does the 50 watt head capture the same or better...
  22. ungarn

    Joe Fenton custom paint PRS for Mark Tremonti

  23. ungarn

    Favorite Gibson SG pickups for Blues to Classic Metal?

    What are your favorite pickups for a Gibson SG to cover blues to hard rock / classic metal type tones? Need a crunchy bridge with gain, a neck that is not muddy, and a cool sounding in-between combination of the two. Have the stock 490 set currently installed, was going to go Gibson '57...
  24. ungarn

    Electro-Harmonix Satisfaction Fuzz

    Just received it in the mail, $53 shipped, and it comes with a battery! Well it is you bargain, lo fi, vintage fuzz. Works well with singles and humbuckers, kinda brite in tone, so preferred it with the guitar tone control set to zero. Stones Satisfaction, American Woman, etc. is all there...
  25. ungarn

    Anyone use EZMix 2 and Andy Sneap pack to record metal tunes?

    Anyone use EZMix 2 and the Andy Sneap pack (and/or other Metal packs) to quickly record hard rock and metal tunes? Seems like a quick and easy method that I could just throw onto a laptop and not have to "learn" ProTools and the ins/outs of recording. I kinda find that tedious and not my...