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  1. mmunguia

    Sold Matchless Nighthawk Reverb

    Nice amp. I have a hc30. And only play the ef86 channel. Definitely always wanted to try this one!
  2. mmunguia

    Sold 2000 Vox ac30/6tbx with case Los Angeles area

    Nice come with the ATA case? -Following!
  3. mmunguia

    Sold Tone King Metropolitan

    These are great amps. I’ve owned Two. Man. Do I need to own it for a 3rd time. ???
  4. mmunguia

    Sold Carr Skylark mint - $1675 shipped!

    Wow. I own a rambler. It’s my #1 gigging amp. But I really like the skylark demos. Nice amp!!
  5. mmunguia

    Sold Vox AC15HW1X Hand-Wired with Blue Alnico Guitar Combo

    I used to have one of these. Great amps. - Following this!
  6. mmunguia

    Sold Reeves Custom 50 Jimmy Head

    Great amp. Following. Owned one before
  7. mmunguia

    Sold Matchless Clubman- $1550 shipped

    Nice. Always wanted to try this amp
  8. mmunguia

    Sold Weber mini mass attenuator 50 watt - $OLD ppd and shipped

    Up for sale is my Weber attenuator. Awesome condition, works and sounds great. I like the treble boost options, helps maintain the tone when you use a ton of attenuation $OLD ppd and shipped to The conUSA
  9. mmunguia

    Sold Carr Rambler - Found One

  10. mmunguia

    Sold Weber mass 200 attenuator

    What inputs and outputs does it have? Multiple impedences? Thanks
  11. mmunguia

    Sold Avatar 2x12 bluesbreaker cab, UK celestion greenbacks - Local SoCal

    Up for sale (local pickup, not looking to ship). I’m in the Los Angeles area closed back bluesbreaker type cabinet with 2 celestion greenback UK made speakers. Was using it with my dirty Shirley but sold that a few months back. Now this needs to go. I’ll do $350 cash for the cab loaded for...
  12. mmunguia

    Sold Avatar handwired 18w head 625 shipped

    Cool amp. Never tried it.
  13. mmunguia

    Sold Dr. Z Route 66 ***sold***

    The 66 demos are great!
  14. mmunguia

    Sold 2015 Dr Z Therapy Head Open to Trades! $995 shipped!

    Nice. Considering making an offer
  15. mmunguia

    Sold Suhr Badger 18 - $925 shipped

    Nice. Are these SS rectifier?
  16. mmunguia

    Sold Ceriatone JTM45 with master volume

    Nice. These are great sounding amps.
  17. mmunguia

    Sold Friedman Dirty Shirley Head- 40 watt - $1649 ppp’d & Shipped!

    Best Marshall style amp I have ever owned. If you like a Marshall, this thing blows it out of the water. Amazing clean and crunch tone. More gain on tap than a Marshall with very tight bottom end. Selling to pay for a recent purchase. The amp is in excellent shape with minor wear. (See pics)...
  18. mmunguia

    Sold Dirty Shirley Mini Head

    Always wanted a diery Shirley. Is this just less wattage?