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  1. Blackmoreguitar

    Paying for a Plek

    I was having my nightly look at a couple of guitar retailer's web sites, (I'm in the UK), and see that Peach Guitars have a Plek machine, which is cool. I had a look at a nice SG they have;
  2. Blackmoreguitar

    Neglected Gear

    I have been playing my PT15 IR ever since I got it. Today I dragged out my poor neglected LSS. Really having fun playing it and I am reminded what a great amp it is with a different flavour to the Suhr. I use the HXFX to do the channel switching: I have it set up with the PT15 so that one...
  3. Blackmoreguitar

    P90ish Tele Bridge Pickup or...

    I've been thinking about getting something like a Les Paul Junior to scratch a P90 itch I have. I have also been considering putting a hot bridge pickup in my Tele. So, in an attempt to kill two birds with one stone, I am looking for recommendations for a P90 ish Tele bridge pickup that would...
  4. Blackmoreguitar

    Bernie Torme 'Turn Out The Lights' Live

    I just found this live video of the great Bernie Torme, who is sadly missed, performing Turn Out the Lights from his first album, (of the same name), after he left Gillan. It made me smile, hope you enjoy it too.
  5. Blackmoreguitar

    NGD (kind of)

    I just acquired a Warmoth Tele body to replace the rather heavy body on my Partscaster. As well as finding the old body heavy (the guitar weighed just over 8 1/2 lbs), I also found it rather bulky and uncomfortable, so I got a Warmoth body with a tummy cut, forearm contour and contoured heel...
  6. Blackmoreguitar

    PRS Trem Upgrade Anyone?

    I came across this, and my interest is well and truly piqued so thought I'd share. Anyone tried one?
  7. Blackmoreguitar

    Runt 50 VR10

    I opened up my Runt 50 the other day to see if it had the XLR shield can fitted. Whilst in there I decided to check the bias. As I was hunting around for the bias adjust pot, I noticed there is a second trimmer labelled VR10. Just curious if anyone knows what that one is there for?
  8. Blackmoreguitar

    I hesitate to ask but....Gibson HP 2018

    Has anyone played or even seen in person, a 2018 Gibson Les Paul Standard HP? None of the usual Shops in the UK seem to have them, which seems odd as Gibson seems to release their new models the previous year. I don't think I want one, but curious to hear opinions about them, or just...
  9. Blackmoreguitar

    Ian Paice - Fireball

    Always my favourite drummer: Not sure what's going on here but really enjoyed this:
  10. Blackmoreguitar

    Original Ibanez Edge Replacement?

    I have an old RG550 from 1987. It is tatty and needs a fret level and a good clean, which is fine, but I am struggling with what to do about the trem as the tuning was never that stable when I used to use it regularly. I have managed to source a replacement locking nut which will hopefully...
  11. Blackmoreguitar

    Reactive Attenuators

    I am using a, (no longer in production), Mango Amplification Silencer 50 Attenuator with my Friedman Runt 50. I believe this is a 'static', non-reactive device (I do not have a manual for it). I am mainly using it to shave off 6 - 9 Db, which makes it easier to set the amps very sensitive master...
  12. Blackmoreguitar

    Runt 50 Owners

    I took delivery this morning of a Runt 50. It was DOA. I checked the fuses and the mains fuse was dead, so I replaced it. The amp fires up and works but has a very pronounced low frequency hum, I assume coming from the transformer as it is there when the amp is on standby as well as fully...
  13. Blackmoreguitar

    NGD (sort of)

    This guitar started life as a Deluxe Strat, bought in 2001 if I remember correctly. It was played a lot, as it was my only decent guitar, until eventually the frets were completely worn out. Rather than get a refret I got a replacement neck from Warmoth with a scalloped board, which is something...
  14. Blackmoreguitar

    Highwood Contoured Saddles

    Disclosure: Marcel @ Highwood (, asked me if I would do a review of his bridge saddles. I am happy to do so as I really like his product. I was curious to try the Highwood saddles after learning about them on TGP. Firstly to eliminate the feel of the saddle screws...
  15. Blackmoreguitar

    Guitar Stand Advice Please

    Hi, I'm looking for advice on guitar stands: I just resurrected a Hercules Triple Guitar stand, the one with the grabbing hangers. Problem is, I have a nice Tele these days and it looks very precarious hanging from this thing, due to the slim asymmetric headstock. Anyone else using one with a...
  16. Blackmoreguitar

    New PU Day - CU24

    I finally did what I have been threatening to do for ages, and put some new pick ups in my PRS Custom 24. It's a 2014 and was fitted with 59/09s. They were OK but not really my thing. I went with a Thornbucker + in the bridge and Thornbucker, err neck, in the neck. It was very fiddly in there...
  17. Blackmoreguitar

    Duncan vs DiMarzio Polarity of Single Coil Pick-ups

    In the never ending pick-up quest I have tried a couple of Seymour Duncan singles in the bridge of one of my Strats, (SSL-5 and Twangbanger). I found these to have the correct polarity to match my (RWRP middle) Fender single coils but still needed the ground and 'hot' connections reversing to...
  18. Blackmoreguitar

    No FX Loop?

    Just curious why so many modern amps do not have an FX loop. Now I don't need an amp, (I have an LSS that I love and also use an AX8 a lot), but I have been looking around for something recently. A lot of the amps that I look at do not have an FX loop and I wonder why. Examples; pretty much all...
  19. Blackmoreguitar

    Speaker choice for LoneStar Special

    I am rehousing my Mesa LSS (EL-84s) 2x12 combo into a head and 1x12 cab format. The combo has a Celestion Gold paired with a Celestion Century Vintage. The plan was to put the gold in the 1x12 cab. However of course the gold is 15 ohm and I think the amp really needs an 8 ohm load. I am...
  20. Blackmoreguitar

    Seymour Duncan Twang Banger Installation Blackmore Content

    I have an SD Twang Banger on the way. I know I will have to reverse the leads to get it play with the other pickups in my strat, (I currently have an SSL-5 in the bridge and had to reverse the leads on this so assume the polarity of the Twang Banger will be the same). Does anyone know if there...
  21. Blackmoreguitar

    No Load Tone Pots

    I little while ago I had a Birthday that coincided with starting a new better paid job, so I bought myself a beautiful white custom shop Strat, which has always been a 'dream guitar'. I replaced the bridge pick up with a Seymour Duncan SSL-5 for a bit more oomph in the bridge. The guitar...
  22. Blackmoreguitar

    Sweet Home Alabama

    Is actually pretty difficult to play properly. That is all. Except to say that it is in G, obviously. Anyone else struggle with songs that they thought would be easy?
  23. Blackmoreguitar

    MKV:35 Switching ?s

    Does anyone know if it is possible to connect the multi cable out of a Voodoo Lab control switcher to the foot switch jack on the MKV:35 in order to change channels etc. via midi, and if yes, then how to wire it? Also I just read (Guitarist review) about 'popping' when changing channels; any...
  24. Blackmoreguitar

    Analogue Chorus Pedal Volume

    I have recently pulled my amp out of retirement (been playing through digital amp modellers), and have got a Carbon Copy Delay and an MXR Micro Chorus. Very happy with the sound of these pedals but the volume boost when engaging the chorus pedal is annoying me which is a shame because it is just...
  25. Blackmoreguitar

    Strat Pickups and Polarity

    I decided to try a Seymour Duncan SSL-5 in the bridge of my rather nice Strat, (custom shop with, according to the advertising blurb for this guitar, a set of hand wound fat 60s pickups). I did some research and found the following on the Seymour Duncan site: "The most common scenario in which...
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